Layne and demri relationship questions

Layne Staley & Demri Parrott – The Greatest Love Story Never Told – Ricky Rockland

layne and demri relationship questions

Here's the link: Layne & Demri Posts NE Readers know how we like to investigate the life Layne Staley & Demri Parrott – The Greatest Love Story Never Told . I have always been so fascinated with Layne and Demri relationship. . Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. >>do know they had an up and down relationship and broke >>album. >> Layne was fucking groupies and Demri was fucking who. It took Layne Staley, Alice in Chains' lead singer, a while longer to kill Staley's girlfriend, Demri Lara Parrott, started shooting smack — and Alice in Chains got famous. For the first time, there were problems with his vocals.

This is a possibility because Demri Parrot is portrayed on the internet as having been very popular in the Seattle grunge scene and also a bi-sexual. Layne Staley was, of course, a rock star after all.

Layne probably didn't have any trouble finding interested women. So perhaps they were both guilty of promiscuity.

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This verse makes sense in the context of both: The drug use may have been a mechanism with which to deal with the promiscuity problem, compounding the problem. Demri might have been shameful of her actions also "OUR shame" is the correct lyric I believe, as "place for OWN shame" is simply incorrect English, although I could be wrong. And if drugs were the reason that they split, and it was her attempt to stop using by breaking up with Layne, then she would have to find a way to deal with her "shame" if she were to stop using drugs.

And Layne would have to do the same. The lyric "shed pain" if "shed" is the actual lyric might refer to the pain that Demri "shed" or got rid of through drug use. Of course if she stopped using, she would have to take ownership of the pain once again. OR, that "shame" could have been Layne's shame for not being faithful causing Demri much pain. And as was conjectured earlier, his "sins" could be cheating on her while she did the same from the previous verse "my crime's the same" and by leaving him, her pain would go away.

And the last line, "go find a place for our shame" would mean that they had to find a place to store the shame they felt for cheating on each other. This is a very tricky part to interpret and could go either way.

Anniversary of Dem’s passing & a note from her Mom

The people under question here were two heroin addicts post-breakup, so it's almost certain this is about drugs or infidelity or both. The next line, "no one made you feel any hurt" leads me to believe that she is leaving for something that's not justified in Layne's eyes. I would assume he is disputing her hurt feelings, saying that nobody is responsible except maybe herself if it's about drugs. If he cheated on her then he cannot possibly say "no one made you feel any hurt" because he would be the obvious culprit and he would know it.

So, as Layne had professed before in various interviews, if one makes their bed, one has to lie in it. So this might be about her drug use and her self medicating her "hurt" with drugs.

  • Layne Staley & Demri Parrott – The Greatest Love Story Never Told

Another tricky verse that could go either way. Also, this line is extremely personal which leads me to believe he is absolutely talking about Demri. In all of the previous lines such as "You're right as rain It is only conceivable that the whole song is directed at Demri.

So every time Layne wrote "you" in this song, he was referring to Demri. And the lyrics on the internet for this verse are definitely incorrect to my ears anyway. These are the accurate lyrics.

layne and demri relationship questions

Or "mistaken" could mean that he made a mistake i. I wish you were still here with us. I will forever cherish our short time together. I cannot imagine how you feel I have so much empathy for you.

Demri the Muse...

I get sick to my stomach when I read things about Demri that are her friends words but twisted around. Her true fans have compassion. Love you Barb Susan S I totally agree and share the love and respect… I am a recovering addict…this month I got my 6yr 6mo clean time!!! It is even hard this far out but so freeing…I have terminal cancer and if I could I would have love to have given your daughter whatever it was in me to make this happen so she could be here with you… Addiction is a disease and one we need to address in this country very seriously without all the judgement…We shall just pray for all the negative talk out there if there is and the ironic thing is that it is those that judge other addicts that will discover it is in their own family!

Love and support to you and your family Maria See at 2: Is it possible to be Demri on the left? The girl looks like her. Robert I really appreciate this site. Being and ex-heroin addict myself, I know first hand the trials and tribulations that come with doing hard drugs, trying to keep a relationship going with my addicted girlfriend, and playing in a rock band, all at the same time. I made it, but my wife sadly did not. She died last March.

Thank you for sharing.

layne and demri relationship questions