Jumba and pleakley relationship trust

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jumba and pleakley relationship trust

Feel free to browse my stories (mainly Jumba/Pleakley OTP, so be warned) and my most favorite stories/authors ever! Also, vote in my poll, which is above the. Despite the film's marketing, it is really about the relationship of Lilo, Cobra Bubbles and Jumba and Pleakley are just three supporting. Am I the only one who thought that Pleakley and Jumba were both men a man and he and Jumba are involved in a love/hate relationship!!!.

Lilo stayed up next to him reading one of her favorite childhood books. Her eyes heavy with the need for sleep, but for some reason she didn't want to sleep.

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She wanted to stay awake as long as she could. Stitch turned to the side, kissing her cheek. They're going to marry here.

jumba and pleakley relationship trust

They also wanted to know if you would like to be the flower girl. Jumba said you'll live probably another month. You'll be fine for their wedding. You would've made a special wife. She turned off the light to face Stitch in the darkness. She could feel her muscles weakening and her eyes could barely keep open. She knew her time has come. She cupped Stitch's face in her hands and tenderly kissed his lips again. Stitch was shocked at how much love she put in the kiss and keeping him close to her so he wouldn't pull away.

Not as if he wanted to of course. Stitch recovered from the surprise then wrapped his arms around Lilo's waist, kissing her lips with the same amount of tenderness.

jumba and pleakley relationship trust

It was a surprise to Stitch when he felt Lilo's warm velvety tongue upon his lips, asking for entrance. Even though he did kiss her with his tongue before, he still thought it was surprising for her to initiate it, but he was definitely not complaining. Without hesitance, he opened his mouth and let Lilo do the exploring.

He could feel her tongue exploring every corner of his mouth as if tasting a treasure.

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Her tongue then licked the roof of his mouth, causing him to smile at the tickling sensation. He felt one of her hands move from his cheek to wrap around his neck and the hand that was still on his cheek went to the back of his head to pull him closer. Stitch scooted closer then rolled on top of her. Lilo didn't seem to mind his body on top of hers and instead wrapped her legs around his furry waist to keep him on top of her, never wanting him to leave her.

Stitch slithered his tongue inside Lilo's warm delicious mouth and started exploring that warm cavern once again. She shivered in delight before rolling a second time to be on top of him. Her hands sought for his and laced her fingers through his.

Stitch grew out his extra arms to crush Lilo's small frame against his, of course he was meticulous not to squish her. He withdrew his hands with hers to bring them up in her hair, enjoying the soft sleekness of it. He brought her face closer, and then rolled to be on top. Lilo allowed him to stay on top of her.

Both of her arms roped around his back, teasing his spine with her fingertips. They continued to stay in this position for a long time. Neither knew how long they've been engaged in this kiss, but they knew it was probably over a minute.

They could've gone on forever, but their lungs stung for the need of air. Reluctantly, Stitch pulled away then gazed into Lilo's soft brown eyes.

His hands massaged her sides just before laying his head to rest on her chest. Lilo brought her hands to the side of his face, scratching his ears. Stitch, still struggling to find breath, chuckled. Stitch opened his eyes to see she was sleeping. He leaned forward to kiss her nose, but then stopped. He didn't feel her breath. Panicked he sat up and flipped the light on. He rolled Lilo to her back, discouraged that she did not stir at his touch. He then noticed her chest wasn't heaving.

Stitch lay down to place his ear on her chest, hoping to hear a slight thump. He sews his own clothes and basically never wears pants. He claims that his obsession with cross dressing is strictly part of his earth disguise as an "attractive earth female" Weird disturbing anime ver. Jumba and Pleakley obviously have a thing for each other, after all they are "Auntie Pleakley" and "Uncle Jumba".

Is Pleakley a boy or a girl?

They do go out disguised as a married couple and even share a room. I love watching them babysit Lilo and her always introducing them as her aunt and uncle.

Surprisingly not as much fan fiction as I would have thought for such a canon pairing. Also there's this one episode from the series that I found unexpectedly amazing!

Its basically Pleakley's "Coming out of the closet" episode and its just crazy! Let me see if I can pull off an intense summary of what happened Jerry Beck explains in his review of Disney's long-awaited summer release.

Disney's Magic Returns: Lilo & Stitch

By Jerry Beck Thursday, June 20, at And yes, it's a "traditional, hand drawn, 2D" feature length cartoon, utilizing everything Disney animation does right in its best efforts. If this is the last shot traditional animation artists have before all Hollywood cartoons go CG, they couldn't ask for anything better to justify their stand.

jumba and pleakley relationship trust

This is personality character animation done right; caricatured human beings we can relate to, way-out space creatures to laugh at and literal flights of fancy visualized with the flair that hand drawn, hand painted animated cartooning can claim as exclusively its own.

Back to the Basics After last year's disappointing Atlantis: The Lost Empire, many pundits, this reviewer included, thought Disney may have lost its way. And that misstep, in the summer of Shrek and prior to a string of successful CG features Monsters Inc. Chris Sanders right and Dean DeBlois were the creative visionaries behind the film. One of my biggest Disney complaints in recent years is that the character designs in each film don't mesh.

Atlantis is an extreme example where the characters are from different movies and the storylines are bifurcated and inconsistent. Not only did Sanders come up with the original idea for the film, but he worked in close collaboration with DeBlois to write the screenplay, storyboard virtually all the scenes, record Stitch's dialogue and direct the film. The duo functioned as their own heads of story as well, expanding on a creative partnership that began with Mulan.

This process ensured that the filmmakers' vision would remain constant throughout the many stages of production. They had a purity and nostalgia that we loved. Some recent films have pushed to achieve technical marvels and emphasize dimension. We liked the idea of abandoning some of that in favor of emphasis on the character development. We wanted to slow down the world a little bit and do away with the epic set pieces and the throngs of people so that we could deal with two characters and how they interact with one another.

Along comes "Experiment ," who, crash-landing on Kauai, is mistaken for a dog and adopted by the lonely Lilo, who promptly renames him "Stitch.