Me and my girl got a relationship

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me and my girl got a relationship

Question: One year ago myself and my girlfriend decided to end our I have emailed her and phoned her several times and she has not replied. your relationship but you were also transitioning to a new country and life that. I have been through exactly same situation three years were happily in a relationship for last 5 years and one day i came to know through one of my. Do you think I've got my head in the sand? I love my girlfriend, but she's endlessly trying to discuss our relationship. . because your girlfriend's behaviour reminds me of mine when I was in a relationship a few years back.

Here are some key points: She left her parents home almost instantly living with me. I treated her exceptionally well and she knows that. We fell madly in love for one another. She constantly told "I love you. I wanted her passion to be what she was doing. I even bought another car so she could use my old one. So I never stopped her from anything. In fact, I always supported what she wanted to do.

She liked me being there for her. However, everyone, including her friends thought I was in my mid 20's. She even got an invite to tour two companies she would love to work for. The tour meant she had to extend her stay but I urged her to go becaus it could lead to opportunities. She is even going back to NY this Thursday for an actual interview and portfolio showing for week.

When she returned from NY, I had to get ready for my birthdy cruise to the Bahamas. We coulgn't get her passport in time so she couldn't go. Before I left on Thursday eveningshe said "I'm sorry I can't go but i'll make it up to you. I've been dating a 60 year old divorced woman for the last year.

She keeps telling me that she had a loveless marriage and is not ready for a new relationship, so I have taken things slowly with her. She's very attractive and warm at times but can also be cold and very difficult to be close to.

She recently invited me to stay with her at her home for two weeks. We went out nearly every day, went for drives and walks together, movies, dinner dates ect. I enjoyed every minute we were together and she seemed happy I was there.

One time I asked her if she had enjoyed the time we had spent together and she had replied "Yes, I'm very, very lucky". I did not detect any unhappiness and on the day I left her she genuinely looked sad to see me go.

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We warmly hugged and kissed as we said goodbye. Within three days of arriving back home I noticed that she seemed to be a bit cold towards me with her texts. I naturally asked her if I had done anything wrong? From that day onwards I received a barrage of text and email messages from her telling me that we were incompatible, there were huge differences between us, she had hated my stay and was glad when it was over, I was like all men who disrespected women Every time I tried to find out what the problem was she would not answer my phone calls I got increased abuse that got more personal.

She made wild accusations about me and her arguments were confusing and incomprehensible. In the end she told me the relationship was off and that she wanted me to keep away from her!! Using choice swear words I might add. I could not believe this was the same woman I had just spent a wonderful two weeks with. Four months ago I met a lady that swept me off my feet. Love at first sight I'm 47, I have had a couple longer relationships and a 15 year marriage but I have never experienced love like this.

It has been crazy and flawless. That is until a week ago. She started a new job, a tough job and it has changed how she manages her time considerably. The result I was pushed out. She started by canceling on dates with me then a email saying she needed some time. It has been driving me sick. I have been feeling Broken hearted. I can't understand how we could go from I love you and love being with you to I need to be along. After reading your post I feel much better, much stronger.

I just hope I have looked to needed the last couple of days. Since our second child who is nearly 5, not much has gone on as far as me and my partner are concerned. I work a lot almost 7 days a weekon nights mainly, we need the money like everybody though it's not the be all and end all. My partner works part time 3 days a week isn't much money but it gets her out the house. Cut a long story shortwe never get time alone our daughter is 15 years old and is a typical teenager.

Nothing can't deal with. Neway she has complained about me never being aroundso I stopped the overtime, which financially crippled us. So I asked for my partner to ask for. More hours or find another job. To help me out with bills etc. Only 2 years on and nothing has changed. I expressed how I felt to her the other dayI'm worried about our relationshipyour snappy miserable never want do anything together when I suggest things.

Basically I get pushed away and communication is Silent on her behalf. Iv gone out my way to get baby sitters, booked trips awaytables for dinner, I always tell her I love hercomplement on how she looks.

Spontaneously flirt eg she could be cooking I'd sneak up spin her around and kiss her hold her cuddle her. It's now a week ago and she has hardly spoken too me still getting the hump I'm at the stage where now im loading all hope. I still love her to bits. But can only take so much. Any other man would of walked away years ago. But I'm strong willed and know what I wantAnd believe in loyalty devotion and honesty.

Things were going good she slept at mine cuddled up watching TV and we also slept together. After a few weeks she became distant. She said she wants things to go slow because we went too fast last time. Now she isn't replying to my messages like she did before. She said she has realised how much she has missed me since we have been apart. I treat her like a princess.

Now she has a lot of issues with work and family and I think she gets depressed but can't prove it. She invited me to watch her play netball and loved been in my company. And that changed over night it's wierd. She has a new friend who she messages all time and snapchats all time and has been to watch him at sport. I beg to differ I think she has held back so she can get to kno this guy I maybe wrong but it seems abit strange that she all of a sudden is being distant.

I haven't seen her for over a week and she says she has been busy that's why she ain't replied but I kno its a lie. I dunno what to do I don't want to pester her and push her away.

