Liz and redington relationship poems

The Blacklist finally confirms Red's relationship to Liz |

liz and redington relationship poems

These are a series of one-shots focusing on Tom and Liz Keen from AU about what would have happened if Reddington and not the Major had She has a failed (or maybe multiple failed) relationships under her belt, and. Lizzie and Red are on the run after Lizzie has been framed for a crime she didn't Follows: 2 - Published: May 26, - E. Keen, R. Reddington - Complete . his daughter all those years before could only marr the relationship with his next. I think the interesting thing about Red Reddington is that ostensibly he's a sociopath. Even though Lizzie has a very conflicted relationship with that love .. Reminds me of this little poem from my farm-wife mother-in-law.

That could also be a good theory. I love the way you look at this. Look, they could be anyone, right? These bones are a key to unlocking everything, and Red is not ready for that yet. Can these DNA results actually be trusted given where they came from? So yes, I think we should trust that. How does knowing that these bones are out there affect Red?

Kaplan was his most trusted confidante, knew deep truths. Even now, her death presents a catastrophic problem. How will this change Liz going into next season now knowing who Red is to her? So I would expect her to explore that darker side that is in her blood.

How will the team react to this news? Remember, Julian Gale is still out there with his investigation of the task force. Is this still a possibility considering the twist that you have in store for us? That makes me smile. There is a big camp that [believes the] Raymond Reddington imposter theory, that Red is not who he says he is.

This season, we have really motored ahead.

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Some episodes were heavy in that mythology than others. Kaplan episode was certainly an episode that had a lot of big moves in it. This last episode has some big moves. Will Dom play a bigger role next season? He definitely is part of the landscape and occupies an important space.

You see that play out on screen. He is somebody who obviously does not like Reddington. They have a fraught relationship.

And can you talk about the reason why she went over the bridge?

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Even with her dead, her plan is marching forward. That was the most compelling thing, that she was willing to die to carry out the promise that she had made all these years ago to keep Liz safe. And so is she really dead? It would be hard to bring her back, but with that said, I love Susan Blommaert so much. We blew up Alan Alda, who is a TV legend. Sometimes you have to listen to the show and where it wants to go.

That was a really hard death in the show, and this one as well. If we were smart enough to find a way to bring her back that felt real, fantastic, but I think her tombstone has been written.

Circling back to the task force, Laurel Hitchin dies right after closing the investigation. Will that raise some red flags? As Seth is being loaded into the ambulance he has a whispered conversation with Red.

At his current abode, Newton Phillips says to Red that he wasted his 1 question, Red says that he is betting on the long term. Edit Red is ensconced in an apparently deserted house where he is negotiating the sale of an Old Master painting.

During the negotiation Newton Phillips receives a call regarding the situation with Liz and Tom Keen.

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Red meets with Liz in front of the White Housewhere he tells her about corporate terrorist Gina Zanetakos whom he claims is Tom's lover, and who is in the country. He also tells Liz that last time he had contact with Gina, she was using the alias Shubie Hartwell. When Red next meets Liz he is more interested in Tom's situation than the ongoing investigation. Liz vehemently defends her husband and leaves. Red reminisces about Max. He flies to Germany accompanied by Dembe where meets with Max, who is initially reluctant to help, but Red gets him drunk and offers a Syrian contract so Max tells what he knows.

Max does not know the target, just the time of detonation. He calls Gina so that the FBI can trace her. After the bomb is dealt with, an angry Liz visits Red and tells him that Gina denied knowing Tom and that he can "go to hell".

Red does not say anything; he just sighs once she leaves. Edit Because Elizabeth Keen is not taking his calls due to her belief about his involvement in Tom Keen's troubles, Red calls the tip line to tell Liz he knows who caused the biological attack.

liz and redington relationship poems

He says that he has a contact for Strontium and he might be able to use him to get a lead on Barnes. As the contact lives in Cuba, Red says that he will have to fly to meet him. He invites Liz to accompany him, but she refuses. When he enters his car he says to Luli Zeng that he hopes she has good news as it has been a very depressing morning. Luli tells him that something he has been looking for has come on the market.

