Jim and dwight relationship quiz

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jim and dwight relationship quiz

Fans might love Dwight and Angela from The Office as a couple, but there are a lot of things about their relationship that don't make any sense. This quiz will let you know whether you perhaps are the destined-to-be Jim and Pam, the secret lovers Dwight and Angela, or the fun-loving friends Michael and. Of course, the biggest relationship in The Office was between Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly. Jim was the forlorn paper salesman constantly.

His background in the martial arts and his concerning love for weapons which he's been known to hide around the office in case of an emergency are likely contributing factors. When a coworker hits him in the face with a snowball, he does not hesitate to declare a snowball fight against his opponent.

jim and dwight relationship quiz

Dwight goes all out and ends up beating his enemy numerous times. Question 9 Which of Angela's cats did Dwight put in the freezer?

Fancy Boots Sprinkles Minx Dwight Schrute and Angela Martin have a bit of an odd relationship which has on and off stages all throughout the series. For the first few seasons, their romantic relationship is mostly kept a secret, and only a few people knew about it. Pam was one of the first people to learn about it, and only Jim stumbled upon the truth over a year later.

Although both of them had other relationships outside of each other, eventually the pair found their way back to each other.

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Mustard yellow Royal blue Seaweed green One of the funnier, or rather more adorable traits that Dwight has, is his very recognizable suit colors which he chooses to wear to the office. Although he does have a handful of dress shirts, pants, and jackets he's seen wearing throughout the series, this color is definitely his most classic look. In fact, its so memorable it's the shirt color Jim chooses to wear when he decides to impersonate Dwight after finding a pair of glasses that look like his.


Mose Zeke Trevor As is has been mentioned previously, Dwight lives with his cousin who helps him take care of the beet farm. His cousin is much stranger than Dwight is, and actually makes him seem relatively normal. Throughout the series, there isn't much revealed about Dwight or his family members, except perhaps in the later seasons.

The audience is introduced to his siblings, and few other relatives, such as his aunt and cousins. He does however mention his parents from time to time.

Question 12 What do Pam and Dwight visit on Dwight's farm? Pumpkin Patch Country Club Bed and Breakfast In addition to Dwight's job at Dunder Mifflin, as well as the fact that he runs an entire sixty acre beet farm all on his own with the exception of his cousin of courseDwight also uses his agrarian location for a secondary business.

jim and dwight relationship quiz

This is revealed while working in the office when a customer is inquiring about his tourist establishment he has at Schrute farms. He puts on a bit of a show for the customer, and an intrigued Pam decides to book a day for her and Jim to check it out. Paul Bert Ron As like many of the characters on The Office, Dwight's personal history and facts about his life are sporadically revealed throughout the seasons.

In fact, Dwight's probably the character whose past is most revealed, this is due to the fact that Dwight is often sharing details of his family history. For the most part, they're little snippets or one liners of family traditions, memories, or "rules" his parents have enforced on him, which offer a bit of explanation of why Dwight is the way he is.

Question 14 Why does Dwight think Angela's baby is his too? Long neck Tiny nose Big knees During Pam's second pregnancy, Angela also reveals she is also expecting with her husband, Robert.

Although she was due a few months earlier than Pam, when she has her baby prematurely in the hospital, some of the visitors are surprised by the size of Philip. Oscar in particular, who had purchased a small onesie was a little taken aback by his size. Angela has no choice but to reveal that Philip was conceived earlier, leading Dwight to believe he was his son.

jim and dwight relationship quiz

Knights of Scranton The Muggle Squad Knights of the Night There is no denying that Dwight is a bit of a strange character, that has been made evident not only in this quiz, but to those who are quite familiar with the show. One of the characteristics of Dwight in some of the earlier seasons at least was his many "volunteer" positions around Scranton that he seemed to be involve in.

One of the funny things of course is that the departments he volunteers for don't always seem overly impressed with his presence. Question 16 Where does Jim put all of Dwight's desk supplies?

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The ceiling In the snow Vending machine As it has been mentioned previously, most of Dwight and Jim's relationship consisted of them teasing each other with the use of practical jokes. This is at least their friendship in the first couple of seasons. However, their friendship turns to more frenemy in the later series, where their tolerance for one another grows.

Nonetheless, some of their earlier pranks are quite iconic and memorable, such as the desk wrapping, the jello, and Dwight attempting to frame Jim with a porcupine. Question 17 Whose birthday party were Dwight and Jim in charge of planning? Due to the high number of parties Michael finds necessary to organize, their services are used quite frequently throughout the seasons.

This of course includes birthdays, Halloween episodes, Christmas episodes, and even a couple of random parties like Secretary's Day. For the most part, the Party Planning Committee consists of Angela, Phyllis and Pam; however, other additions include Erin and Karen for a short period of time. Question 18 What does Dwight do to Stanley to get him to go on a sales call?

Tranquilizes him Does his laundry for a year Offers him some free beets Stanley Hudson is quite known for his laziness, however it does of course have something to do with his age. By the end of the series Stanley does end up retiring, and its definitely a joke he makes several times over the years.

Which "The Office" relationship are you?

