Jasmine lennard and simon cowell relationship

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jasmine lennard and simon cowell relationship

Jasmine Lennard has spoken about her relationship with Simon Cowell, insisting that the pair still have a "solid" friendship. The Celebrity Big. Did anyone watch celebrity big brother (uk) tonight? jasmine is on she's love for women and started talking about her famous relationship With simon cowell i . Simon Cowell has been in a serious relationship with Terri Seymour for four have been cheating with a 21 year old model, Jasmine Lennard.

But I understand that that's not what you're seeing or what is going on.

jasmine lennard and simon cowell relationship

So I missed that one but I look forward to watching it back. What's your reaction to that? Who do you want to go? No matter what you do the story is already written, enjoy yourself and play your part'.

jasmine lennard and simon cowell relationship

I think that every single one of them's going to be stunned when they come outside at how they've been perceived because Danica genuinely believes that she is coming across holier than thou. She'll be horrified to realise that everyone has seen exactly who and how she is.

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She thinks that she's Marcia Brady and frontrunner. It's a pantomime but it's a bloody brilliant one and while I'm very frustrated at Big Brother and Channel 5 I think that it's genius. I'd rather be the bitch than be the dumb-dumb or be the gold digger or be some of the other characters. I did, but I did not mention that one time. It was explained to me that when people don't really know what to say, particularly at the beginning of the show, that's a line they use as it excuses them from being real.

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I think that was a tragedy and I expected to be nominated for character reasons, so in a way it's a tragedy and in a way I'm pleased it happened that way.

Ultimately my son is my life and whilst I have been made a villain on this programme, the things I've achieved are things I went there to achieve which is to let people know that my son comes first and I am a wonderful mum and to speak truth or clear up rumours about relationships I've had in my past and to entertain people and I think I've done that.

I was the one that was intimidated by characters in there. I was massively intimidated by Ashley. I was massively intimidated by Harvey after he'd had a drink or two in him.

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I was intimidated by Danica. I mean, are you kidding me? Do you really believe that that girl who takes her clothes off for her living, hangs out in some of the roughest bars in Manchester and has taken Jordan on is intimidated by me?

Absolutely not, but I'll give her credit for her acting. She did incredibly well, and no, not remotely intimidated by me at all. She should be now though! Can you talk about that relationship? Do you think she was sincere? I think she's a phenomenal actress and I think that she's played me and played the game so well that if I saw her I'd just have to shake her hand and congratulate her.

It's sort of like being stabbed in the back by your Nana.

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Do I like her at the end of it all? Yeah I do, but she's a bitch isn't she? She's wonderful, she's a wonderful bitch. I hope when I'm her age I can be a little bit like her. If you had the chance to go back would you do anything differently? Do you have any regrets? That was my 'oh my God' moment, that was just no words. I definitely regret that. But what you're seeing was not the reality.

If he thinks it is good publicity to cast you alongside someone who hates your guts, he will.

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Indeed, the revelation of an affair with Minogue sheds a fascinating light on the feud between her and fellow former X Factor judge, Sharon Osbourne. Osbourne declared war within a few weeks of Minogue joining the judging panel and developed an almost pathological dislike of the younger woman. He just sat back and watched them snipe at each other, thinking it amusing and good for the TV ratings.

Osbourne quit her job over it and Minogue was repeatedly reduced to tears, yet he never rode to her rescue. In his book, Bower reveals that she was invited on the yacht Cowell hired last New Year. Allegedly, he hoped they could rekindle a former affair — but he got nothing more than a kiss and cuddle.

After four days, the embarrassed singer left the ship. Hussainy, once his make-up artist, told her family at the time that she and Cowell were together, even as he was allegedly attempting to seduce Imbruglia. It was obvious to everyone watching The X Factor that he adored Cole. He would put his arms around her during the show. Colleagues noticed they shared cigarette breaks and Cole would often visit his dressing room. Cole said he was so charismatic she felt he had put her in a trance.

In the book, he admits: For Cowell has a rhinoceros hide when it comes to such niceties. There have long been rumours that he dates women on both sides of the Atlantic simultaneously and the book seems to add credence to them. He had a romance with model Jasmine Lennard induring his relationship with Seymour.

She was seen arriving at his London house in a fur coat and high heels, and he took her to Ascot. And when it was all over, Lennard disappeared — never to discuss the subject in public. Might she be one of the women whom he admits he has paid off? He was certainly generous to Seymour, buying her a house and paying for it to be refurbished by the celebrity interior designer Kelly Hoppen.

His PR spokesman, Max Clifford, told me: If he has spent a long time with someone and the magic has gone, but they have got used to a certain standard of living, then he feels they should have some money.