Killua and illumi relationship poems

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killua and illumi relationship poems

You must spoiler tag Latest Chapter Spoilers (i.e. any/all the events/information in the latest chapter) for up to a week. Where's the anime in relation to the manga? In the Viz translation there is no implication that Illumi and Hisoka are in a romantic relationship. Illumi currently seems to be the only person that Hisoka claims as friend, although their relationship is unconventional. Illumi appears expressionless, his face. Brothers [Illumi x Killua] | Hunter x Hunter. 1K Reads 25 Votes 1 Part Warning: incest, obsessive relationships, possible nsfw. I may or may not continue this.

Killua becoming suicidal when he believes that he's failed Gon and doesn't deserve to be his friend. Putting Kurapika in a situation where he has to be nursed back to health by Leorio for at least four days.

Gon and Killua teasing Leorio about how much he likes Kurapika, with Leorio getting very embarrassed The normally stoic or angry Kurapika giving warm, affectionate description of his best friend Pairo and clinging to an image of him lovingly.

Said image of Pairo seems jealous of Leorio in turn, who goes out of his way to defend Kurapika while the Kurta is blind. Nobunaga gets all worked up about Uvogen, again And finally, Omokage, who refers to Pairo and Illumi with Kurapika and Gon's eyes as beautiful and basically says that Pairo's cuteness gives him a boner. Hisoka is a walking Ho Yay machine. His fights with other male characters including the year-old protagonists get him very excited indeed, complete with what can only be described as a "firey groin shot".

He obsessively stalks Gon, flirts with Kurapika and spends a good deal of the Greed Island arc fondling a telescope suggestivelytaking his clothes off and drooling over Gon and Killua's backsides.

In the manga, Hisoka quite plainly becomes aroused when Gon and Killua come across him while bathing - the speech bubbles change in position from panel to panel to hover over his moving genitalia. And brings out some questionable lines "You quickly ripened into delicious fruits". And then he definitely stares at their butts and chuckles in the anime he moansand Killua makes him walk in front. And then Gon comes up with a brilliant plan for not losing at dodge ball okay, tactically important, bone-breaking dodge ball that involves as a necessary side effect Killua being slammed into Hisoka's crotch.

In the anime remake, they let you know by Episode 5 that Hisoka has the hots for Gon. In the "Nightmare of Zaoldyck" musical, Hisoka amps the Pedobear act up by 9, He even compares Gon to a little green apple then he licks it.

In Chapter Hisoka thinks about how he wants Gon to be saved. Hisoka is shown carrying an unconscious Gon in a Bridal Carry after fishing him out of the ocean in episode 20 of the anime.

In the first arc, Hisoka told Leorio that he was "interested in him. On a subtler note, Hisoka's strange partnership with Illumi does not want for homoerotic overtones, though they could also be grouped as two grown men who have a thing for underaged boys.

Hisoka and Chrollo Foe Yay. Hisoka has had his eye on Chrollo 2 years prior to the start of the series and is incredibly interested in him. He has dedicated years of his own towards his obsession with Chrollo.

killua and illumi relationship poems

Hisoka actually had to learn about the group, as well as how to join so he could infiltrate and get closer to Chrollo. After years of trying Hisoka hasn't given up on challenging Chrollo and still continues on. Hisoka claimed to lose interest in Chrollo after Kurapika sealed Chrollo's Nen use, saying how he "wasn't interested in broken toys" but shortly after spent a considerable amount of time and effort helping the group he betrayed getting Chrollo back to normal. Chrollo in turn for some reason ignores many of Hisoka's "faults" such as betraying the Troupe or behaving differently and more detached than how other members are.

Feitan even asks why does [Chrollo] just let Hisoka "do what he wants?

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The amount of tension the two have when they interact with each other is thick, they are playful in how they speak and clever in their responses. Hisoka and Chrollo spend a large amount of time off-screen with each other, either Chrollo running from Hisoka or not, they remained together.

In chapter and several thereafter, Hisoka is in a deathmatch with Chrollo, perving over the whole situation and talking about how much the situation turns him on.

Hisoka expresses how he wants their fight to be like a dance, and how their breath needed to match. Hisoka even does one of his most intense "schwing" moments mid-air and retains it while on the ground even as he's surrounded by Chrollo's living puppets.

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Hisoka also shows a rare intensely blood-lusted face from Chrollo's show of power and cunning. Oddly enough during the deathmatch with Hisoka, Chrollo offers to call off the match if Hisoka wanted, but would give it his all if Hisoka wanted to continue. Not In-Character, but the song "Song of Promise" or "Yakusoku no Uta", both Killua and Gon sing the respective parts, but on the other side Hisoka's and Chrollo's voice actors sing the parts as well together. There is also a lot of official art of them posing with each other, from games as well as a calendar.

They spend much of the Whale Island arc sharing their feelings and promising never to be apart, and then there's the theme tune lyrics: At the end of the Greed Island arc, Gon says the absolute first thing he's going to do when he sees his father for the first time is introduce him to Killua as proof of their connection - a plan that causes Killua to blush and look away.

As of the latest chapter, Killua's had a complete breakdown in the middle of a life-threatening fight. Not to mention Killua stalking Gon and Palm on their date to make sure Gon wasn't attacked by any rogue ants sure Especially notable during the time when Gon was depowered and they were near a village with a risk of being attacked by ants, where Killua thinks that if ants were to attack, first priority would be to protect Gon even if it meant letting everyone else die.

Killua and Gon have a lot of this together, especially coming from Killua's side. The only thing that really seems to be keeping it firmly in the realm of "subtext so thick you could cut blocks of it out of the air with a knife and sell it as cheap building material" is the fact that they're both twelve, and neither of them seem to have hit puberty yet.

In Chapter Hisoka also says that Gon is Killua's "most beloved" and the "spent most time with". In Chapter Killua thinks "Gon In some Hunter x Hunter R radio dramas, such as Sarracenia no Yoru and Hunter in Wonderland both voiced by anime actorsKillua is pretty much the damsel in distress of the group.

Gon is never hesitant to risk his life to save Killua in these situations. In canon verse itself, the whole Zoldyeck family arc can be interpreted as Gon wants to free Killua from his crazy-manipulative family. After hearing Gon and the others laughing at him being called "monster" by Killua, Silva appears and challenges Gon to knock him down, while Silva himself promises he won't do any harm to Gon.

If Gon fails, he must give up his intention to take Killua out of Zoldyeck's Manor. Gon, not amused by the idea of friend-being-tested again, hits Silva with all his might.

killua and illumi relationship poems

Silva doesn't not budge a bit, but he appreciates Gon's effort. Silva then respectfully asks Gon and the others to take care of his son, announcingng his approval. Still in Nightmare of Zoldyeck, when Killua realizes his head is planted by Illumi's needle which can turn him to a killing machine at any time, Kurapika says that this situation is just like some story he has read before. But she is also the most hated due to what she is.

killua and illumi relationship poems

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