Me and our relationship

You & Me & Our Relationship by Nikhil Mukhija

me and our relationship

Our relationship is not only about you and me. It's also about those who are affected by our decisions. It's about external influences. It's about. When my boyfriend and I decided to keep our relationship off social media, it was about choosing to live in the moment and refusing to perform. We have had a very happy two years together, but have kept our relationship secret due to perceived social stigma.

In the era where packing matters more than the substance itself.

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It is neither a Fictional Story nor a Hypothesis. It is a theory that will rewrite the script of your love life forever. As a first time writer and at such a young age, Nikhil Mukhija has picked up a tough genre a self help bookand has done a fairly decent job. The whole book is divided into 32 chapters, and in each chapter Nikhil has taken some really good real-life examples to prove his philosophies and points.

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The one-liners, which he has sprinkled all over the book, are true and meaningful. Some of them will make you laugh at times, but they are meaningful as well. Some of my favourites are: Made for each other. Mad at each other. Mad because of each other. Is she really worth it?

The good thing about this book is, you can start with any chapter, and read them in any order.

me and our relationship

Overall, the book is well written with less editing errorsand well explained with enough examples. Most of the philosophies and fundamentals explained in this book will prove useless to them.

me and our relationship

The major disadvantage of this book is its limited readership. Few of the chapters, like the last one, are really good, but most of the chapters drag, and the reader tends to feel bored. So I agreed to keep us secret until the right time.

me and our relationship

The other day, he came to me absolutely shaking, like he had just walked away from a plane crash or something. He told me that he tried to take up with his ex that he would like to start dating other people.

me and our relationship

His ex had a complete breakdown and told him that if he dates anyone else, she will move out and have the kids every other week. He was also panicking too much from her breakdown. So he promised her that he would not date anybody else.

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Now he is asking me to keep our relationship secret for 10ish years, until the kids are grown. Having a secret relationship for 10ish years sounds horrible for both of us, and of course there is the risk we will be caught. Does anyone have a better idea?

His ex-wife also suggested a better solution, which is that she would move out and get her own place and they would negotiate some kind of custody agreement as millions of divorced parents do. Oh riiiiiiiighhhhht, the kids. A lot of people have depression.

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Who is he to make all these decisions for her? The time was when they first got divorced. Every text he sends or phone call he makes or dinner with you is a shabby little secret?

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