He is pleased and tells her to proceed. In Cuba, Red meets his contact Manny and when Manny won't divulge the name of the Strontium buyer, he bugs his office and makes an offer for some of the material. As expected, Manny refuses and when Red leaves, calls Barnes. Through the bug Dembe is able to trace the call and Red calls Liz with Barnes' location.

After Liz lets Barnes go, she calls Red. He tells her that he is not a gumball machine and hangs up. When Liz calls back and says she needs his help, he makes her repeat the request before suggesting that he would see the survivor of the courthouse attack as a failure and be certain to visit her.

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Outside the Forrester home Red confronts Liz and tells her that if she says the word, he will disappear for ever. When Liz scoffs at the idea, he points out that disappearing was a service he offered to many people.

He repeats his offer, but when Liz does not reply, he says that he will see her tomorrow. He, along with Dembe and Luli take a tour of the house purchased by Luli.

Raymond Reddington

Red reminisces about family life in the house before leaving. As they leave an explosion set by Dembe destroys the house. Red tells Cooper that he is not a consultant, and he give the FBI cases, not the other way round. With prompting from Liz he agrees, and Red tells them that Nathaniel Wolff is the leader of the anonymous terrorist organization, General Ludd. Red is meeting with his counterfieter when Liz tracks him down to tell him that they suspect Wolff of having cosmetic surgery.

Red wants to talk about Liz's father, but when she is not forthcoming he tells her that Dr. Abraham Maltz is the best cosmetic surgeon for the type of work Wolff would have required. Maltz reveals that Wolff's new name is Bradley Holland. When Maltz queries Red about him working with the FBI, Red says that there was no proof that Liz was an FBI agent, and that he is appalled at how Maltz gave up the information in the face of a few forceful threats.

Red then goes to Nebraska to visit Sam, Liz's adopted father. In their discussion Red learns that Sam has only about 6 weeks to live. Sam tells Red that he would have preferred it if they had said 6 hours.

Sam also tells red that he wants to tell Liz something. Red says that he can't allow that. Sam calls Liz to say goodbye, then Red smothers him with a pillow.

Outside, Red sits next to Tom Keen and talks about Liz to him, without revealing who he is. Red tells Tom that Liz is stronger than he thinks and that her father will always be watching over her. While returning to Washington on board his private plane, Red receives a call from Liz asking about Wolff's escape. Red says that if you the right people, all things are possible and he points out that his plane is not grounded.

After he hangs up, Red tells Dembe to inform that pilot that they will be making an unscheduled stop. At a remote airfield, he and Dembe intercept Wolff. Red states that he wants capitalism to survive and steals the hard drive containing the program for the new dollar banknote design. As they walk away, Red tells Dembe to send Wolff's aircraft tail number to Keen. The numbers refer to a young woman named Lucy Brooks.

At Mary's house Liz tries to talk to Red about the missing hard drive, but he changes the subject to Sam and gets her to talk about him. Edit Red is celebrating the completion of a business deal with Luli ZengMax Ruddiger and several others in a Munich bierkeller when he sees Donald Ressler approaching. Red intercepts him and explains to the assembled guests that Donald is his man in the State Department, who he has invited to join them.

Ressler says that Elizabeth Keen has been detained and the reason is above his security clearance, but she needs his help in Washington. Harold Cooper explains that they have credible intelligence that an assassination attempt will be made on Red's life and he is now in protective custody.

When he hears the evidence that Meera Malik has collated, Red immediately states that the information is false, probably sourced through an informant within the team. The purpose is to have him in a known location from where he can be captured or killed. As he is saying this, gunfire is a heard. Red says "They're in". Cooper orders Ressler to take Red to the box.

As he is being led away Red tells Cooper to evacuate the building. On the way to the box, they are attacked by one of Garrick's men who shoots Ressler in the leg, who Ressler manages to shoot before collapsing in pain. Red uncuffs himself and kills their attacker before heading to the box with Ressler. Ressler sets the box to delayed closure while Red collects some medical supplies. They enter the box and it closes as Garrick arrives. Red starts to treat Ressler's wound while Garrick taunts him from outside, including how Ressler nearly assassinated Red in Brussels based on information supplied by Garrick.

