Kaze no stigma kazuma and ayano relationship counseling

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kaze no stigma kazuma and ayano relationship counseling

Screenshot: Ayano and Kazuma (Kaze no Stigma). Find this Pin and more on Kaze no Kaze No Stigma, Anime Ships, Anime Couples, Romantic, Kiss, Fantasy, Awesome, Kawaii, Cosplay "Kaze no Stigma" - Sound advice. Find this Pin. Metatron is skilled at sword fighting, able to stand toe to toe with Ayano. Not too long after that, Catherine challanged Kazuma to a duel and was quickly Catherine Kazuma Relationship During their second fight she held the upper hand because of Kazuma's advice and could have won had she not boasted her victory. Ayano Kannagi // KAZE NO STIGMA Kaze No Stigma, Cute Anime Character, Anime Kazuma and Ayano from Kaze No Stigma Nisekoi, Horimiya, Rosario.

Meanwhile, Kazuma accepts a mission from Tiana's tribe to retrieve the pixie heirloom stolen by the Tsuwabuki family. It is then that Ayumi is revealed to not be human, but rather a clone, created for the Taisai ritual for sealing Mount Fuji. Meanwhile, Kazuma is still watching the Tsuwabukis and waiting for the treasure.

Ren resolves to save Ayumi's life by destroying the main problem itself - the behemoth that is sealed in Mount Fuji.

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This causes the behemoth to be freed and Ren, Kazuma and Ayano begin the fight against it. Ayumi helps the team out as best she can and suppresses the powers of the behemoth, giving Kazuma, Ren and Ayano time to defeat it.

But in the end she dies because she used up too much power to help them and couldn't live the rest of her life with Ren. Ayano's friends follow in disguise to snoop on her date and in the meantime take a batch of photos. Her purpose is to bring the title of the strongest clan of fire mages to the McDonalds and obtain the Enraiha. Ayano wins, but causes major damage to the building and her dress. As a result, Kazuma treats her to ramen instead. While awaiting for the day of the fight Catherine hires Kazuma to be her coach, and falls in love with him.

As a result, Catherine makes a proposal to Ayano: Ayano ends up winning, but Catherine decides to stay anyway.

Every time they meet each other, Genma and Kazuma fights and ends up destroying miscellaneous sections of the hot springs.

kaze no stigma kazuma and ayano relationship counseling

However, in the end, it seems that their fights were just their way of communicating with each other. Not only are these "magicians" taking advantage of their newly acquired powers, but they also talk like they are playing a game, using words such as "level up.

Kazuma sees a girl that appears to be Tsui Ling after defeating one of the new mages. Ren uses his powers to defeat the "magician," who reveals information on the whereabouts of the "game" known as Pandemonium. Ren decided to check the place suspected to be the headquarters with this information, discovering that it is in another dimension. As he prepares to leave, he is suddenly teleported inside the building. Meanwhile, Kirika calls for Kazuma to regroup at the Kannagi's place to discuss further plans.

Kaze no Stigma:Volume6

Ayano fights Lapiswho has the appearance of Tsui Ling. Meanwhile, Kazuma finds Ren, and identifies the man behind Pandemonium as Bernherdt Rhodesa former enemy he defeated in the past. Bernhardt in turn, replies that the girl Lapis was that of what remained of Tsui Ling whom Kazuma failed to protect due to his lack of power. As Kazuma attempts to attack Bernhardt, Lapis deflects the blow and shows her power as a "Swordsmaster" by slicing in half the building they were in.

Kazuma saves Ren, Ayano, and Kirika but disappears soon after. Back at the Kannagi home, Kirika informs them that a new Pandemonium has appeared and has granted "class changes" to some of its players. Meanwhile, Kazuma, brooding over the happiness of his past with Tsui Ling, resolves to kill Bernhardt and Lapis. Kazuma appears at these battles, brutally attacking the combatants and asking them on the location of Pandemonium.

Ayano Kannagi

He goes so far as to assault Catherine and allow Nanase to be kidnapped. Afterwards, Kirika informs Ayano that Kazuma has regressed to his former cold-hearted persona, and only Ayano can bring him back. Catherine McDonald is an American En-Jutsu user Personality Edit Catherine at first comes off as someone who is extremely arrogant and cocky of her abilities, much like Ayano.

kaze no stigma kazuma and ayano relationship counseling

However as the series progresses she learns to be more humble, especially after her training under Kazuma. She is also very proud of the McDonald family and often boasts her family's prowess, whether it be their mastery of spirit beasts or their massive wealth. Abilities Edit Unlike other fire users of the series, Catherine and her family possess the unique ablility to harness the strength of multiple fire spirits into one virtual character. These spirit beasts have some level of autonomy but are primarily controlled by Catherine.

Azazel- The first spirit beast used by Catherine in her introductory episode. It has the appearance of a small blue european dragon and it can shoot fireballs from its mouth.

Despite being the first spirit beast for Catherine to use, Azazel has not made an appearance since her debut.

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Metatron- The second spirit beast for Catherine to debut. It takes the appearance of a greek angel statue and wields a sword. Catherine boasts it as her strongest spirit beast and it's very powerful.

kaze no stigma kazuma and ayano relationship counseling

Ayano claimed to have felt the presence of "hundreds, if not thousands of fire spirits" within Metatron. Metatron is skilled at sword fighting, able to stand toe to toe with Ayano. It wields the Heterogeneous flame, a fire Catherine claims that can burn fire users though it has never been put to the test.