She says she is gonna come see me soon but that will change and she will have other plans. Do you think she is using me to fall back on if things fail else where? She knos is do anything for her so that gives her the advantage. Can you try help me please I am glad I found your article.

It kinda puts ease to that anxiety like us guys are messing something up. In a nutshell, I met a girl 4 weeks ago. We'd been on many dates since then. Learning about each other, first kiss, first 'sleepover', intimate stories and secrets - it really has gone very well and has taken me by storm. I can confidently say the same for her. I was pleasantly surprised as I felt the same.

Whilst nothing is official between us, and we've never had THAT discussion, there is a mutual agreement to take things as they are going day by day. There is no need to label this, or force something as everything was just going well.

This was my point of view. However, since she came out with her feelings of 'falling for me', she's seemed to be very different.

me and my girl got a relationship

We spent Friday Saturday and even Sunday together but there was none of that 'honeymoon' phase where she was completely infatuated with me. Not wanting to make a scene out of nothing Ive quietly observed these behaviors hoping there would be some sort of change. We've been sexual with each other so I learnt that she has been on her period since her confession with me.

But I dont think this is the reason. Where I can relate to your article is that since she has met me, she has derailed a lot of her routine to accommodate her new desire in me. She's politely told me that she needs to get to sleep earlier in the week. Her messages to me are less frequent and less emotional. From being absolutely amazed by me it has retracted to shorter direct answers.

I am still confident she likes me, and likes me a lot My question is how do you suggest I go about my actions? Should I continue being the 'infatuated guy' I was the last 4 weeks? She was not good with her husband for the past 2 years and she left her country with her kids and move to my country. For 7 months we had a great time together, and the last two months she was telling me that she loves me and that she wants meand that she wants to live with me, and to divorce both of us in order to live together.

me and my girl got a relationship

The last two weeks she changed rapidly and she wanted to spent less time with me and that she wanted to spent time with her self and to think about our relationship as she dont like to date married man etc.

I was too pushy to be honest to understand why she was doing like this and i followed her. Before we were speaking every 2 hours by texting and spending a lot lot time together with her and with her kids. She explained me that she needs to think She has her sister visiting her now from her country with her husband, so is 3 day now I didnt see her.

The day before Yesterday i didnt write her for 4 hours a message and she texted mehow are you? Then i asked her if she miss me and she answered me yes. I wrote her how much i love her etc. I really dont know how to handle this.

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Can you please help me? First time this happens in my life. A so rapid change from a woman. I believe in my heart that she is my soul mate. We had been dating for a year and a half, it was by far the healthiest and loving relationship I've ever been in.

She asked for time and space which for the most part I have been giving her and it threw me for a loop. I spent time looking at my side of things and realized that at times I put other things in front of the relationship, I'm an ambitious and driven man.

She is absolutely the most important person in my life, she's my best friend. At this particular time she DOES have to figure some things out for herself and my initial response was we could do that together!

Fear got the best of me and I was afraid of losing her. I did send her a letter that pointed out my own flaws and also said that I believe in her and she could accomplish anything in this world. She has said she will reach out when she feels ready; I hope so, with all my heart. I simply hope the minimal contact I did make hasn't made her feel repulsed or driven her completely away.

I may be reeling inside, but I will do my best to respect her needs at this time. This really is a great article, haven't seen another one that explains this any better! We've been growing very close and she has even stated many times how she really likes me and all sort of other mushy stuff.

This past weekend we went up north for a couple days to spend some time on the water, not just the two of us but with a small group, we had a blast together but the day after we got back all of the sudden she is acting distant.

I told her i hadn't her much from her recently and asked if everything was alright and she said everything's fine shes just been really busy. She isn't completely ignoring me but her replies are slower, texts are noticeably shorter and not as full of emotion as they have been the past two months.

me and my girl got a relationship

Judging by your other responses you say I should give her space but does that mean stop responding to her texts or what? I think this is exactly what I am experiencing right now. So we have been together for just under 1 year 7 days to go now we just finished our university exams and things have been stressful especially on her I think. Now she last week told me that she isnt sure about us anymore and that she isnt sure she can give me what I fully need.

She said that she didnt feel good when she annoyed me or irritated me even though I loved it and felt even closer when we did. Now she left back home after just finishing exams and we havent really talked because I know its just going to make it worse right now only 3 hours away from me but I did ask to give me a week and a bit to just think about all we have been through and that sort of stuff and she said yes.

Now Im going to keep fighting for her but how do I make her see that I love her and that she is the one that I want despite her thinking she isnt right for me?

me and my girl got a relationship

I love her and she said she wants to love her still she really did. Please help me in this uncharted territory! Glad to see you here. I'm happy to work one on one with you on this.

This is the link to my work with me page: Unfortunately I am going through this now and it's very painful. It has been a wonderful 3 months with this lovely gal where my heart and my mind are in sync, until one week ago. A little bit about us You can say that we're still in the talking stage where we agreed to take things slow, spend time to get to know each other. We haven't had any intimacy since we both have a quite conservative background and thats OK with me because I sincerely want to learn more about her.

