Layfon and nina relationship trust

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layfon and nina relationship trust

Chrome Shelled Regios is an anime adapted from the light novel series of the same title by . Layfon thanks Nina for her guidance and her trust, hoping to work together for the good of the platoon. Layfon, Nina, and Sharnid Much of Layfon's past is revealed, including his relationship with Leerin. Gorneo also reveals that. So does this mean Layfon can finally beat the crap out of Nina if he with Leerin either working there or just having relationships with the. However, Nina and Felli are furious at Layfon, Nina because he deliberately held back his . that he has to trust and have confidence with his teammates to defeat it. Much of Layfon's past is revealed, including his relationship with Leerin.

Felli later forgives Layfon for what happened at the inter-platoon match earlier, but in the exchange for assigning nicknames for each other as a result. As Felli uses her psychokinetic powers, she detects a large dragon in the distance. In a flashback, Ailain Garfied rescues a young girl named Saya from attackers as they try to escape a complex. Put on the Maid Outfit!

January 31, In a flashback, Saya and Ailain have become bodyguards to Ramisassigned to evade two cars pursuing them. Back in the present, Sharnid Elipton takes Layfon to a maid cafe, and it turns out that Felli just so happens to work there. Felli reveals to Layfon that she works there to choose her own path in life. While dining at a bakery, Felli overhears Mifi, Naruki, and Mayshen talking about investigating an abandoned research center, which is supposedly haunted, and she decides to accompany them.

As they go deeper into the building, the three are suddenly captured by a strange creature and Felli is rescued by Vanzeh Hardywho reveals that the closure of the center was caused by repeatedly failed experiments that were undergone years ago as a counter to contaminoids in the past. After the two encounter the creature again, Felli crushes it by causing the ceiling to collapse while Vanzeh gives it the finishing blow. Vanzeh decide to cover up the incident by telling the girls that they were knocked out by leaking chemicals.

Layfon accompanies Felli where he finally sees her smile but gets kicked by her for seeing it. As the 17th Platoon takes a day off from training, Nina and Harley watching the inter-platoon matches, while Layfon goes out with Mayshen for lunch. However, the city of Zuellni falls into a ditch, attracting a large number of larvae contaminoids from their nest below ground.

With an invasion into the regios eminent, Kalian orders all military arts students to defend the city and repel the monsters, despite most of them having no experience fighting against contaminoids. Layfon requests Nina and Sharnid, who are assigned to lead the 9th Platoon to defend the northwest section of the city, to evacuate since they are no match against the bugs, but Nina disregards his advice.

After realizing that his friends are in grave danger, Layton later gains the resolve to fight in order to protect the people he cares for. The 9th Platoon abandons Nina and Sharnid after their weapons barely make a scratch against the creatures.

As sunrise appears, Layfon returns and collapses from exhaustion onto Nina, who can do nothing else but congratulate him. Meanwhile, Layfon is asked by Kalian to identify the dragon larvae contaminoid that Felli detected one night, a stronger variant than the ones that invaded Zuellni.

Layfon agrees to kill it before the city arrives to its location and it reaches its mature stages. During this whole time, Leerin's letter arrives at Zuellni but is mistakenly delivered to Mayshen. She decides to hand it to Layfon herself but chickens out and loses the letter. In turn, Felli picks up the letter, yet she hinders to give it to him despite the many chances of doing so.

Felli decides just to put it under his bag in the locker room, but instead it is found by Nina, who finally delivers the letter to him herself. At nighttime, Layfon, Mayshen, Naruki, and Mifi find out that Nina is secretly training at the outskirts of the city.

