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All Kalinda story lines really put me off! The whole I just watch the scene with her and nick eating ice cream. I thought the Nick and Blake lines weren't good. Archie PanjabiGood WifeNice OutfitsWork Outfits Winter outfitsRelationship AdviceFashion TipsStyle IconsGrey vest. Style Inspiration: Kalinda From “The Good. Once again, there is no substitute for a good relationship with your child, and . We have also introduced a “Pop Quiz Session” each afternoon which has . David Wirrpanda Eagles, Nick Malceski Swans & Sam Blease Melb.

I can only pray George R. But by the time they had abandoned houses for RVs and airplanes and hide outs and new alliances and new enemies and the kids turned into little psychos, I was just so lost, and all I wanted back was Agrestic.

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The showrunners obviously hated it too, and as soon as NBC got their stupid grubby hands out of there, the writers torched that thing like a piece of incriminating evidence and literally never mentioned it again. Saddled with that and she would have been such a wonderful Wonder Woman, but, again, stupid NBC with their stupid manhands messed that up too. Orange is the New Black and any storyline that has to do with Larry.

I love House of Cards to pieces, but all the dick-swinging with Industrialist Tusk this season should have been cut down by two thirds. I want Frank Underwood murdering people and Claire Underwood breaking their souls with a few choice words and Rachel and her girlfriend riding that fine line between hot and wholesome.

Less dick-swinging and WAY more Cashew.

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Absolutely any moment containing Shepherd Book in Firefly. Like a screechy oboe in an otherwise beautiful song. Even before she started dabbling in magic, she leaned on her computer hacking skills to solidify her place as a useful member of the gang. She and Giles shared a lot of similarities, and Giles saw a piece of Willow that reminded him of his Ripper days.

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My beloved Eastbound and Down lost some steam for me in Season 3 when they saddled Kenny Powers with a baby. Parker is currently amidst a legal dispute for violating the contract for her most recent work with Kat Florence Design.

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According to the jewelry brand, Parker made it difficult to schedule a launching event, refused to attend a store opening in London, and refused to participate in a promotional activity for the brand. Ultimately, Lena Headey and Jerome Flynn only have one on-set demand: Their reason is due to their turbulent past.

Though there is only speculation about what happened to drive them so far apart, it is clear that they still don't get along. Still, it can be assumed that this is very taxing and time-consuming for the production team. While Prince expressed a deep support of Jesse and Nick's relationship in the episode and support of the show as a whole off-screen, he had one and only one condition for filming his cameo appearance: Prince and the Kardashians don't get along.

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Prince is his usual self, energized, on-top-of his game and giving the show of his life, but Kim Kardashian barely moves a muscle throughout the performance.

This culminates with Prince telling her to "Get off the stage! After all, it was Prince's moment in the spotlight and he decided to share it with her, only for her to exhibit utter indifference to his powerhouse performance.

According to Deschanel, "Prince was running the show" so the Kardashian appearances were scrapped. For anyone who has watched The Good Wife even for just one episode, it goes without say that one of the most memorable qualities about Julianna Margulies' character Alicia Florrick is that regardless of the situation she's enduring, whether at home, on the go, in the law firm, in the courthouse, or on the verge of an emotional breakdown, she always flaunts impeccable hair.

By impeccable, we mean that her hair is flawless and that there are never any loose strands visible on-screen. Some viewers might even wonder how her hair is so perfect.

This wig ultimately gives life to her picture-perfect look worthy of a Pantene commercial However, at least Alicia Florrick always looks her best in the face of adversity, and that's all that really matters, right?