Keima and chihiro relationship quotes

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keima and chihiro relationship quotes

Read Chihiro- The World God Only Knows from the story Anime Quotes by illuminatedreams .) with reads. sad, anime, random. "If you have someone you. Explore Irfaan Ahmad's board "the world God only knows" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Manga anime, Dios and God. Though Keima initially only interacted with characters from his games, after becoming Elsie's buddy, Keima began to interact and become involved with more .

Keima then says that he's "fired-up" for the festival. As both were enjoying the festival, Technically, Keima was thinking about the conquest and Vintage.

Chihiro asks Keima that the stage seems to be larger this year and feels excited that the band will be performing the next day. Keima then gets out of his thoughts and asks Chihiro what she said, causing her to feel a little angry. As Keima asks if Ayumi is popular, Chihiro then said if they should go somewhere else and then pushes Keima to the camp-fire.

At the camp-fire, Chihiro asks whether if Keima brought the guitar pick in which Keima affirms. Keima asks if it's really fine if he got it which Chihiro said it's fine since its used.

Chihiro wonders if good things will happen if they bought the same objects. Chihiro said that she felt that good things will happen during the festival this year. Keima then asks if Chihiro want to go somewhere quiet to kiss her. Chihiro said that the fire just started. Keima smartly argued that that's why it will be along time before the fire gets put out thus, they should go.

At a dark corner, Chihiro doesn't want to go since she's "afraid" that Keima will "embrace her suddenly when no one's around". Just as Keima was about to kiss her, he found out that its a lovers' corner. Chihiro later said that it's alright to go to a dark corner now. Chihiro and Keima kiss for the second time. Keima said that why don't they go to the south building. Chihiro asks that isn't it closed. But Keima said that the rooftop which he always uses can still be used.

Chihiro agrees and holds Keima's hand.

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Later, Chihiro and Keima reached the entrance but she wonders if the room to the rooftop was opened as well. Keima stated that he knew the password to the door. At the rooftop,Chihiro comments how empty and cold it is and how the camp-fire looks like a speck. Keima then said how Chihiro is different than her normal self. Chihiro then said that how she usually wouldn't even talk to Keima but today, she wants to be with him forever.

As she was talking how forever might be too much, Keima pounced on her and wanted to kiss her. Chihiro then asks Keima to be gentle, since this is her "first time". Unknown to Chihiro, Keima realized that she doesn't remember her conquest and thus, have no goddess in her However, even though Chihiro does not remember her conquest, she tells Keima that she loved him for a long time. Chihiro after being rejected by Keima.

Keima becomes confused by these and questions how Chihiro could have feelings for him, to which Chihiro responds that she doesn't need a reason to like him and kisses him.

keima and chihiro relationship quotes

Afterwards, when Chihiro asks if Keima likes her, he denies having any feeling for her saying "There's no way that I would like you" and faces away from Chihiro. Chihiro asks why would Keima do such a thing with the latter replying that this is a payback for making fun of him. Keima then said that this is enough and ordered Chihiro to stay away from him. Chihiro then runs away with her eyes covered by her hair. During the actual Mai-High Festival, Chihiro entered the club room of her band and greets Elsie who's already there.

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As Elsie was about to introduce Keima, the latter is missing later, Yui and Miyako entered and finally, a dejected Ayumi enters while Chihiro tries to lift her spirit up. Chihiro said that she still have to practice the song and tune since it is a huge responsibility. Ayumi then praised Chihiro and said that she felt glad. As Ayumi was about to tell Chihiro about Keima, she remembered Chihiro's events from last night and she hesitated. Chihiro asked what's the thing and then said that they would enjoy the festival as she left.

When Ayumi left, Chihiro was shown to look at her guitar with a sad expression. But her fellow classmate said that more help is needed. Chihiro then proceeds to take an order of coffee with lots of sugar from Lune. Chihiro later goes to the girls lavatory where Ayumi is.

She confesses that she got dumped by Keima and even though she thought she was serious that wasn't the case and she failed to meet Ayumi's expectations. Chihiro told Ayumi not to talk about her to Keima and left, but not before thanking Ayumi unknowingly causing her friend to be even more guilt ridden than before.

Later, Ayumi was shown to be ignoring her calls. As Keima was trying to find Ayumi, he banged into Sumirewhile helping her out with finding the lid of Sumire's pots, Chihiro found and gave it to her. Sumire thanked her but Keima asked Chihiro to team up with him. Chihiro is shocked as Keima calmly said that if the "obstacle" Chihiro helped him, the conquest of Ayumi will be much easier.

