Keely and du ending a relationship

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keely and du ending a relationship

Du, an arthritic woman, fusses about Keely offering food and giving sponge baths . In fact, by the end of the play, we're not sure of the playwright's views on Unfortunately, this weakness leaves the relationship between Keely and Du. ria/Sweden, minutes, MK2 MILE END. In Turkish with English 2pm KEELY AND DU, directed by Dominique Cardona & Laurie Colbert. Canada, 80 minutes pm SHORT CIRCUIT III: RELATIONSHIPS. 91 minutes. Keely Smith, the Grammy-winning singer whose musical partnership charts for 18 weeks), “I've Got You Under My Skin” and “Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen. The couple's relationship, on stage and off, ended in after Smith.

keely and du ending a relationship

Once they explain, she'll be grateful for the opportunity to raise this child on the meager salary she makes as a waitress, or to carry it for nine months before giving it away to strangers. She'll be grateful she did not abort that which was conceived in a rape by her estranged husband. She simply needs some assistance to understand this.

keely and du ending a relationship

The Christian group's unrealistic expectations of Keely reach a crux when they march her husband into the room, assuming he need only prove his acceptance of Christ for her to forgive the rape and violence he's heaped upon her. In the beginning, Du is absolutely earnest and sincere in her belief that she's not only saved the life of an innocent child, she's saved Keely from the fate that awaits all women who have abortions--they "slit their wrists or swallow lye.

But the audacity of one human being to take charge of another human being's life in the name of the Lord is more than enraging, it's frightening. Martin's play, produced by Damesrocket Theater Company, stops short of advocating choice.

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In fact, by the end of the play, we're not sure of the playwright's views on abortion. She seems to have bought into the anti-choice view that no woman can be emotionally sound once she's had an abortion--that she'll break into tears at the mere mention or sight of a baby. She also plays into the rape rationale for an abortion, instead of presenting us with a woman who has simply made a choice.

On the other hand, Martin has so accurately written the fanaticism of the sanctimonious preacher that he seems almost laughable--and would be if he wasn't so real and scary. The opposing views converge in the character of Du, who throughout the play struggles with her fervent belief that abortion equals murder and her realization that with the capture and control of Keely, she's fiddling with the free will God gave to all.

keely and du ending a relationship

Damesrocket Theater Company's first production is helped by some noteworthy performances. Susan Chalker exceptionally portrays Du, a compassionate woman struggling to understand and do the right thing, and Dwayne Palmer delivers the role of Walter the preacher with a righteous tone that makes you cringe, always barely masking an undeniable anger lurking just below the surface. Journal of Family Communication, Vol 16, vol.

keely and du ending a relationship

When Talking is Difficult: Nonverbal Communication at the End of Life. Journal of Family Communication, pp. A failure to communicate: The functions of messages during final conversations in close relationships.

keely and du ending a relationship

Journal of Social and Personal Relationships 24, 2 Distinguished Article of the YearHealth Communication Division, National Communication Association for the article that has demonstrated a significant impact on the field of Health Communication.

The award was for the following article: Health Communication, 16, Journal of Family Communication, 15, Awarded by the American Journal of Nursing for: Helping the living and the dying talk to each other.

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