Nina feels inferior to Layfon and pledges herself to become stronger. The four then witness her passing out from fatigue and they send her to the hospital. Layfon, before departing for his mission, gives a recovering Nina some advice about using her kei and how to become stronger.

layfon and nina relationship trust

Upon arriving at the dragon contaminoid nest, Layfon, with the use of telepathy from Felli, must fight the dragon, which has now evolved to its first stage of maturity. Sharnid threatens Harley to clarify the current situation involving Layfon. Come sunrise, Layfon manages to weaken the monster but damages his adamandite in the process.

layfon and nina relationship trust

Nina and Sharnid come to the rescue, and Nina concocts a plan to kill the dragon. The dragon is lured into a nearby canyon, and, with much teamwork by the platoon, is dealt a fatal blow to its forehead. Layfon thanks Nina for her guidance and her trust, hoping to work together for the good of the platoon.

Layfon, Nina, and Sharnid are taken back to their regios, with Felli and Harley waiting for them there. Meanwhile, an inter-platoon match occurs between the 17th Platoon and the 5th Platoon, in which the former becomes victorious. As a party is held to celebrate their success, Layfon takes an early leave in depression. At work, Nina discusses how happy she becomes when her platoon wins each match, but Layfon has his opposing views.

Kalian orders both the 17th Platoon and 5th Platoon to go to a lost academy city, which was destroyed by the contaminoids, and look around for any survivors. When they arrive, Nina realizes the city is Gandoweria, which they fought against and lost to two years ago, shocked to see it in ruins. When Nina runs away, Layfon chases after her to the top of the flag base, and he momentarily saves her from being crushed by the exuviae of a contaminoid.

Much of Layfon's past is revealed, including his relationship with Leerin. Gorneo also reveals that he hold a grudge against Layfon for crippling Gahard Barehn for life.

When Nina questions Layfon about his feelings concerning military arts, he replies to only keep his survival, but she refuses to accept his way of thinking. A human contaminoid attacks Leerin, but Derk Saihardenher foster father, tries to hold it off, until Synola manages to save them.

Savaris, identifying the human contaminoid as Gahard, harshly defeats him. Shante Laite attacks Gorneo out of the blue, but she knocks herself out by smashing her head into the ceiling.

Later on, after a chat between Layfon and Felli, the former is confronted by Nina. She admits that she will not deny his way of thinking, but she does not understand it, concluding that he should resign from her platoon after this mission. Nina does not listen to Layfon's suggestions due to rejecting his philosophy of doing anything to live.

In the past, Layfon had participated in underground matches, leading up to his expulsion from the Heaven's Blades. He fought Gahard in an underground tournament, critically wounding him. Layfon determines that the life-form is actually Gandoweriathe electronic spirit of the ruined city in the form of a golden goat, said to be known as the Fallen One. Felli is kidnapped by Shante, but she is later saved by Gorneo.

She accidentally thrusts it into the selenium reactor, causing an explosion. Layfon pipes it down by firing a huge amount of kei at it. Layfon brings Gorneo to safety, while Nina saves Shante from plummeting. As a reluctant Felli spots the rest of the 17th Platoon at the resort, Kalian suggests Nina to teach her how to swim.

Meanwhile, Layfon is convinced by Naruki and Mifi to teach Mayshen how to swim as well. However, Felli develops jealousy after seeing Layfon and Mayshen together. In the flashback, after Ailain guns down the mutant dogs, the bridge collapses during the chase. Felli frustrates over and over about Layfon, and if it was coincidental for him to be teaching Mayshen. At night, Felli sees everyone talking to Kalian about a deal of some sort. The next day, Layfon agrees to teach Felli this time around.

Kalian, having noticed Felli being bashful toward Layfon, summons him to an armored room, questions his relationship with her, and warns him not to harm her in any way. Later at night, Nina and Felli are taken hostage by a group of terrorists. After grabbing their DITEs from the front desk counter, the two take down the terrorists.

Felli soon realizes that Kalian bribed the platoon into teaching Felli how to swim in order to limit her telekinetic energy. A maddened Felli then infiltrates the armored room and kicks Kalian in the shin, supposedly shattering his shinbone. Sharnid chances upon Dinn Deethe captain of the 10th Platoon, who is also at the restaurant, but the latter is upset that the former left his platoon. After recalling his time spent in the 10th Platoon, Sharnid spots Dalsiena Che Matelna and starts to follow her in the streets.

