Kurogane and tomoyo relationship goals

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kurogane and tomoyo relationship goals

CLAMP is famous for having at LEAST one flavor of Yay in every major work, with lots of implications tossed around but a veritable epidemic of UnConfessions. Kurogane is a ninja warrior directly under the service of Princess Tomoyo (a . too close to anyone, though it is inevitable that their relationship will change. A character sheet for Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE-. Get comfortable. The entire group shares these traits: Gang of Hats: Unknowingly to them, they all .

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Once Kurogane makes up his mind about something, nothing and no one will stop him from going through with it. Fai learns this the hard way, in Tokyo, with Kurogane's decision to save his life against his will.

How did I fall in love with you (Kurogane x Tomoyo)

And again in Celes when Kurogane willingly cuts off his own arm to get Fai out alive. Now that's determination at its finest. He will punch out anyone that does something he thinks is stupid, usually being too self-sacrificing.

Given the nature of this groupit happens often. So often, actually, that Fai picks up on the habit. With his fighting style, his background and unfriendly personality he has shades of Zoro from One Piece.

Complete with the same English VA. He starts out as this, being a violent, moody and cynical character thrown in a light-hearted series about traveling through dimensions with his eventual True Companions. This changes after the series starts to shift into a more dramatic and darker tone, and even by then he had started to mellow out quite a bit.

Fai and Kurogane's dynamic initially plays off like this; he is the moody, cynical brunet to Fai's ditzy light-hearted blond.

kurogane and tomoyo relationship goals

Subverted when Fay's personality is actually much darker than it initially seems. Cuts off his own arm to save Fai's life, and drags the mage out of a collapsing dimension one-handed while blood pours down his side.

Loss of a limb in no way diminishes the badassedness of the moment. Non-fatally, though it could have easily killed him as he sacrificed his left arm to save Fai's life.

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Other than Tomoyo, Kurogane never calls anyone by name, usually 'kid' for Syaoran, 'princess' for Sakura, 'mage' for Fai, and 'white meat bun' for Mokona. Probably too badass to be anything else.

Huge Guy, Tiny Girl: Tomoyo is barely half his height. Implied to have this when he knocks a crossbow bolt aimed at Syaoran out of the air with a small stone and acts as if it was nothing out of the ordinary. Probably comes with being a Badass Puppy Ninja. Mostly by Fai and sometimes Mokona: Interestingly enough, most of the suffix based nicknames that Fai gives him are cutesy, girly nicknames that Japanese schoolgirls give one another in an effort to appear cute- hence his aggravation.

In the English dub, we get Kurgyburger. Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Would probably like to believe he's not a Nice Guy at heart. Knight to Tomoyo's Lady, in an arrogant sorta way. One should probably note that this and Fai's "Strange Names" are probably the only themes of the series that are completely separated from the normal style the soundtrack has going on.

He sacrifices his arm to save Fai. As a fanfiction puts it, anyone who hacks off his own arm without batting an eye is fucking hardcore. The only reason Fai's not gone off the deep end and turned into an all out villain is probably that Kurogane kept dragging him back.

He's Tall, Dark, and Handsome and cool as a cucumber. A conveniently-timed one allows Tomoyo-hime to tell him how to get Fai out of Celes. Interestingly, he resembles more a samurai, as he favours frontal attack, uses certainly more strength than stealth, and specializes in swordfighting and little more. However, he is sometimes seen on the roofs at night as every good ninja has to be seen, and some of his fighting poses evokes the classic ninja stances.

Than Fai, who isn't exactly short either. Spends most of his time scowling. Not so much when he's fightingthough The " curse " Tomoyo places on Kurogane which will decrease his strength if he kills anyone. This is subverted because we find out after Celes that it's really a protection charm and the stuff about his strength diminishing was a prophecy about the consequences of killing Ashura. Red and Black and Evil All Over: Certainly appears to be the most morally ambiguous of the heroes at first glance, but inverted as you started to realize he's the most grounded among them.

Red Eyes, Take Warning: For the first few chapters he seems to be playing this straight, but it's ultimately subverted.


He's actually the only member of the team who isn't a spy Sarcastic Devotee: He tends to make snide comments to whatever Fai and Mokona say. He has a scar on his left hand from the night his parents were killed and his home destroyed. He carries the scar with him until he cuts off his arm to save Fay from his Superpower Meltdown. Sensitive Guy and Manly Man: Manly Man to Fay's Sensitive Guy.

Sports one from time to time, especially when he's fighting.

Kurogane end with tomoyo?

Really resembles his father. His inability to keep it in check is why Tomoyo sends him away in the first place. Thanks to his True CompanionsKurogane eventually mellows out and learns to control himself better.

Has this title applied by Fai unwillingly, but it fits surprisingly well, especially by the end of the Infinity Arc.

kurogane and tomoyo relationship goals

Even with his Grumpy Bear persona, he shows himself to be capable of surprising gentleness. His tsundere tendencies are mostly reserved for Undying Loyalty: He may sometimes go against her orders, but Kurogane is utterly devoted to Tomoyo. Also, to his True Companions. He would do anything to keep them safe, even leave his princess again.

Though, given his personality and actions, he wouldn't die for them if there was another way because then he would have to leave them unprotected. With the death of both parents in one night, he picks up his family's sword, wipes out ALL the demons in sheer rage before Amaterasu and co. And ever since then he's super capable of handling multiple enemies at once.

Used to Be a Sweet Kid: As a child he was adorably idealistic and innocent. Then his parents were killed by a horde of demons and sweet Kurogane turned into a bloodthirsty Blood Knight. Like most CLAMP pairings it's not made explicit, but their body language around each other in their crossover appearance in xxxHolic after the end of the series is pretty telling.

You Killed My Mother: She works against the sorcerer Fei-Wang Reedknowing his purposes and helping Syaoran 's group in their journey only when they pay a price. While he does not interact with the protagonists in his first appearances, [8] when he appears in the Dream World, he meets Sakura who finds him similar to the original Syaoran. A dimensional rift being created because of this, Watanuki was then born to Syaoran's parents instead of him, while he was taken hostage by Fei-Wang, until his payment for the wish was fulfilled.

Michael Tatum in English. Flowright after rescuing him from the tower in Valeria. Both of them created the Mokona Modoki creatures in aniticipation for the series' events, while he also knew of the creation of the teenager Kimihiro Watanuki. Additionally, it is revealed that he foresaw the original Syaoran's wish of turning back the time when the original Sakura was about to be killed.

As turning back the time changed the fate from Sakura's parents, Clow travelled to Kingdom of Clow to replace Sakura's father, Fujitakaas the king of Clow. Before dying, he left his life and magical power which would be used to make the Syaoran clone be reborn as a normal human.

He is a capable and responsible monarch who is rather protective of his younger sister and dislikes Syaoran because of their close relationships. After Sakura, he has considerable magical powers, including the ability to see into the future, thus the reason why he was chosen to become the country's high priest.