Merlin and morgana relationship fanfiction harry

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merlin and morgana relationship fanfiction harry

Morgana has come back with disastrous consequences. Suspense/Romance - Harry P., Morgana, Merlin, Freya - Chapters: 5 - Words: 8, Rated: Fiction T - English - Mystery/Romance - Harry P., Morgana - Chapters: 8 AN: I don't own Merlin or Harry Potter, they belong to their. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Drama - Harry P., Arthur . At Morgana's inquisitive look, Harry quickly elaborated, "Merlin gossips. Well.

On the other side of the training ground was his older brother and his friends, trainee knights for the most part. More interestingly though was the young man from the execution the day before. He was facing off with Arthur as if they were having an argument and it actually took a moment for Harry to realise they actually were having an argument since nobody argued with Arthur except for Harry and never in the public eye.

Harry sighed and handed Jeremy his bow before slowly working his way across the training ground towards the fight.

Harry was shocked out of his skin when the young man did exactly as he was told. He drew back his fist and lashed out, aiming for Arthur's face and missing by entire inches when Arthur ducked.

Arthur waved at the soldiers who hauled the confused young man away. Harry stopped at his brother's side. Harry motioned to Jeremy and headed for the castle. Harry cast him a look telling him to spill it. He didn't know who Arthur was. Did I miss something? Harry took the bows from his friend and put them on the table designed for just that.

He unlaced his archery jacket and slipped it and his shirt off before heading for the basin of warm water that Jeremy placed on the table for him.

He dipped his hands in it and rubbed the water over his face before washing his torso. He dried himself off and pulled on a fresh shirt. Harry headed down to his father's audience chamber almost an hour later and stepped through the door to find his father and Gaius talking.

Harry rarely came to speak to his father, he knew his father loved him on some level but he rarely showed it, not like he showed it to Arthur. Clearly sometimes blood was a more important thing to share than anything else and Harry was merely adopted whereas Arthur's mother had died giving birth to Arthur. Give the boy a chance, father. Not everyone has to jump in line instantly.

Two hours in the stocks should be sufficient. Harry turned and left as well heading back to his own rooms. One time he sent a man onto the floor and the man wasn't much impressed and rounded to kick Feosol. Feosol growled with his hackles up and Harry had to snap his fingers and call him back. The man turned to tell Harry to keep control over his dog but the words died as soon as he saw Harry.

Harry had continued walking without another comment though he kept Feosol close at his side. He'd met Gwen on the way out of the castle and offered to escort her into the market to pick up some cloth for a dress she was making Morgana and though Gwen was a little nervous about being alone with the King's youngest son it gave her some bargaining ability in the market.

Nobody would try to trick her out of money with Harry around, not that she needed the help. Gwen was a very bright and skilled young woman. They turned around into the last section of the market and Harry laughed at the sight before them. Gaius' apprentice was in the stocks and by the looks of him he'd already been there for a while. A single soldier stood guard over him, making sure nobody did him any serious harm.

If she was going to try to tease him he'd get his own back. Morgana, Arthur and Jeremy knew he was that way inclined and he knew for a fact that Morgana had mentioned it to Gwen. Gwen walked towards the stocks and stopped beside the young man and Harry walked up with Feosol who began sniffing around the young man's boots before he began nibbling on this trousers.

Harry didn't bother to call him back. She giggled and took it, shaking his restrained hand. Harry raised his eyebrows at her and she went red. He grinned at her and clucked his tongue. Feosol obediently trotted to his side and sat down, liking his paw as he looked up at Merlin. Harry made an offhanded gesture just as he saw a woman arrive with another basket of rotten fruit.

Harry walked away a little more regally and waved at the old woman who was holding two children back who were both armed. Clearly to stop them from hitting the King's son in their excitement. Harry stuck around for a little while watching him getting pummelled with fruit and vegetables, noting when his chest began to rumble gently which made Feosol growl and rub his head against his leg.