However, Chihiro slapped him and said that how can Keima speak to her as if nothing has happened. But Keima said he has not. Keima then said that they must set aside petty differences as Chihiro kicked him and called him scum. By nightfall, Chihiro went up to the roof and found Ayumi. She jokingly called her a ninja and asked her how do they introduce the members of the 2-B Pencils tomorrow as Ayumi said that she cannot be in the band any more, greatly shocking her.

Chihiro then asked why as Ayumi says that she wanted to quit because she does not cheer for her during her Chihiro's re-conquest. Keima then pops out and asked Chihiro what was it that she want to say and pushes Chihiro away. Keima then tells Chihiro that they need to pretend that they are talking as the latter punches Keima away.

Ayumi was shown to be even more sad and unwilling to say and Keima then announced that he had something to say to both of them, Suddenly, three Vintage members appears and caught them in a black sphere.

As one member, Gira tells Lune that they captured the trio and all seems lost, the trio was saved by Haqua. As The Vintage members fought with Haqua, Chihiro and the others hide nearby as she asked if she should call the police.

Chihiro Kosaka

Later, when the fight's over, Chihiro and Ayumi wanted to know what happened as Haqua and Keima tells them that its all an act by the "Special Effects club".

Haqua then blamed it on Keimamuch to Chihiro and Ayumi's chagrin. As Keima and haqua worries about the goddesses, Ayumi suggests that they go home.

After that, Ayumi ran off saying she'll call her. Keima then grabbed her, asking her to go home with her as Chihiro tries to fight back with little success. At the Katsuragi household, Chihiro wonders why is she here again and was about to leave since Elsie wasn't at home.

Only to find out that Keima, with Haqua's help has locked her there. Later, Chihiro managed to sneak up to Kanon's room and apparently heard about Haqua's words about Vintage as she wonders what are they talking about.

Chihiro then wonders if it is about the "performance" with Haqua earlier. She decides to tell Keima that she'll be going home. As she is about to knock, she heard about the conversation about Hell.

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As Chihiro continues to listen to Keima's conversation, Ayumi called her and her cell phone rings. Keima then pushes the door and hits Chihiro on the floor, she then asks what is Keima going to do with Ayumi as Keima wastes no time picking up Chihiro's phone and tells Ayumi that he'll be confessing to her.

He then tells Diana to stay at Tenri's house and Haqua to escort them. Keima then grabs Chihiro with him to Ayumi's home, much to her anger. Chihiro then angrily wants to go home saying that she doesn't want to join Keima.

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Keima then said that her life will be endangered if she did not follow him to which she punches Keima saying that he is the biggest threat. As Keima was busy getting the "goods" Chihiro wonder what is happening. Chihiro then asked what does Keima meant by "conquer" to which Haqua silenced her saying that Keima is concentrating. Keima then begins to grumble as Chihiro thinks that Keima is weird.

At the Kozue river, Chihiro asked what are they going to do and Haqua said that they're helping Keima's confession to Ayumi. Chihiro then said that they're lies and she'll never forgive Haqua and Keima if they tried anything weird. Haqua said that Keima is doing his best to defend them all. Keima then questions himself if he should use the panties and begin to fench with them as Chihiro seemed doubtful. After a brief introduction, Chihiro cannot believe what she hears and does not understand the concept of the goddesses.

As Haqua says that she felt bad for Ayumi, Chihiro wonders if the cloaked individuals are the ones who Keima is trying to stop and begin to know why Keima is seducing Ayumi. Chihiro then screams to Haqua saying that they're crazy and what will happen if Ayumi gets serious while Haqua says that they'll be in trouble if Ayumi doesn't. They are silenced by Keima saying that they are noisy.

When Ayumi did came, Chihiro silently wishes the latter to return home since it's a trap while Haqua asks Chihiro to keep quiet. As Haqua says how Keima is a pervert, Chihiro wonders what is all the drama about.

Chihiro then heard about Ayumi having a first time and wonders what is it all about. While watching the "idiotic drama", Keima and Ayumi left while Haqua wanted Chihiro to follow her. Chihiro then thinks that if Keima and Ayumi where in a relationship before.

