Kiefer sutherland and donald relationship quotes

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kiefer sutherland and donald relationship quotes

See more ideas about Kiefer sutherland, Donald sutherland and Female Larry Moss and Jack Bauer; Season 7 Jack Bauer Quotes, Kiefer Sutherland, Great. Mar 15, Think of Kiefer Sutherland and a host of images come to mind. his dead wife and his attempts to build a relationship with his closed-off, possibly While he barely knew his famous father, Donald, as a boy – and has talked about Cars Plummeting In ValueSmart Car Coverage - Auto Insurance Quotes. Dec 10, Donald Sutherland has appeared in more than films and TV shows, than anything else, an intimate, creative relationship with his director. Sutherland had twins, including his son Kiefer, then three more . Lebanon, New Jersey Drivers Are Stunned By This New RuleEverQuote Insurance Quotes.

The film was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture. In The Vanishinghe starred alongside Jeff Bridges as a desperate man seeking the whereabouts of his girlfriend, three years after she mysteriously vanished. InSutherland starred in 3 films.

He starred with Reese Witherspoon in Freewaywhich gained a cult following. Inhe starred in Dark Citythe science fiction film directed by Alex Proyas in which he portrayed the historical character Daniel P.

Sutherland also starred in the film Ground Control where he played as an air traffic controller named Jack Harries who had a perfect record until one air crash haunts him to leave the business years latter he is hurtled back into the world he thought he left behind.

Since then, Sutherland has starred in small projects and festival-released films. He starred in the film Beatwhich premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in In the opening skit of the Primetime Emmy AwardsSutherland made an appearance as his 24 character, Jack Bauer.

Magazine, Howard Gordon said it would be an "unbearable loss" if they killed off Sutherland's character. He played the lead roles in Alexandre Aja's supernatural horror, Mirrors Aliensreuniting him with actress Reese Witherspoon with whom he starred in Freeway. Aliens is Sutherland's highest-grossing film to date. The actor is also a frequent collaborator with director Joel Schumacherand has appeared in The Lost BoysFlatlinersPhone Booth[25] the big screen adaptation of A Time to Kill the film also starred his father Donald, although their characters did not interactand Twelve as the narrator.

InSutherland was inducted into Canada's Walk of Fame in Toronto, [26] where both of his parents have also been inducted. However, he stated, "Don't get me wrong. I love what I do. Television, film festivals and music career[ edit ] On 14 FebruaryFox TV announced they were temporarily suspending production of Season 8 of 24 due to a ruptured cyst near one of Sutherland's kidneys.

According to the report, he waited a few days before going in to have "elective surgery" performed. Kiefer also shared the screen with Hurt another time, this time on the small screen, in the web series The Confession. In The Reluctant Fundamentalistthe best-selling novel adaptation directed by Mira Nairhe played a supporting character for newcomer Riz Ahmedas a boss named Jim Cross, and in the historical-disaster movie, Pompeiidirected by Paul W.

Andersonhe played a corrupt Roman senator who plotted to stop the love between the city ruler's daughter and a Roman slave whose family was killed by the senator; the movie concluded with the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD.

Roebuck in Treyarch's video game Call of Duty: The Phantom Paintaking over the role originally performed by David Hayter. The show has since closed. InSutherland starred in the Fox television series Touch. He played the father of an autistic boy who does not like to be touched, while the son also communicates future humanity interrelated events to his father through numbers and mathematics.

In May and JulyFox aired the twelve-episode Live Another Daywhich received acclaimed reviews from critics. Er, something to do with trains? And that's it, he's off on the history and etymology of whistle-stop tours and how the likes of Truman campaigned from the caboose at the back of a train.

Not that we're supposed to be talking about politics.

kiefer sutherland and donald relationship quotes

This time around he confines himself to saying that the election is a 'once in a lifetime opportunity'. Have you come out in support of any of the candidates, I ask him.

Kiefer and Donald Sutherland did father-son bonding in Forsaken - The Globe and Mail

It becomes my refrain for the interview, followed closely by 'In what sort of way? That's 1, years after the Sumerians invented glue. It's curious, you know, because he was 66 when he died and spent 33 years of his life in the 19th century and 33 in the 20th century. He went into his family's shipping business and on one ship he met the second mate.

