Kirstie alley and parker stevenson relationship

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kirstie alley and parker stevenson relationship

Nov 7, Kirstie Alley isn't one for being shy, but recently revealed something she's Alley , 61, said Swayze wanted her to divorce her than husband Parker Stevenson. In the interview, Alley also discussed her relationship with Look. Kirstie Alley (m. ; div. ). Children, 2. Richard Stevenson Parker Jr. ( born June 4, ), known as Parker Stevenson, is an American. Nov 27, It looks like Kirstie Alley is kissing the big one goodbye. The former Cheers star and actor husband Parker Stevenson--whom she once thanked for giving her " the big Parker and I have what I call the burglar relationship.

kirstie alley and parker stevenson relationship

His performance in the film which was highly appreciated by fans earned him several other roles in tv series and movies. He has also played good roles in more than 50 television films and series among which are Judging AmyLegend of the SeekerThe Perfect Daughter The celebrity couple tied the nuptial knot on 22nd December after a protracted courtship.

Their marriage was blessed with two kids — a son named William True Stevenson and a daughter named Lillie Price Stevenson.

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The couple stayed together for over 15 years, but trouble came knocking and the eventually, they got divorced in Parker Stevenson was also linked to the famous American actress Morgan Fairchild albeit the relationship also fizzled out after a very short period of time. If you are wondering how much the American actor is worth, then be rest assured that he is in the league of professional actors who have achieved financial independence. Through dedication and hard work, Parker has written his name on the fabric of success and has taken his place among great men and women who were not born with the proverbial silver spoon but have come to achieve it.

Parker has been earning a good salary since his first notable appearance in the movie A Separate Peace in His worth which is rated very high started accumulating since from his stint in the entertainment industry and through his other career which is photography.

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Where Is Parker Stevenson Now? From all indications, it appears Parker Stevenson has found his true vocation behind the camera and no longer in front of it. Two years ago, the famous actor came to realize that acting was not so exciting as it was in the beginning for him and consequently, his attention has shifted to photography which according to Parker, is going to be his next chapter.

Defending Her Friends Alongside her personal truths, Alley has been outspoken on the rumors that John Travolta is interested in men. With her utmost certainty, Kirstie was quick to rule out any possibility that there is any truth to this rumor.

Parker Stevenson

Since Travolta has not been involved in any public scandal, such as womanizing and experimenting with illicit substances, this was what the media had to work with. The actors have co-starred alongside each other on two films and maintained a long-term close friendship. While they also share the fact they follow Scientology in common, Kirstie saw that the pair were not right to marry, despite her claims of absolute affection for the actor.

kirstie alley and parker stevenson relationship

Playing on screen husband and wife, the dynamic duo found it in themselves to keep it strictly professional. Though, this is not the case. The pair who went to high school together, were, in fact, distant cousins and her husband shared the same family name as her father….

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Similar to the revelation about her time with Swayze, Alley has confirmed that she did have an affair while married to her high school sweetheart, Bob Alley. In her book, she states that her and the guy, who she references as Jake, kissed and were physical with one another.

In her eyes, she saw that as a clear indication that she must get a divorce. In her book, she claims the Dirty Dancing star wanted her to divorce her husband and marry him. Going on TV to announce this makes us think she knows now.

She has stated that with the hardships of divorce, she found herself in the mix of experimenting will illicit substances and not being able to stop. Following the likes of Tom Cruise and John Travolta, Alley and her family are strong believers in Scientology, having followed the religion for over 30 years now.

Defending Her Religion She has, however, had to defend her religious choices after Howard Stern asked her if she was a paid spokesperson for the religion. This did not come without any backlash from her former associates.

Anything For The Church While seeing former Church members as new enemies, the Cheers actress has shown her dedication to the Church even more so with generous donations being made.

We guess that is enough to show how much she values the Church and her involvement with Scientology. She has also purchased a house in Clearwater, Florida, where the spiritual headquarters of the Church of Scientology is located. Her Weight When you hear Kirstie Alley, you may think of all the tabloid headlines that circulate about her weight. Known to be overweight at times, with pictures of herself plastered across the press, she has also made headlines for losing weight as well.

With her previous success in achieving her weight loss, Alley decided to follow and support the program that worked best for her. Once again it proved to be successful for the actress who lost managed to lose 50 pounds 23kg while on the diet. Second Marriage Alley may have been the center of affair speculation during her career, but she was once married to teen heartthrob Parker Stevenson, a fellow actor who was a cast member in The Hardy Boys.