At the playground, Haqua spots a Vintage member and strikes down in front of Chihiro's eyes and quickly warns Keima. As Keima relocates yet again, Chihiro asks what will happen should Keima fail to which she was replied that failure is not an option. After Haqua laments on how will Keima and Ayumi hide, Chihiro decided to help.

She suggests another way, Chihiro lets Haqua take Keima and Ayumi all the way to Miyako's house and while Miyako was surprised to see Keima and Ayumi, Chihiro came up, lying that she's too excited about the live performance and uses the chance to go to Miyako's house to celebrate. Keima were been talking about peoples that doesn't talk often and Elsie were been saying why the loose soul is in Shiori's body and thinks that Shiori wants to talk.

Shiori then walks trough the library and thinks why conversation required for communication. Shiori sees that Keima were been writing in a book, and Shiori doesn't hold back to get the books from Keima's hand. She then been walking back and sees that it was the "mean person" from yesterday.

Keima were been shocked that Shiori came closer to him. Shiori's anger towards Keima Shiori thinks that the books in the library are for everyone and that they are not mean to be written in it and that the person who does it deserves the death. Shiori opens the page and were been looking the pages where Keima has written. Elsie says that he was written in the book. Keima were saying that he only make corrections in the book about the author's game release time line and claimed that it was wrong.

Keima then explains that books provide information and that incorrect information serves no purpose. Shiori claims that as right but nobody has the right to write in a book. Shiori came closer and Keima starts talking about the factor in the lack of instant editing, books are seriously dated.

Shiori became mad again and calls Keima again a "Idiot". She became again confused and walks away.

keima and chihiro relationship quotes

Elsie then talks to Keima and tells that she's getting used that Keima are making girls angry. Keima stated that he don't make her angry but engaging in her conversation.

Keima as Black Jack Elsie then tells that the only difference is that Shiori calls Keima and idiot instead of calling his stupid. Keima then tells that there is a world of difference and tells Elsie to listen clear. Keima comes than on his weird thinking ability and were been telling clear what the story holds in.

When Keima and Elsie were coming outside the library, Keima has decided to combine the events to drive the spirit away from Shiori.

The next day Keima were been seeing again writing in a book. Shiori then appears and sees that Keima were been doing that again and step off to him and takes the book.

keima and chihiro relationship quotes

Keima were been saying that it isn't a library book but it is his manga. Shiori were been looking and it is indeed not a library book which makes her completely lost. Shiori were been explaining about since that Keima arrived at the library he is disturbing her peace and also when the media room will be finish the library will be swamp with peoples like Keima.

Shiori were been running off with Keima's book. Elsie is putting the flyer together The next day has been arrived and Shiori sees him again playing on his PFP. Shiori doesn't understand evenly when Shiori has told him that he's not allowed in her library. Shiori then understands it and tells that he returned to the library to torment her again. Keima tells Shiori that she's talking out loud.

Shiori is hiding herself behind the bookshelf and were thinking that Keima is right. Keima had been holding down his PFP and tells that the library is a nice place and claims that it is too noisy outside.

Shiori sits at the opposite side of Keima and tells that the library is a wonderful place. Keima presents himself to Shiori and Shiori does the same. But he's so confused over her confession he cannot understand why she would love him before her capture arcthat the only thing he can think to say is very harsh. Then it turns out Ayumi, the girl with the goddess, was watching, and he tries to get back on track You're the worst, Katsuragi!

I really am the worst. Pretty much the entire FLAG was one huge tearjerker. Between the dramatic irony of Chihiro's cheerful proclamation at the beginning of the performance, her continuing to sing a song that was clearly about Keima, seeing her look upwards at the Goddesses and realizing that Keima was never really hers to begin with, Keima leaving the audience to go cry on a bench, and the last panel of just Chihiro, showing that she had spent pretty much the entire song holding back her tears.

In relation to that, The Stinger of the preceding episode. Just hearing the claps of the people while the shot pans on the Maijima Festival concert stage Doubly so for those who have read the Goddesses Arc portion of the manga in its entirety, seeing it as a Foregone Conclusion Just the third opening song, " Secrets of the Goddess ", has garnered this reaction from quite a few people, not just because of the combination of harmonious choir, orchestral arrangements, and Haqua on vocals, but also the beautiful lyrics that accompany it.

The song is divided into a prologue, six "chapters", and an epilogue, and is a summary of the whole Goddesses Arc.