Lexa and clarke relationship advice

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lexa and clarke relationship advice

Lexa is a fictional character from the American post-apocalyptic science fiction television series Her relationship with Clarke, which was viewed as compelling , significantly impacted the LGBT community and many . Lexa is injured, but that does not stop her from dispensing some advice about leadership to Clarke. Clarke. The , CW's post-apocalyptic not-quite-a-teen drama, has featured How do you think Clarke and Lexa's relationship went from being just. “The fact that Clarke is trying to transcend her tribalism is really a direct result of her relationship with Lexa. Lexa helped her see the world.

Clarke has the strength and the integrity to do what must be done in order to ensure the survival of her people. They consider what is going to happen next, after things settle and their people are no longer in danger, and Lexa voices her desire for Clarke to travel to Polis with her. Lexa is forced to leave Clarke to take out the shooters, and after having grown together, after having shed the distant manner in which they had first spoken to each other with, the duty to their people ultimately separates them.

The duty to protect my people comes first. May we meet again. It is a deal that Lexa has to accept, despite the knowledge that this will break Clarke.

When season three picks back up, Clarke is struggling to deal with the aftermath of Mount Weather and the massacre of the lives that she had been forced to take. Meanwhile, Lexa is moving heaven and earth in order to find Clarke.

The rough relationship that is presented once Clarke is in Polis adds another complex layer to their relationship.

lexa and clarke relationship advice

This is shown when Roan gives Clarke a knife to kill Lexa with. What the two women have been through and what they have each done is something that haunts them both. With this newly formed alliance, Lexa will never have to abandon Clarke again. As Lexa stated at Mount Weather, the duty to her people comes first, and Lexa will do everything in her power to keep her people safe, which now includes Skaikru.

I swear fealty to you, Clarke kom Skaikru. I vow to treat your treat your needs as my own and your people as my people. She promises Clarke that she will never again abandon her or hurt her in the way that she has.

She will treat Clarke as she treats herself.


Furthermore, the Commander, the woman who bows before no one, is bowing before Clarke. Whereas Wanheda had bowed before the Commander, Lexa, the girl, is bowing before Clarke, something much more intimate and sincere. And when Lexa agrees to battle Roan to the death, Clarke, the woman who had only weeks before hated the Commander, cannot bear the thought of seeing her die, and she takes matters into her own hands in an attempt to save the woman who she is slowly realizing her love for.

But she is forced to watch as Lexa battles anyway, and the expressions on her face say it all. As Lexa is knocked to the ground and is rendered weaponless, her heart drops. Two women, not two leaders. Their relationship continues to mend as the season progresses, and their love for one another becomes a more prominent thing.

lexa and clarke relationship advice

Clarke has allowed her to see things in a different light. Clarke has offered Lexa hope; hope for a better life, hope for love, and hope for a world where there is peace and where blood must not have blood.

lexa and clarke relationship advice

Lexa, on the other hand, has allowed Clarke to heal. She has solidified that what Clarke felt after killing those at Mount Weather was real, she has expressed her sorrow and taken part of the blame for the actions that Clarke was forced to take, and she offered Clarke acceptance for what she has done. With this put in place, Clarke is forced to make the ultimate decision: She goes to Lexa one last time to say goodbye, because she cannot bear the thought of leaving the woman that she loves without seeing her one last time.

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And Lexa almost slips. She understands why Clarke has chosen to return to her people, and she almost vocalizes her love for Clarke. The kiss that the two women share in this scene is full of emotion, encompassing the love that they have been withholding. It is the ultimate expression of their connection to one another. Lexa is so in shock by what is happening, and she is struggling so much to keep her composure; tears build in her eyes and slip down her cheeks, her lips tremble, her entire body trembles.

And that is what makes this moment so special. These two women have been through hell together. And now they are allowing themselves to shed their rank, allowing themselves to shed their duty to their people and just be, even if it is only temporary.

There is nothing that she can do. And as usual, Lexa tries to comfort Clarke, telling her not to be afraid. She is not voicing her concerns for her people and the challenges that a new Commander would impose to the relationship between Skaikru and the Grounders.

Instead, she is speaking solely of herself and her love for Lexa.

Clarke and Lexa: The Evolution of Their Relationship and Its Lasting Impact

She has always wanted Lexa. And she has only just allowed herself to have what she wants and embrace their bond. She mimics the words that Clarke had spoken to her in season two. Because of Clarke, Lexa has allowed herself to love and be loved.

She has allowed herself to feel and experience and embrace emotion. She has allowed herself to truly live, rather than just survive. In love, may you find the next.

Safe passage on your travels, until our final journey to the ground. It was the best comfort, the only comfort needed in this moment.

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After years and years of suppressing her emotions and not allowing herself to love or be loved, Lexa finally found love. It is something that is going to greatly affect the show going forward. The love that they shared was so strong and something that very few people find, especially those in the world that The is set in. Lexa is the woman that Clarke loved deeply, the woman who was taken from her, and the love that will haunt her. Clarke will be forced to live with the burden of that death for the rest of her life.

It is not something that she will ever forget. Their love will haunt her.

lexa and clarke relationship advice

It is the code that has kept Jus drein jus daun the way of the Grounders. Only there is a flaw in this code, a flaw that only one Commander has ever found: How deep do the links between Polaris tech and Grounder culture go?

What will the new Commander be like and how many past Commander memories will she or he have? There are a lot of intriguing questions to chew on. All that criticism comes in the context of having been a fan since Season 1 sidebar: Before I begin talking about Lexa, I want to say that if you were hurt or deeply dismayed by her death — or if you had another reaction of another flavor — I respect your position.

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Like many of you, I have complicated feelings about some aspects of the episode. Many viewers who communicated with me appear to be having complex and difficult reactions as well, and the ones who tweeted to me did so in respectful ways. But it was clear from reading The that some fans were angry. We might theoretically understand why Monty would side with his mom, but even that character got short shrift Monty and Jasper getting less screen time than Pike this season really gets my teeth grinding, and I always want more Raven.

All in all, the writing this season has regularly skipped over key moments, left important developments off-screen and missed opportunities to develop character motivations and elaborate on important themes.

At some point, in the eyes of some viewers, it drives right into a ditch. I expected Lexa to die this season, especially given that Alycia Debnam-Carey is a series regular on a hit show on another network. I expected her and Clarke to sleep together at some point, and to me it made sense that they would do so when they were both feeling quite vulnerable because they might never see each other again.

Their love scenes and the deathbed scene were, considered on their own, spectacular. My tears made that difficult. But back to Clarke and Lexa. Two people in a vulnerable, stressful situation gave in to their longstanding attraction and had sex. Soon after, political machinations led to the death of one of them. Both knew their relationship was never going to work on a long-term basis, which gave their brief time together extra sweetness and pathos.

But it was always going to hurt, given these characters and the actors bringing them to life.

lexa and clarke relationship advice

No Lexa in Season 3. No Heda in Polis or anywhere else would have meant no Clexa pain. Lexa is in Season 3, but she and Clarke never become intimate.