Harry turned his attention away from Merlin and followed Gwen into the castle. Harry frowned at the noise. It was coming from around the corner ahead of him, from where the kitchens were and the shout sounded like the head Chef who was a rather vicious man when he was made angry by someone and by the sounds of it he was chasing somebody out of the kitchen.

Harry was completely prepared for Jeremy to come running around the corner with the Chef hot on his heels but he was shocked when instead of his servant it was Merlin. Harry made his decision quickly and as Merlin made to dodge him and continue Harry grabbed him and pulled them both to the side and seemingly through a tapestry.

Harry knew the castle better than anybody else and he knew every single nook and cranny, including this alcove hidden behind a hardened tapestry. He shoved Merlin into the alcove and hid himself in with him, making sure the tapestry laid flat against the entrance of the small space.

It was a very tight fit with the two of them and the surprised Merlin had wrapped his arms around Harry to stabilise himself even though it meant they were flush up against each other. Harry found that Merlin was ever so slightly taller than him and his face was right next to his neck, breathing in his specific scent.

Merlin tried to pull his arms back but Harry hissed in his ear, making him go still at the sound of the chef running into the corridor and swearing to himself when he found it empty even though it was a long corridor with only a few store rooms.

They listened to doors opening and shutting and Merlin stayed completely silent knowing that getting caught wouldn't be a good thing. Harry waited until he was sure the Cook was gone before he turned his attention back on Merlin and was instantly aware of how much of them were touching. He felt the rumbling start in his chest and could almost hear it in the silence of the alcove and was sure that Merlin could feel in through where their chests touched.

He found himself moving his face closer to Merlin's neck and he knew the moment that Merlin realised just how close they were by when his arms tightened but with that movement came consequences.

As Merlin tightened his grip Harry was brought closer into his front and with a wave of pleasure their groins were pressed together. Harry managed to avoid moaning but Merlin wasn't so lucky and Harry realised with a satisfied grin that Merlin was turned on by the last few minutes of closeness and without shame he pressed his hips further into Merlin's and ground his hardening cock into Merlin's.

Merlin's breath hitched in his throat and Harry pressed a kiss to Merlin's cheekbone before pulling his head away and pressing their lips together. Merlin recoiled and hit his head on the back of the alcove and jerked away from the wall but that only made him thrust back into Harry who groaned.

Merlin tensed up and Harry knew that Merlin wanted this as much as he did and without a word Harry pressed his lips into Merlin's again and licked along Merlin's closed lips. As soon as they opened Harry pushed his tongue into Merlin's mouth and grinded his hips side to side eliciting a groan from Merlin to accompany the strange rumbling that Harry knew he was making deep in his chest.

They didn't say a word to each other and muffled their moans in the ongoing kiss for several minutes until with a muffled cry Harry's vision burst into stars and he trembled against Merlin as he cummed.

Merlin held him tight, waiting for Harry to finish but his own body was trembling with need and as soon as Harry could see properly again he pinned Merlin back to the wall, delved back into his mouth with his tongue and reached down. He forced his hand under Merlin's waistband, pulled out his shirt and without pause he pushed his hand down to grip Merlin's hardened cock.

He squeezed it once and then twice and Merlin cried out as he too cummed. Harry felt it against his hand and wrist and left his hand in place as he pinned both of their weights against the wall. It was several minutes before their breathing had returned to normal and only after that when the rumbling in Harry's chest stopped.

Harry pulled his hand away from Merlin's softened cock and smirked at a dazed Merlin as he wiped his hand with the back of the tapestry. Merlin suddenly seemed to come out of his daze and he glared at Harry angrily. He went in the direction of the kitchens doubting that Merlin would follow him and took a short cut to his own rooms to clean up before he went for his brother's room but in his rooms he had to take a minute to think about what had happened.

It wasn't like him to do something like that but there was something about Merlin that pulled to him and part of him knew that within days Merlin would learn who he really was and he'd never get a chance again.

