Kronk and yzma relationship trust

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kronk and yzma relationship trust

Kronk and Yzma from The Emperor's New Groove . The relationship between Pacha and Nina was supposed to be part of the more traditional. Yzma trusts Kronk to carry Kuzco, who has been turned into a llama, in a . Kuzco and Pacha have a complicated relationship throughout the. The world first met Kronk from the Disney movie "The Emperor's New I just got four pages of material that had a 'Kronk' and an 'Yzma' on it.

In addition to being a great character, Chicha is the first prenant female character to appear in a Disney animated feature film, at least according to the DVD commentary.

kronk and yzma relationship trust

It would have certainly gained a lot of attention for Kingdom of the Sun to cast her, which was once reportedly a near-reality. How exactly the role ended up going to Eartha Kitt is unknown. How would her take on the elitist power-hungry advisor have looked?

He slips out into the streets with Kuzco stuffed in a bag on his back and starts humming and singing his own Mission Impossible-esque soundtrack. Perhaps Disney thought it was that charming and catchy.

The scene also includes a Citizen Kane reference, when Kronk has second thoughts about sending Kuzco falling over the waterfall to his death. The camera then draws out dramatically to a monkey eating a bug. The squirrel returns for vengeance. Out of nowhere, he inflates and bends a balloon llama and pops it with a cactus nettle.

Kronk and Yzma find the squirrel themselves and ask for directions when they're searching for Kuzco to finish him off for good.

Bergen has been doing voice work in TV, movies, and video games since Misty is also the name of the llama in the children's book, Secret of the Andes. Kronk's father, Papi, arrives and confusion ensues as several supportive friends try to pass themselves off to him as Kronk's wife and kids. But in the end, Kronk realizes that his wealth is in his friendships, and this finally wins his father's thumbs up and Miss Birdwell's love.

In the credits we're shown the photos of their honeymoon, including in ParisPisa and Venice. Kronk's once again Yzma's partner and still Kuzco's friend despite carrying out Yzma's constant plans to drug Kuzco with a transformation potion.

kronk and yzma relationship trust

By the final episode, Kronk is appointed Kuzco's new adviser, while Yzma becomes his helper. It was shown that despite having some amount of hatred towards her, Kronk values his position as Yzma's lackey in some degree, as seen when she fired him on several occasions.

He acts as Kuzco's sidekick, often partaking in his harebrained schemes.

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When working to destroy Kuzco, Kronk's conscience often gets in the way. In the show, Kronk works at Mudka's Meat Hut most of the time as well. A running gag in the series involves Kronk forgetting Yzma's actually Principal Amzy in disguise.

However, Kronk revealed in the show's finale "Graduation Groove" that he knew about three episodes prior to said episode, and only pretended to forget. Friendship aside, Kuzco does see Kronk as somewhat of a rival, as Kronk earns a lot of fame and glory with being the school's star athlete and body builder. Kronk at Disneyland Paris. Kronk appeared as a walk-around character when the film was released, though he's rare to encounter now.

Kronk also hosts the interactive character paint station in the post-show area of The Magic of Disney Animation at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Kronk is ordered to implant potions in the village's food to turn everyone into alpacas. Kronk's conscience prevents him from doing it immediately and is attacked by the park guests. Kronk, believing they're after his recipe, retreats from the scene.

There are numerous dance scenes and colorful presentations. For no seemingly presented reason, out wheels a large cake near Kuzco's thrown. In a true extravagant nature, there is a scene during which a person pops out of the top of the cake. But who is given the honor of entering the scene via a cake?

kronk and yzma relationship trust

Question 3 What is this character's name? Yzma Queen E Maleficent Despite his heartless and selfish attitudes, Kuzco is not the villain of the film. He may not be a kind hearted individual, at least not when the film begins, but he is not evil in comparison to this lovely lady. She is the true mastermind and villain behind the film. Just like everyone else in the castle, and in all the land, she too tries to stay on Kuzco's good side, at least at first.

But after being disrespected by Kuzco one too many times, she snaps. Question 4 Why does Emperor Kuzco have an old man thrown out of a window? He questioned Kuzco's authority He threw off Kuzco's groove He gave Kuzco a dirty look He asked Kuzco to turn the music down So, Kuzco may not be the main villain, but he is not a saint by any definition of the word.

During the musical number, Kuzco pauses the entire number to have a man thrown out of a window and barred from the castle. What is even more surprising, is that no one is surprised by this act, and the order is followed without question. It does not take much for Kuzco to lose his temper with other people, he is easily angered.

Question 5 What role does Yzma play in the castle?

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Emperor's publicist Emperor's chef Emperor's advisor Yzma has outlandish looks, that are frequently made fun of by Kuzco. She stands out in the castle, specifically for not wearing the colors of the kingdom, which seem to be red and yellow according to Kuzco's attire. Normally, people that seem to rub Kuzco the wrong way, tend to get kicked out of the castle.

Yzma is an employee that works for Kuzco, she has a unique role as she is put in a position in which she is meant to tell Kuzco what to do, which he hates. Question 6 What is the name of the summer getaway Kuzco is planning?

Kuzcoland Kuzcotopia The shrine of Kuzco Kuzco has summoned Pacha, the peasant that lives on the hills with his wonderful family, to the castle. When Pacha arrives, Kuzco begins to ask for his advice on where the sun shines the brightest on the side mountain. Pacha quickly realizes that Kuzco will take over the hill, and likely evict anyone else that lives on or near that specific mountain. Pacha is not pleased with this plan, as he recognizes that how it will negatively impact the families that live on the hill.

Question 7 Whose house is Kuzco planning on tearing down to put up his summer getaway? Yzma Kronk Old guy that was tossed out window When Kuzco has come to the conclusion that he wants something, more often than not, he gets it. So, when he has decided that he has found the perfect spot for Kuzcotopia, his summer getaway, there is little anyone can do to change his mind.


The decision of where to build Kuzcotopia is the event that sparks the remainder of the film. With the grand nature of the castle Kuzco is already living in, having a second home seems like an unnecessary extravagance.

kronk and yzma relationship trust

Question 8 How do Kronk and Yzma get to the secret lair? A secret staircase A secret slide A secret elevator Kronk and Yzma have a secret lair in the castle. This lair is filled with secret potions and concoctions for Yzma to use as she wishes. However, this is definitely the type of activity that Emperor Kuzco would not have approved of if he had known. Therefore, Yzma creates an entirely elaborate way to get to and from the lair so that it is never found.

Only Kronk and Yzma are aware of the whereabouts of the entryway to the lair.

Question 9 What does Yzma say after Kronk pulls the lever to the lair? Part of the show would be Yzma and Kronk attempting to enter the lair, but Kronk, being the muscular dimwitted character that he is, continuously messes up the lever pull.

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Each time, where the secret trap door that Yzma falls through leads her someplace new, and fans looked forward to seeing where she would end up next. Question 10 How many characters have a shoulder angel and devil duo?