Naruki drags Layfon to a crime scene where they have people using overload cornered in a garage. An unknown redheaded male busts through with a katana and escapes. In the flashback, after the bridge has deteriorated, Ramis is traumatized by the sight of a thousand eyes. Luckily, Ailain is able to eradicate them all. Haia breaks Layfon's adamandite sword, but Layfon beats Haia off the roof into a nearby store, sending a kei blast and causing an explosion. Meanwhile, Dalsiena apprehend Sharnid on a rooftop, asking why he left the 10th Platoon and why he broke his vow.

Myunfa Rufa shoots a bow and arrow at Layfon as a distraction, and this allows both Haia and Myunfa to make a run for it. The two break into Gorneo's room, much to Shante's irritation. Haia wants to know if Gorneo has information about the Fallen One. Layfon, giving up his adamandite sword to Harley to have it repaired, declines the offer to use a katana for combat.

In the flashback, Ramis sees a travelling inspector, who says will protect her via plea bargain from a man connected to the Kalfa family. As it seems that Nina is worried about Layfon, Naruki interrupts them and asks for their help to solve the issue concerning the overload smuggling. Meanwhile, Felli meets with Haia and Myunfa, along with Kalian, at the train station. As Naruki suspects Dinn to be behind this, Nina later goes out on her own and confronts Dinn to stop what he is doing, but he says that he is doing it in order to become stronger for the good of the city.

Nina explains to Layfon and Naruki that Sharnid suddenly left the 10th Platoon during an inter-platoon match. Dinn was angry and challenged Sharnid, but the latter showed no defense and took a beating. Sharnid then agreed to be in the 17th Platoon because of this. Kalian comes up with a plan to disband the 10th Platoon, in which Layfon must team up with Haia to stop Dinn, but Haia sees Layfon as a disgrace for relying on the adamandite sword instead of mastering the katana.

During a municipal challenge long ago, the former captain of 10th Platoon became dejected after her team had lost. Sharnid, Dinn, and Dalsiena made a vow to defend the city with their own hands, but their friendship started falling apart as a consequence. Because of that, Sharnid wants to reconnect with Dinn and Dalsiena again. During the match, Dinn begins to feel the side effects from the overload.

On an open field, Sharnid parts the ground using his sniper, separating Dinn from Dalsiena. As Sharnid engages in a battle against Dalsiena, he interrogates her if the vow had any meaning to her. When Dalsiena has the upper hand, Sharnid mentions that Dinn was using the overload and hid that fact from her.

In the flashback, an attack at the inspector's office has occurred, and Ailain goes outside to take care of it, while Saya stays behind with Ramis.

layfon and nina relationship trust

Layfon begins to fight against Dinn, but as the latter is defeated easily, he goes into a berserk state due the presence of a Fallen One. Haia comes in and captures Dinn in order to extract the Fallen One. In retaliation, Layfon challenges Haia to a duel, and the former wins, much to the latter's surprise.

Nina figures out that the Fallen One is showing a projection of Dinn's consciousness. Sharnid fights off Myunfa, while Dalsiena finds Dinn deep into the forest.

Even though Dalsiena had so much affection for Dinn, she tells him that the 10th Platoon should no longer exist.

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While Layfon decides to help Mayshen in the kitchen, both Nina and Felli spy on them. When Sharnid shows the two a peelerthey fight over it until Layfon leaves the kitchen, saying that he work is already finished. During a mock match, Layfon faces off against Naruki, along with the other platoon members, taking her out with ease and winning the match unaided. As the crew later sits down for dinner, Nina scolds Layfon for sharing sandwiches with her that were originally made by Mayshen.

