Kirito and suguha relationship quizzes

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kirito and suguha relationship quizzes

Featured · Latest · Wiki · Polls · Quizzes · Shared Folder · About Sinon was the first person that Kirito became acquainted with in the world of Gun Gale Online. their relationship off as a heated rivalry and hatred (friendship on Kirito's part). and was instrumental in helping Asuna and Suguha find his location after he had . Leafa/Suguha This sad but it's weird to be in love with your cousin. Anime quotes Animequotes Sword art online Sao asuna kirito Gamers Anime, Sword Art Online Asuna. More information. More information .. <3 Animes Br, Anime Couples, Noragami Manga, .. Take this quiz to find Which Anime Quote Describes you. Their relationship got a bit rocky ever since then, and Suguha knew he her dearest brother/cousin, Kirigaya Kazuto, the clearer of Sword Art.

She told him if he died then she would kill herself in grief. They cried in each others arms for a while, knowing that they could die at any time. All Kirito wanted was to run away with her and live with her in their cabin in the woods. And all Asuna wanted was to fall in love with him again in the real world, go on real dates, and to really get married and grow old together. After the fight with the Skull Reaper, everyone found out that Heathcliff was actually Akihiko Kayaba in disguise.

Kayaba challenge Kirito to a rematch and promised to release everyone from the game if he wins. After watching the love of his life die before his eyes, Kirito lost his fire, his drive, and his will to live.

Kirito and Asuna appeared in an area above Aincrad after dying, and saw the floating castle crumble into nothing. After a brief conversation with Kayaba, they accept that this was the end.

They were gonna disappear and be together forever. Or so they thought. But when he found out that Asuna was trapped in another game, Alfhiem Online, he found a new hope. He steeled himself, grabbed his nervegear, and dove into the game to save her.

Sugou harassed Asuna in front of him while he was stabbed by his own sword. Kirito almost gave up when Kayaba appeared before him and granted him his admin privileges.

With the system on his side, he fought Sugou again and destroyed him. He ever went as far as completely turning off the pain inhibiters so he would feel the same pain he put Asuna through. And after freeing her from the game, he almost killed Sugou in the real world. But even though he knew that that foul man was a bane to his existence for hurting the one he loved, he spared his life.

kirito and suguha relationship quizzes

Kazuto left him to rot and visited the now awakened Asuna where they finally shared a kiss in the real world. They would go on dates on a regular basis and just spend time together.

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They would just talk to each other and have fun, while at the same time jab at each other with light hearted teasing. Whenever they were feeling troubled with something, they would always be there for each other. But that changed when Ordinal Scale came along. Asuna lost her memories thanks to the Augma, and Eiji was to blame for it. When that happened he went ballistic.

kirito and suguha relationship quizzes

He went full on beater mode and fought boss after boss with no hesitation. She found her bravery again and fought the Incarnation of the Radius with Kirito and won.

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Finally, Asuna got her memories back and went star gazing alone with Kirito, where he gave her a real ring that he promised to give her back in Aincrad. They went through hell and back for each other multiple times and never once gave up on each other.

Yui is one of Kirito's most beloved people. In ALO, she takes the form of a navigation fairy who is always seen on either Kirito or Asuna's shoulder, or napping inside Kirito's breast pocket. Yui tends to misunderstand why humans aren't direct in expressing their feelings, saying if she was the one who did it then she would simply be forward about it she then kisses Kirito on the cheek.

He tends to show affection to her pixie form by playfully poking her head, which she finds a little annoying.

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He is very much a doting father, making sure she stays safe during a battle and doing whatever he can to make her comfortable. Though Yui loves Kirito dearly, she has disapproved of a few of his shenanigans, like biting Leafa, and scolds his "bad behavior". Yui finds great delight in watching Kirito battle, showing unrestrained glee at his ultraviolence while other members of the party are more concerned about the battle.

Kayaba Akihiko Heathcliff Kirito mentioned in the beginning of the series that Kayaba Akihiko was his hero, and he looked up to him. Akihiko is indirectly responsible for numerous tragedies around Kirito, as it was because of him that the players who would die in the game would die in real life as well.

Nonetheless, Kirito and Akihiko are shown to have mutual respect for each other. Pina Pina has a strange attraction to Kirito, as Pina is said to fly off of Silica's shoulder and curl up on Kirito whenever she came across him sleeping [2]. Even when Kirito is not sleeping, Pina is still attracted to him, like when Silica invited Kirito to a restaurant to celebrate her birthday, Pina became interested in Kirito's tart, even though Tamed Monsters are only supposed to be interested in food when fed by their tamer, and then curled up on his head.