We've been in touch since Day1 through text, phone calls and meetup,etc. I planned to express my true feelings and hope to officially ask her to be my gf this upcoming Memorial Weekend. However since last week she's just not as being chatty, replied short answer text messages and never called me back like before. I am certain that she's just ignoring me. At the same time I reached out to her asked to meet up for dinners and NO has been her favorite answer lately.

I am confused, a bit lost and waking up middle of night thinking about this. I do sincerely care for her and just wish she says something. Your advice is greatly appreciated. She still wants to be "friends" but her idea of friends doesn't look much different than our long distance relationship. Not sure how to treat her at this point. I told her I need time to heal. My girlfriend and I started dating about 7 months ago in November.

We were both crazy about each other from day one. About two months in she was struggling financially. Her parents opened their doors for her to move home to save money and learn to train dogs at a near by facility her life long dream.

She asked my opinion and I supported her completely. If our love is true distance won't matter. We spoke of marriage and a future together. As time passed and greater opportunity opened up for her with the dog training she realized that her 6 month stay was looking more like years. She fully intends to move back and we just kept pushing through the obstacles encouraging each other that this is for OUR future. Then about a month ago she broke up with me saying "Idk if we're right for each other" after quelling her concerns which were mostly coming from her family they don't think we're right.

She wanted to keep going. She says she needs to focus on herself and be single. I respect and admire her tenacity but I'm hurt. She isn't ruling out a future but she doesn't want me to hold onto that because she says she has no idea when she'll be done. It's all so confusing. I have never Loved someone so deeply and it's hard to imagine how she could be so willing to let this go possibly for good. She tells me I'm perfect but the timing isn't right. She wants to keep communication open, but when I asked her to set some boundaries there basically are none I am a married man, separating now.

I found a beautiful cute princess and we got attracted from the first moment, we texted much we talked much and had incredible conversations full of content and culture, she considered me her mentor I am oldershe did not have the problem of me being married as she told me she was very open minded, but from the beginning I explained that I was having problems at hom. She told me that she was in for any type of relationship.

After 2 times being in bed she woke up one morning feeling guilty about hurting my wife, even without knowing how close was my separation, that everything went to fast and the affection started to develop so she got scared and has to reassess and needs time for her. She tells me that she loves me, that this last couple of days have been terrible for her and that it has been hard to take this decision but she wants to live with honesty and truth in her life and that she needs to think of her.

I wrote an email explaining the exact situation and have wrote other facts to have in mind in her decision and to please think again with all the additional info, and finally she answered explaining this. I do not know what can I do to have a second chance on our relationship, although the relationship is pretty young I feel like she backed up without knowing how close my separation was and also scared of developing emotions too fast.

We've talked about everything, and we are for the most part really good about our comunication at talking about our concerns and maybe even insecurties! But all in all a truely amazing women in my eyes. But almost out of no where she pulls away, rarely does she even text, and she doesnt make an effort to call. This has been going on for a good week. She has told me I'm perfect!! That she loves me, but she doesn't show it at all. She says I want them all the time that shes not ready for that.

She thought she was but isn't. I keep my contact to one to two text a day. I've told her that I love her, which i do more than i would have ever thought. I recently told her that I'm not going anywhere, that i am forever hers. Im trying very hard to be supportive and give her her space to do what she needs, but at the same point its eating the crap out of me, I dont want to lose her!!!

me and my girl got a relationship

What am i to do, what am i to think? In order for her to trust you enough to commit to you for life, she needs to be able to trust that you will give her space to be her own person when she needs it.

This is a good thing. This space will actually make her a more loving partner and take out much of the drama and stress your relationship has experienced over the years. This is a critical time and she's made her needs known. It's your job now to meet her needs and give her space. She's only cold because she feels you impeding on the boundary she has set.

My girl has pulled away, what does this mean?

Stop "needing" so much. It's only going to send her further away from you. Check out this blog to avoid coming across as clingy or needy during this time: Trust that she still loves you even though she doesn't want you around.

Now she wants her space out the blue. I have been there for her through all the hard times for the last 5 yrs. This is our first time not living with one another also. We use to be attached to each others hip. Couldnt see one of us without the other. Any help, advice, etc? Im losing my mind everyday because I just want to talk to her, I didn't hear from her all day today I met this girl for month's ago, we had a 1 week relationship and broke up.

When i gave her the cold shoulder she tried different strategies to make me come back and lead me on. I ignored her and after 2 month's we got back.

Same thing happened again, we broke up. She didn't want to give up on me, i don't know why, but it happens that we started a more serious relationship almost two week's ago.

Everything was going fine and very blissfull untill she started acting weird and 'avoiding me' when i logged in on fb and she was already online, she would go offline, and not cool stuff like this.

And now she want's me to reach out on her. In this case what should I do? If it was for me, i would have hit the road already, but looking back, and after 4 month's, I just can't just let go so easy, even if she doesn't do anything to keep me around. Here's the link to my work-with-me page: But for some straight up advice, minus the understanding and a detailed plan of action, I'd give her space to come back into balance and just ignore the schizophrenic behavior. Best of luck with getting your Masters!!!

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