Love match for virgo and libra relationship

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love match for virgo and libra relationship

Virgo and Libra compatibility love match. Love and Sexual compatibility between Virgo and Libra zodiac signs. MARRIAGE COMPATIBILITY The Good: Creative. Libra teaches Virgo how to laugh. Virgo brings order to Libra. The Bad: Libras' messiness drives Virgo to. Read about the love match and compatibility between Virgo ♍ and Libra ♎ compatibility. Discover if you can have a good relationship with your partner.

They can just be too different.

love match for virgo and libra relationship

Libra is like a golden Labrador puppy, filled with never ending love and determined to lick your face off — no matter how uptight you appear. When they do find that chink in the Virgo armor Libra works tirelessly to melt heart and soul and to build a lifetime connection. Decoding Virgo and Libra friendships… Friendships are known to be problematic — Libra is willing to go the extra mile when romance is involved but for anything less intense?

Libra fills the air waves with positivity and spontaneity — to have a friend who is risk adverse and and a slave to detail kind of takes the wind out of their sails.

Virgo And Libra Compatibility, Love Match, Friendship

Virgo is earth and wants everything permanently secured and accounted for. Last minutes changes to plans or lack of preparation from a flirty air sign causes meltdowns. One of the ways a friendship can be maintained, on a casual basis, is through a professional relationship.

Libra gets away with what no one else can and somehow manages cut through the Virgo seriousness. Virgo also allows Libra to invade their personal space and get tactile.

The Virgo and Libra in relationships… Libra seeks harmony and balance and tends to concede in power struggles for the sake of peace. On the surface it may look like Virgo is totally dominating the relationship and Libra transformed into a mealy mouthed mini-me — yes they will valiantly attempt color coding, conservative fashion and going to bed by 10pm but if not given creative and personal freedom the shit regularly hits the fan and Libra flies north for an epic dance party.

Expect numerous trial runs at being a couple and different models — living apart, living together, dating other people and exclusivity. It takes a good amount of time to get things on an even keel.

Virgo and Libra Love Compatibility -

Acquiring this talent is challenging for Virgo — they can give it but not take it and must remember that success and achievement may look different to their loved ones. Virgo are also very proud and — as perfectionists — find it extraordinarily difficult to admit an error of judgement or — horror of horror — say sorry.

A humility pill or two is necessary to stop Libra calling it quits for good. Both of them value rational choices and smart moves. But then, true emotions will surface in one of these partners, and they might realize that communication between them is no longer possible.

love match for virgo and libra relationship

As soon as one of them has to deal with a personal issue, the other one seems to freeze, losing all ability for compassion of closeness. The problem here lies in the fact that their relationship is based on their mental connection and this interferes with actually loving one another, and providing a kind word at an important time. Virgo is a sign where Venus falls and this is the ruler of Libra and a planet that, shoulder to shoulder with the Moon, represents our emotions.

The value and stability of emotions that needs to be found by Libra, seems to lose all meaning when rational Virgo comes along. Libra will instantly fit into the expectations of their partner, trying hard to be that voice of reason, more rational than they actually are.

love match for virgo and libra relationship

As time goes by, the emotions they have kicked away will cumulate, returning in a sudden wave that cannot be stopped. There is no way to control the emotional nature of Libra, and this is something they will both learn in this relationship. It is a strange deceit that comes between them, as if they were both able to practice something entirely out of their reach.

love match for virgo and libra relationship

Libra is tactful and thoughtful enough for Virgo not to feel bad about their choices. There is rarely anything extreme about their contact and they will mostly enjoy the usual, relationship activities with one another. This can lead to serious problems, not only in deciding on future activities, but in their mutual respect. In general, this relationship can sometimes work, and these partners can synchronize their pace, choose appropriate activities and build a satisfying sex life with enough patience and care.

They could have a deep problem with emotional understanding though, and the thing they will find most difficult to reconcile is their fragile egos.