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Kenny, Spenny bring rivalry to Kingston stage | The Kingston Whig-Standard

Kenny and Spenny posing for a photo with a fan at Forest City Comicon, their love-hate relationship in the form of a cross-Canada live tour. Best friends Kenny Hotz and Spencer Rice stoop to heretofore unplumbed depths of There are no drug tests, no rules to speak of and no real winners. But you. Kenny and Spenny will keep answering questions. They're just .. How has KvS impacted your and Kenny's relationship? What projects are.

Kenny used various methods to dry out his fecesthough it accidentally dropped out of his diaper, and he replaced it without telling Spenny. He then tricked Spenny into purchasing laxativesgiving Spenny diarrhea. A small bit of diarrhea dripped out of Spenny's diaper, but he cleaned it. Spenny then taped waterproof pants over his diaper to keep the feces in.

In order to settle the competition, they engaged in a series of activities that involved "slamming" their behinds. Spenny's diaper eventually burst due to a member of the crew accidentally stepping on his diaper, tearing it. There was no humiliation for Spenny other than Kenny's revelation. Points were awarded based on the "baseball" sexual metaphor: Ten points were awarded for hitting a home run. Spenny decided to stick with one girl who said she wanted to help him win.

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He repeatedly went to third base with her while Kenny had relatively little luck with the other ladies. It seemed Spenny had won the competition However, at Kenny's humiliation, Kenny revealed that the girl Spenny had stuck with was actually a pre-op transsexual Kenny had hired. Since "she" was not a woman, none of Spenny's points with "her" counted.

Spenny planned to trap Kenny in a sauna, but Kenny trapped Spenny instead while he was preparing. Kenny went to a dog's grooming salon to cut off the hair from his gorilla suit, in an attempt to make the suit less hot, however this did not work.

Brats on the brink

The duo is exuberant, charming, spontaneous and neurotic and I root for one over the other. The spark comes from their very different personalities and approaches to the competition.

It's the classic good versus evil struggle. Success usually comes to the wicked.

Kenny, Spenny bring rivalry to Kingston stage

Story continues below advertisement Story continues below advertisement With naturally dishevelled hair and prominent eyebrows, Kenny has the wicked mannerisms of a young Jack Nicholson. Mischievously sexy, he's the bad guy, the player who lies, cheats and makes up his own rules to win, tormenting Spenny, calling him "David Schwimmer's Down-syndromed half-brother.

Where Kenny cheats, Spenny takes the high road, consulting experts for their opinions on the best way to win. The word shortcut doesn't exist in his dictionary. For Kenny, the show is "America versus Canada. Hopefully people will tune in and ask, 'What kind of idiotic stuff are these guys up to this week? First, it was their idea.

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Second, the two, who have known each other since Grade 9, are best known for Pitch, a documentary in which the Toronto-born directors exposed their over-the-top efforts to sell their first feature screenplay at the Toronto International Film Festival. Relentlessly, they threw themselves at the feet of celebrities -- including Al Pacino and Eric Stoltz -- producers, and anyone else who would listen. Before that they wrote and produced The Gordy Movie, a film about Toronto's most beloved hobo; a homeless dwarf named Shorty Gordie.

They went on to write four more comedy feature scripts and an episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for Fox. Inspired by the success of Pitch, Kenny and Spenny moved to Los Angeles upon signing with Will Smith's production company, Overbrook Entertainment, to develop television programming.

One of those TV ideas turned into a demo chronicling their day-to-day natural competitiveness, which they sent to long-time friend and advisor, John Morayniss. One of Canada's entertainment warhorses, Morayniss is now working behind the scenes as co-producer. He shopped the demo around in the United States and Canada. Morayniss said no way. Finally, CBC bit hard, though it wasn't the obvious home for the show. Story continues below advertisement "The Aha!

He likes that the show celebrates the trickster.