Layfon receives a letter passed under his door to meet Mayshen at a bridge. Ah, that's not it! Layfon had straightforwardly agreed to that request, and hence addressed Claribel that way. Claribel froze, exposed to his stern gaze. Right, I already knew it! I knew he was like this since Grendan! When she heard that he was going to Grendan, where there were only girls and boys of similar age, she had worried about what might happen But in the end, nothing like that had occurred.

Even so, she still believed that the recent commotions might make him grow, but it seemed like that hadn't ended p happening either. Maybe he just didn't like her as much as she hoped. Instead of worrying about that, believing that he was an incredibly dense idiot made it easier for her to keep calm mentally. How about we go get some exercise after eating dinner?

Right now, in order to realize her other desire, Claribel shifted her angle of approach and tried convincing Layfon.

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However, his hands didn't stop preparing the chicken. Claribel admired those motions as she waited for Layfon's answer. This time we'll compare our overall fighting strength.

What do you mean, it's too loud She couldn't imagine it being a reason worthy of being stressed twice. Your reason is that it would be a little too noisy?

This is a practice between true Military Artists. If you say something like that, then what does Ruimei-sama's morning exercise turn into? It's nice that those people who work in the night haven't complained. You never thought that you couldn't lose to him? You never felt a sense of competition? Come to think of it, her grandfather and her master had never expressed any opinions about Ruimei.

But the fact that she burned with a competitive spirit yet Layfon didn't made her inadvertently think about the difference between them.

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Next to her, Layfon was heating a pot that he had poured oil into. And the one who beat Savaris-sama one-on-one, and who had an incomparably intense swordfight with that mysterious person in the battle back then.

Even now, everyone in Grendan my age and younger has their eyes on surpassing you! Also, you know that the kind of Military Artist noble sentiment that Nina-senpai has is a minority in Grendan. Psyharden was the source of the Salinvan Mercenary Gang, so it gets looked down on a lot.

I wonder why Grendan's people hate mercenaries? After noticing that, Claribel's mood worsened. She hadn't run off to a lower-skilled battlefield; she would definitely return a few years later to prove that to everyone. Well, it doesn't matter. Perhaps the oil had already heated up to a suitable degree.

The crisp sound of oil frying spread through the room. That sound, announcing that dinner was ready, made Claribel's mouth water.

Chrome Shelled Regios:Volume24 - Baka-Tsuki

When the pot was opened, the perfectly-fried chicken released an aroma of herbs and spices into the surroundings. She wasn't good at thinking. However, right now it seemed that she had to think. Claribel munched on herb-roasted chicken as she watched Layfon.

Felli was the only one who could make dinner tonight, so the three of them ate around the dining table in Layfon's room. The herb-roasted chicken was extremely delicious.

layfon and nina relationship trust

A sweet taste spread through the mouth, and the aroma passed into the nostrils. The amount of chicken, soup, and salad was too much, even if Layfon had planned for the maximum number of people who could potentially have been circled around this table. Though the huge amount of food surprised Claribel, the feeling that she could eat as much as she wanted made her practically forget about everything other than the delicious food, and she hastily restrained her appetite.

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Did Layfon not want to fight? He had been in low spirits since being rescued from Grendan, but recently signs of recovery had slowly showed up. Claribel had brought up that request because of that, but Layfon's response had been as bad as she anticipated. Rather than Layfon being in low spirits, it felt more like he was leaving her behind. Did he have no desire to fight?

But several possibilities hid inside that 'no desire'. Does he think I'm not a match for him, or has he lost his motivation as a Military Artist? Or does he plan on giving up being a Military Artist? It's too early to judge Claribel chewed the chicken as she thought.

But he had indeed lost the desire to fight. If Layfon had any sort of charm, it was because he was very strong. That was a difficult-to-change truth for Claribel, although different people viewed him differently. People couldn't see every side to another person right after an encounter. People would first see the face and see that side, then decide their impression of the other, and then decide how they would interact with that person.

