Leon and ada relationship questions

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leon and ada relationship questions

Leon is a government agent, Ada is an outlaw spy obsessed with her never revealed ultimate goal. It's a dead-end relationship. Plus 6 made. I don't think they will simply because Resident Evil is a franchise that's not about romance. We have seen some hints about possible romantic. It seems like Leon and Ada (red dress) love each other but I don't where Ada confessed her feelings and they both shared kiss. Leon has committment problems so he has deluded himself into thinking Ada is the perfect.

If you didn't play Resident Evil 2, 4 or watch the movie Resident Evil Damnation I suggest you come back at a later date. Ada was hinted in Resident Evil 1 when you find a letter from an Umbrella employee named John. John leaves instructions for Ada telling her to get evidence to expose Umbrella corruption to the public.

Enters Resident Evil 2 Leon and Ada meet for the first time. Ada says she's in search for her boyfriend John so she saysand of course Leon is trying to get the hell out of the city. The two of them decide to work together. Leon and Ada encounter a reporter name Ben.

Ben doesn't give them much information on what's happening, however he tells them a way to escape the city is through the sewers. Ada begins to chase her and Leon is shot by Annette.

Ada leaves and eventually finds Leon again and patches him up.

Do You Think Leon and Ada Had a night of Love? Resident Evil Damnation.?

This is when the relationship starts to blossom a little bit. Ada begins to question why Leon would risk his life?

leon and ada relationship questions

Leon being the young, naive good guy states it's all part of the job and we must make it out of here together. The two eventually find a lift to Umbrella's secret lab, but before they can reach it Ada is attacked by a mutated William Birkin. Leon defeats the monster for now and takes Ada to a safe place.

This is actually one of my favorite scenes in Resident Evil 2. Ada tells Leon to leave her alone and save himself.

leon and ada relationship questions

She then states that even though they haven't been together long she's likes being around him. Let's fast forward to the end. Leon battles with the Tyrant and Ada comes in to help out. Ada is wounded and presumed to be dying. Before she they part ways Ada confesses her feelings to Leon. Leon and Ada share one kiss before parting ways. Here are the scenes from Resident Evil 2 and Darkside Chronicles.

Unlike her previous boyfriend John, Leon knew towards the end of the game that Ada was a spy. What motive would Ada have to lying about how she felt about Leon? Why would she lie about something like that? Things get more complicated for these two in Resident Evil 4.

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Which canon is Ada from? Damnation and Resident Evil 6. As for dead characters Eg. Wesker, Carla, Excella, etc. Does this blog ship any pairing? My Ada is married to a Leon. You can read more in the headcanon section.

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She might have a proper job now but she can still be fairly secretive. Capcom has not released anything regarding why she became her spy and her so called goals and objectives. Does Ada love Leon? Do Ada and Leon want children? Read this headcanon for more details. Arthur for a boy, Victoria for a girl. How often do Leon and Ada have sex? Frequently, mostly every day if possible. Is Leon good in bed? Well they do have sex daily so… yes. Does Ada do anal sex?

They will tell the other party to kill them before they turn and declare their love for each other before they die, of course. No romantic feelings but she did care for him platonically. How does Ada feel about Claire? What did Ada think when she first saw Leon in Raccoon City? Her eye color in Damnation seems a little confusing as it looks greyish.

Then for the Biohazard clan game, they give her a totally blue-grey color. Lamb shank, dim sum, and chocolate lava cake. Dark chocolate with salted caramel swirls Q: It looks like a dagger or a sword to me.

How does Ada perform such acrobatics in heels?