Kazuto created distance between them when he found out they weren't real siblings but instead cousins. After clearing SAO, this becomes something he regrets as he tries to reforge their relationship. When Kirito was trapped in SAO, Suguha was conflicted with her feelings for Kirito and eventually realized she loved him. She was his sister. The fact that she has in actuality, his cousin, never even came into consideration for him. He had always regarded her as his sister, despite her love confession.

That was the conundrum he had faced as he stared slack-jawed at the lewd sight of his little sister. It was only when her alarm clock started beeping that he had woken up from his trance and had hastily walked out of her room. His heart had been pounding when he knocked briefly on the door, telling her in a weak voice that breakfast was being made.

That had been a week ago. Ever since then, the image of her vulnerable state had been imprinted into his mind. It constantly popped up at every moment of the day, and despite his best efforts, he could not forget.

It didn't help that she had taken to wearing short shorts that showed off her beautifully smooth legs, and tight shirts that gave her already considerable breasts a size increase. The fact that she was doing this all unintentionally served to only bring him more pain. Her innocent character contrasting greatly with her lewd body caused him plenty of cold showers. If he didn't know any better, he would say that she was seducing him on purpose. With the way she would lean into his personal space at every moment, giving him a great view, or the way she liked to lounge around after a bath, showing off her porcelain skin.

It was getting ridiculous. She was situated directly across from him at the breakfast table, and she tilted her head curiously at him. If only she knew what effect her skin-tight white tank-top was having on him. She would have also realized the effect the AC was having on her Her pert nipples and the fact that she unconsciously leaned towards him only served to pronounce her figure. Please don't tell me She immediately went to his side and checked his forehead with a hand, and before he could stop her, she leaned in.

Her breasts pressed directly into his side as she leaned in to rest her forehead against his. His face was now entirely red, as he struggled inwardly to contain himself.

His little sister was starting to drive him crazy. He had to leave before something happened that he would regret. His little sister regarded him with a worried expression, not at all considering her state of dress. Her shirt had slipped off slightly to the edge, showing off a plentiful amount of skin, and revealing the fact that she was braless. The world of ALO served as a great stress-reliever. He had used his pent-up frustration to clear a whole forest of mobs, taking the chance to forget himself.


He had met up with his friends sometime later, and they had tackled a dungeon together. All of which served to distract him from his main concern. Taking off the headgear, he sighed as he took in the dark room. It seemed that he was in longer than expected. He didn't need a reminder of his troubles just yet. Shaking his head from such thoughts, he made his way down. Spotting the set table and the food, he was surprised to see his mother at the table too.

She usually had business to take care of, and left the two of them to their devices until much later at night. He sat down beside her, taking note of the traditional meal laid out before him.

kirito and suguha relationship quizzes

It seemed that Sugu had gotten better at cooking, since some of the dishes looked rather extravagant. After all the time spent trapped in SAO, he wasn't sure what to feel about returning to normality.

His thoughts were interrupted as he spotted his sister sitting down across from him. He breathed in a sigh of relief as he noted her choice of attire. It seemed that she liked to dress much more conservatively when their mother was home. She gave him a look of concern, and he smiled in return. It had always been like this, though his father often joined them when he was younger. Nowadays he was much busier, but Kazuto couldn't fault him for it. He was just glad that everyone no longer had a solemn expression when they looked at him, and that all of his previous troubles were over with.

Their mother smiled wryly. She thanked him with a smile before waving goodbye. She let out an 'eep' as his body brushed against hers. Something fleshy and soft came into contact with his chest.

His question seemed to snap her out of her trance as she jumped back slightly in shock. B-bath is ready, Onii-chan. He ruffled her hair as he passed by. She blushed deeply, heart pounding as he went up the stairs.

He felt invigorated after the bath. Walking into his room, he sighed before falling down onto his bed. The night was quiet, and the moon was high tonight, bathing his room in an ethereal light. It was really relaxing. He would have fallen asleep if not for the soft knocking that came from his door. He sat up slowly, regarding his door curiously.

Kazuto was about to call out a greeting before he took in her full form.

kirito and suguha relationship quizzes

He froze as the moonlight seemed to gleam off the figure before him, serving to pronounce all of the features. Suguha was dressed in a button-up shirt that had several buttons undone, and clad in only white panties. Her hair was slightly wet, and face slightly flushed from the bath.