And do you know who that second mate is? Gosh, eh, think of that! Because Sutherland, as well as being one of the cinematic icons of the Seventies, was also one of the great, if unlikely, sex symbols of the Seventies when, as a teenager, he asked his mother if he was handsome, she hesitated and then replied, 'Donald to be perfectly truthful, no.

But your face has a lot of character'. It's not unrelated, of course, to the fact that one of the most persistent movie rumours of modern times, namely that the famous sex scene in the middle of the thriller, Don't Look Nowstarring him and Julie Christie, was no mere acting.

More of this later, though. In the meantime there's still a melting effect in evidence when it comes to women. He's pre-recorded an interview for GMTV, and shortly before I'm due to meet him, a producer swooshes into the green room and gushes, 'I think that's the best interview we've ever done! Oh, you're going to have a fabulous time. Because he is charming, and although, as Carol Shields once wrote, charm is just a cheap trick which anyone can do 'the calculated lift of the wrist The shame, of course, is that I didn't think of dropping a nice Carol Shields quote into my conversation at the time, instead of having to sit and admit to not knowing who Sam Harris or James Carville are US political writer and pundit, respectively, it turns outbut then it's less a straightforward interview in the question-and-answer sense than a series of digressions-cum-Mensa test.

Still, I faithfully copy down his utterances, even though they verge on gnomic. When I ask him if there are any parallels between the situation now in Iraq and in the Sixties with Vietnam when he and his then girlfriend, Jane Fonda, toured the country with their FTA revue, popularly known as 'Fuck the Army', he says, 'There are parallels but not similarities'. He won't elaborate, but who knows, he might be right; he certainly has the history to back him up. He's made films in a career that has spanned almost half a century.

One of his very first films was Tallulah Bankhead's last Die! The show is being tipped as the Dallas or Dynasty de nos jours which makes Sutherland its Josh Ewing, its Blake Carrington, though since he's still Donald Sutherland, he's head and shoulders above either of those, and so too, it turns out, the script.

In fairness, it's had mixed but more positive than negative reviews in the States. His sad, jilted, intellectual rich man appears to be running his own Shakespearean tragedy in the middle of a glam-trash soap.

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It's a bit like watching King Lear stumble onto the set of Footballers' Wives. Maybe the show matures into itself, Sutherland himself is certainly passionate about the brilliance of its creator, Craig Wright, who was a writer on Six Feet Under, and who's a polymath in his own mould. When I ask him if he agrees with the show's tagline that money is the root of all evil, he says, 'No, that's just bullshit.

I don't know who put that in. It wasn't Wright, not least because he would have known that, at least according to the James version, it's money is "at the root of all evil", which of course is quite different.

kiefer sutherland and donald relationship quotes

Gates has helped to fund a doomsday store in the Arctic of seeds from every food crop on the planet. And one of his best qualities is his willingness to own up to his mistakes.

I assume that his decision to appear in Fool's Gold, a rom-com starring Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey, which is released in the UK next month, has to have been for the money.

In North America, it's been universally panned. On the other hand, that two of the three scribes responsible for Fool's Gold have previously specialised in horror makes perfect sense,' said the Washington Post. Only Sutherland has emerged with any sort of credit, although he rolls his eyes when I ask him about it. Nobody told me I was too old to scuba dive, for heaven's sake. I had to have a bronchoscopy; they thought it was lung cancer.

Who's advising him, for God's sake? He's worked with the greats: He just seems to like saying yes, rather than saying no, which is maybe the real source of his charm. He's not so much sitting on the shiny chair as wanting to please. But then it's still perhaps a source of amazement that he's here at all, the boy from the smallest of small towns, Bridgewater in Nova Scotia, who made it all the way to the top of the Hollywood tree; he's the American dream made flesh, except he's not even American.

He's Canadian-born and Canadian-bred, his father a salesman, his mother the daughter of a Protestant minister, who went off to the University of Toronto to study engineering and whose first trip to the theatre, so the story goes, was to appear in a play.