Stanley is the kind of character who doesn't care for nonsense, including the unnecessary meetings the managers seem to hold. He also loves Pretzel Day, and his crossword puzzle book, and also taking a nap throughout the work day. Question 19 What does Dwight build out of the desks while Jim and Pam are on leave?

Mammothdesk Megadesk Tripledesk Dwight is rather fond of his personal space, that is made evident numerous times throughout the show. For instance, when Jim's papers happen to be overlapping with Dwight's desk, he passively uses a ruler to push them back. It is also revealed he has become accustomed to his desk when Michael suggests he move to the Annex when Todd Packer was planning to return to the branch, and Dwight flat out refused. During Jim and Pam's time off when they had their baby, Dwight took full advantage and used their desks.

Question 20 When Dwight temporarily leaves Dunder Mifflin, where does he work? He was a huge supporter of Michael Scott during his time at the Scranton Branch, often taking on responsibilities and duties Michael bestowed on him.

They had, for the most part, a happy relationship although at times Michael would take advantage of him.

There is only one instance in where Dwight sort of "betrays" the company, which is when he leaves temporarily and has no choice but to find employment elsewhere. Question 21 Who gave Dwight his bobblehead? Pam Jim Angela Dwight loves figurines and has a small collection of them on his desk, which grows throughout the seasons.

As he gets closer to the other characters and grows as a person, he gets things from other characters to add to his collection.

One particularly special gift is a bobblehead made to look just like him.

jim and dwight relationship quiz

It truly is his prized possession and has become a truly iconic part of the series. Every Office fan has definitely wished they had one too! Question 22 What fictional language does Dwight teach Erin? Valyrian Elvish Klingon Erin Hannon is a relatively new character to the show, who was introduced after Pam left to work for Michael's new company.

Although it was short lived, upon Pam's return Erin continued working as the receptionist and Pam a new saleswoman.

The Office: 20 Things That Make No Sense About Dwight And Angela’s Relationship

For the most part, Erin is depicted as being a bit of an air head, although she always means well. She goes to Dwight to learn a new language so she could impress Andy with how sophisticated she could be, only to learn it was a fake language. It was of course Michael Scott for a majority of the series, however after his departure where he left to be with Holly, he obviously had to be replaced by someone. There were a number of people to sit in his chair, and Andy was one of them.

In order to celebrate his success, he decides to host a garden party at Schrute Farm so he could show off to his parents. Question 24 Where does Dwight lead a team for Sabre? Florida Texas Alabama Dunder Mifflin is a paper company which seemed to be struggling financially for a long time. Much of the first few seasons involved the talk of them needing to downsize because of money issues.

Branches began closing all over the country, however Scranton remained intact because of its high sales. However, Michael learns through David Wallace that Dunder Mifflin was being bought, not realizing that they were still going to keep their jobs, just become a new company in the process.

She breaks up with Dwight and quickly starts a relationship with Andy. After a while, Andy decides to propose to Angela, who accepts his offer to become his wife. Throughout her relationship with Andy, Angela was incredibly cold to him and never showed any real interest in getting married to him.

It almost seems like Angela was going to marry Andy just to spite Dwight, which hardly makes any sense. Even if Angela wanted to hurt Dwight the way he hurt her, there were clearly easier ways to get the job done rather than getting engaged. Clearly, everyone in the office must have forgotten that they were being constantly recorded and always wore microphones so that the crew could have good audio for the documentary. It seems like an odd thing for someone to forget, especially someone as smart as Dwight.

Angela and Dwight wanted to keep their relationship a secret from their coworkers, yet they constantly talked about their relationships at work.

Which "The Office" relationship are you?

Someone as smart as Dwight should have known that even if they went to the elevators or the stairway to talk, the camera crew still would have been able to hear them. Despite her cold and sarcastic outer shell, she seemed to have a soft spot for Dwight. After the couple is broken up following the Sprinkles incident, Angela begins dating Andy and eventually Robert Lipton.

Dwight may have had relationships with other women besides Angela, but he was clearly always in love with her. That being said, there were so many opportunities for Dwight to just tell Angela his true feelings to try and win her back. If Dwight would have just been honest and open with her, he could have won her back sooner, but instead, he plays games and gives her ultimatums.

Instead of going straight to Andy, Phyllis blackmails Angela so that she can have more control over the Party Planning Committee. Phyllis eventually lets it slip at a Christmas party that Angela is betraying Andy, yet none of the office members tells Andy for several episodes.

That being said, there are some fans who believe they could have been dating since the very first episode of the series. Much like the long-standing mystery of who started at Dunder Mifflin first between Jim and Pam, fans may never know when Dwight and Angela actually started dating.

Working in HR, Toby would always call out Michael when he did something inappropriate at work, which seemed to happen pretty much every day. Even though Toby would call people out when they did something wrong at work, very rarely did any discipline come from it. One of these times is when Dwight and Angela have their office relationship.

Since the relationship had clearly caused conflicts between Andy and Dwight and made everyone else uncomfortable, Toby should have intervened in the relationship but never did.

No wonder Michael hated Toby so much!