Red responds by taunting Garrick about his face where he was shot by Red. Garrick tires of taunting Red, and has Cooper and the rest of the prisoners brought to them.

He threatens to shoot Cooper unless he opens the box, but Red talks him out of it. Garrick then brings Luli to the box,where he puts a gun to her head and threatens to shoot her unless Red opens the box.

When Red is unable to open the box Garrick kills Luli. He then begins the same routine with Dembe, Red realizes that Ressler knows the code, but Ressler has fainted. Dembe and Red recite the Al-Ikhlasthen Garrick puts a gun to Dembe's head and the screen fades to black as a gunshot is heard. Red puts a loaded gun to Ressler's head and forces him to reveal the code to open the box. Red exits the box leaving the gun beside Ressler. Anslo then implements the next stage of his plan, which is to leave the Post Office through the sewer system taking Red and Liz with him and the mercenary team.

In the ambulance Red gives Liz contact information for Kathryn Nemecjust before she escapes and Anslo's people remove his chip. Red is taken to another abandoned building where he is suspended by his arms from a beam. Anslo explains to Red that he is to be prepared for questioning. A doctor arrives and injects Red with drugs that will heighten his sensitivity to pain. To check that the drug is working Anslo starts beating Red.

liz and redington relationship poems

After some time, Red is taken down and sat in a chair. While he is being manhandled Red takes a pair of scissors from the doctor's pocket. Alan Fitch sits opposite Red and questions him about his arrangement with the FBI, telling him that he is concerned that this may break their deal. Red assures him that their deal is still valid. Fitch tells Red to be careful, as he could have had Red snatched from anywhere, but he chose the Post Office to prove his power.

Red reminds Fitch that his information will be distributed at his death, Fitch says that is why Red has been allowed to live for the past 20 years. A short time later Anslo returns and tells Red that he is going to kill him, and then he is going to go after Liz.

Red grunts and Anslo asks if Red is feeling something, Red mumbles and Anslo leans in close. Red then stabs him in the back of the neck with the scissors and says "regret". Red is next seen in a phone booth calling Liz where he tells her that he'll be away for a while, but if she needs help he'll be there.

liz and redington relationship poems

He also tells her to be careful of her husband. When Liz asks Red if he is her father, he pauses and then says no. Edit Red looks at the body of Luli Zeng in her coffin and asks Newton Phillips to make the arrangements for her ashes.

Red then tracks down, catches and interrogates the remaining watcher, the paramedic who removed his chip and the doctor who injected him. Their bodies are then dumped in various locations about the city. Red calls Elizabeth Keen at home and suggests that she concentrates on The Good Samaritan's victims instead of trying to profile him.

Red then goes after the banker for the raid and begins by interrogating, then killing, a club owner called Fyodor. He then speaks to Henry Krueger outside his home and demands his records for the raid. Red has Aram Mojtabai kidnapped and brought to him. He threatens to shoot Aram unless he can untraceably steal 5, dollars from one specified account and put it into another specified account. When Aram completes the task, Red tells him that he could not be the mole as he would not have accepted payment in a way that could be easily traced to him.

Red returns to Henry's house and this time charms his way inside. Red spreads Luli's ashes onto a lake, and then asks Newton Phillips why he betrayed him. Newton Phillips responds that they threatened his family. Red says he will look after Newton Phillips's family and then suffocates him with a plastic bag.

He also says that he will give her the next name on The Blacklist. Edit Red tells Liz that the next person on The Blacklist is known as the Alchemista person who protects the guilty by killing the innocent.

Red meets with an organization of hacktivists who have amassed a large amount of shredded government information and tells him to re-assemble the documents in an effort to discover the mole. When Liz tells Red that the Madrcyzk's have been confirmed killed in an aircraft crash, he tells Liz that he has heard rumors that the Alchemist uses synthetic DNA and false dental records to convince the authorities that his clients have died.

He also tells Liz where to find Pytor Madrcyzk.

liz and redington relationship poems

When Elizabeth Keen calls and tells him about the torn and burnt piece of paper he prompts her to think about laboratory equipment. When Liz calls about help in locating Trettel after he has kidnapped his wife and child, Red replies that she needs to focus on the wife and daughter.