The Layfon Alseif who attracted Claribel was Layfon Wolfstein Alseif, and the power that had easily taken a Heaven's Blade successor position at a young age. In addition to being attracted by his strong power, she wanted to surpass him because he was strong. Also, at the same time she also hoped that he would be a tall wall. A difference in strength that couldn't be easily surmounted despite their mere one-year age difference. Fighting strength changed very easily. Walking the line between life and death could affect the mind as well as physical ability.

Once the heart gave in, the flesh would weaken like a house of cards. If Layfon wanted to reduce his desire to fight and his thirst for battle, should she awaken those feelings? She had to become strong. It had been her desire to surpass Layfon that made Claribel think about this, but now it was not the case.

No matter what, she had to become strong. In order to reach that goal, Layfon had to be the Layfon from the past - no, she had to surpass the Layfon from the past. She wanted to surpass that Layfon.

At that time, she could definitely approach towards an even farther goal. Also, when that time came, Layfon would become a great help. But what should she do? In the end, she couldn't think of an answer during dinner.

She ran a loop around the outer area first. Normally, Claribel would maintain Sakkei and train her silent movement, but tonight she really wasn't in the mood for such a thing.

Come to think of it, since this was the outer area, a bit of sound would be drowned out by the huge noise of the city's legs. Claribel sprinted past the outer area without holding anything back. One loop, two loops, three loops When she finished her fourth loop, Claribel finally felt like stopping. She regulated her slightly heavy breathing, spreading Kei through her whole body to scatter sweat. The light of Key instantly pushed back the darkness of the night.

Then, what should she do next As she was thinking this, someone watching from the side approached her. However, that person was not approaching her, so he must have business with her. There actually should have been one more observer, but that person didn't approach. She had lumped Vance in as one of the many platoon captains obsessing over to recruiting her.

layfon and nina relationship trust

Then what do you need from me? Maybe this person was very irritable. But he was willing to take the time to approach her on his own, so Claribel felt that she ought to endure such trivial matters. However, Claribel's thoughts were understandable. With her strength, a half-baked platoon wouldn't work out. Also, if she didn't have this much self-confidence, she would never realize her goals. Vance seemed to find Claribel's answer unexpected. The platoon system was indeed very useful to use as core groups during group battles.

Grendan's Military Artists underwent group battle training in order to be able to fight cooperatively with others. But in the end, that was with the premise that those groups would be temporary. Of course teams that had been assigned beforehand would perform more effectively, since they accumulated training experience in a different way.

However, that wasn't the important point. He had even come to find Claribel this late at night, which was showed quite the enthusiasm. However, there was too much enthusiasm, so it felt a bit Excessive enthusiasm felt repulsive.

Hmm, take note of that. Claribel's maiden portion considered this. However, in the next moment, he said something that made Claribel waver: Perhaps it had been that Layfon hadn't done anything related to the platoon since Claribel came to Zuellni, so Claribel had completely overlooked the fact that he was a platoon member. This is an anomaly among anomalies, an incredible anomaly!

To think that the Military Artist new student Claribel Ronsmier, wanted by many platoon captains, would turn the tables and test the strengths of the platoons!

But the bigger anomaly is - not just one or two platoons accepted this request! The third, fifth, seventh, fourteenth, and sixteenth platoons, five in total, announced that they would participate in this competition!

Claribel obtained victory in the new student competition held before - but no, the competition this time is proof that she's just so amazing! Which platoon will be able to obtain this much-anticipated, extraordinary rookie? Claribel stood in an unobstructed area near the entrance to the battlefield.

Her figure was being tracked by cameras and projected to various screens in the spectator seats. It feels like this has become something huge. Also, the results of the platoon members will affect their scholarships less than last year, so platoons will have win competitions frequently. But even so, every platoon wants to strengthen their fighting power. When you think of it that way, there actually aren't that many platoons participating.