Kenshin and kaoru relationship problems

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kenshin and kaoru relationship problems

Kenshin smiled dreamily as he prepared breakfast. He considered telling Yahiko about the change in his and Kaoru's relationship. . "It seems his father has a problem with Kaoru owning property and teaching kendo. She enjoyed fixing things, most especially the trivial problems of her apartment. . Kenshin nodded as Kaoru stood and began gathering all of Kenshin's We already determined that I will remain relationship free until I'm. Himura Kenshin, known as the legendary hitokiri of the Meiji Revolution, As such, he has a tendency toward trying to solve problems all by himself and love interests to husband and wife, Kenshin and Kaoru share a relationship that serves.

That's more than enough time. You need to get back in the saddle again.


I know you mean well. And I'm not heartbroken over the break up — lord knows it was far beyond time for that miserable excuse of a relationship to end. But I'm happy being single right now.

kenshin and kaoru relationship problems

I like having my own space, my own time, not having to deal with crap. I'm just not interested in entering a relationship. More than that, I'm not willing to put in the sort of effort it takes to establish a real connection with someone.

kenshin and kaoru relationship problems

I was talking about sex. Getting laid will do you a world of good. I'm sure you can find someone to meet your needs -- hell most guys will view the 'no relationship' bit as a bonus. Second, I can meet my own 'needs' quite well myself, thank you for asking," Kaoru replied, trying to keep the edge out of her voice.

Misao stared at her wide eyed. Because there are few thing better in life than a nice hard fuck from a hot guy. Then she straighten her shoulders, held her head high and entered the club. Just as she passed the bouncer she called to Misao, "I've always thought that if you need a man to do it for you, you must be doing something wrong.

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Thankfully, Misao had dropped the topic by the time they reached a table containing a few of their friends. The evening went well. Kaoru successfully fended of a few drunken pickup attempts, no doubt aided by the strong glares of mutual friends. She got to dance a bunch, both with friends and friends of friends who could be trusted to understand that dancing was not an invitation to grope her in the hallway. Sano's dancing skills had still not improved, so Kaoru was happy to release him to go back to his drinking.

Cho was much better, but quickly left to pursue someone who caught his eye. Her favorite partner was Katamari, who could definitely put on the moves, even if he enjoyed watching the guys watching her dance a bit more than he enjoyed dancing with her.

She danced with a few others, not quite remembering them all. There was a Ken-something who was noted mainly for his red hair and ability to keep other guys away, unlike Anji. Anji's peaceful demeanor seemed to encourage other guys to cut in, and his spiritual leanings meant his dancing was so chaste it seemed uptight.

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But overall it had been a good night and she'd probably go dancing again with this group. In fact the somewhat random assortment of friends-of-friends seemed to coalesce into a somewhat regular crowd.

They added Tae, a friend of Anji's, and her friend Megumi who Sano was trying to court. But they lost Cho who got a job in a different city. Today most of the group was assembled for a barbeque farewell for Misao, who was leaving in two weeks.

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In fact, one could argue the sexual tension is even better between them than it is between Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask. Tuxedo Mask is just too boring.

Gene Starwind totally fits the mold of such a guy. Remember when Gene was chasing after that waitress in the bar? Once Gene realized Melfina was a stable, constant figure in his life, all of his cavorting ended and he became a man in a committed relationship.

They do have some personality similarities — both are vain, stubborn and easily angered.

kenshin and kaoru relationship problems

However, after meeting Bulma who refuses to not take much crap from himhe decides that being a husband might be a better idea than trying to kill Goku. Sure, the age difference might freak some out a little, but as the saying goes, love knows no age.

They compliment each other ridiculously well; Uranus is steadfast, level-headed and warm, while Neptune is fashionable, sophisticated and emotionally cool. They are also a team, often working side-by-side against the nefarious forces of the universe. They were visibly comfortable with each other — in fact, they were so comfortable that they offered themselves up as surrogate parents to a reincarnated Sailor Saturn.