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He looked towards the window, trying to ignore the pain, only to see that he was up far earlier than normal. He groaned as he fell back onto the bed and tried to fight the pain but he quickly realised that this wasn't just a normal wave of pain caused by stress or overexertion and he needed help as fast as possible. He rolled out of his bed and winced as he strained to straighten up fighting back the wave of nausea that nearly made him throw up.

He grabbed a loose pair of brown trousers from a chair and his white shirt and struggled to put them on before finding the door. The corridor was empty and he knew he had to get to Gaius if he wanted help before the attack struck him completely and rendered him incapable of getting help until one of the patrols stumbled across him.

merlin and morgana relationship fanfiction harry

He made his way down the corridor and down two flights of stairs and unfortunately managed to get to Gaius' work place and rooms without running into any of the guards.

He threw open the door to what could easily be called a laboratory and was surprised when his sight landed on the new servant boy, Merlin. He was sitting at the table pouring over the pages of a book but Harry didn't have the sense in him to take in what he was doing. Merlin's head snapped up and took him in even as he slammed the book shut and then jumped up, sending his chair flying back onto the floor.

Pain flashed through his torso and he fell to his knees. His voice barely came out above a whisper. Merlin obviously saw something other than mere drunkenness and lack of coordination and Harry heard more than saw him run across the room and up the few steps to the room above this one in the tower. Harry forced himself to his feet and after a couple of failed attempts managed to reach the cot and sat down in the middle of it.

He pressed a hand into his chest and winced. The attack was getting worse and it was quickly becoming the worst he'd ever felt. About once a month it caused him a small twinge of pain that made it hard to breathe but about once a year it filled his body with excruciating pain. By the time the last major attack had let up he'd been screaming in pain even though he'd been in a feverish nightmare all the time. He made another attempt.

merlin and morgana relationship fanfiction harry

Merlin quickly took back his hands as if Harry was about to bite him and under normal circumstances Harry would have made a sarcastic comment but he was in too much pain. Harry knew the instant that Merlin got a look at the star-shaped scar just above his left nipple when he gasped in surprise. It would undoubtedly be an angry red colour and the skin around it would be an almost equally red colour. He wasn't in the mood for bantering right now. You could have knocked rather than barged right in here in the middle of the night just because of a bit of pain.

He placed the newly cold cloth on Harry's forehead and Harry winced at the sudden change in temperature. The door opened and Merlin entered along with two soldiers who took in Harry's identity and tensed. Gaius looked up at them. Harry looked at him. Harry nodded at Gaius weakly. Once in a while Harry's body tries to push out the bad magic. He gasped and felt hands pushing down on his torso and a soaking wet cloth press down on his scar, causing him a flash of utter agony.

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He cried out but then the wave of pain ebbed off and Gaius looked at Merlin again. They love Harry and even though the soldiers tried to stop them they killed the Wizard.

His front feet jumped onto the bed and Feosol started licking Harry's neck and shoulders desperately. Feosol whined and settled back onto the floor and put his head on Harry's boiling chest.

The door slammed open a bit more abruptly than necessary and Gaius stood up. Harry didn't bother trying to see his father and his large frame appeared on his left. Harry frowned at him and shook his head even though it hurt him to do it.

merlin and morgana relationship fanfiction harry

It wasn't Jeremy's fault since he didn't live in his rooms but Uther might punish him for not being around regardless. A wave of pain swept over him again and before Harry knew it he was having more and more trouble focusing on the room until finally he was immersed in horrifying dreams and images of the Wizard hovering over him as he experimented on his body. He opened his eyes to find himself looking up at Merlin and Jeremy. I can get back to my work then.

Harry looked to the left at Jeremy with a raised eyebrow.

merlin and morgana relationship fanfiction harry

Jeremy helped him swing his legs off the bed and swatted his hand when Harry tried to rub at his chest. Harry took a look around Gaius' laboratory to see that after Merlin had left only himself, Jeremy and Feosol were there and the wolf was sleeping next to the door and hadn't noticed Harry was awake yet.

He needed a place to hide from the cook and I happened to know somewhere. Unfortunately it was a little on the cramped side and well I kinda met him when he was in the stocks the other day and Gwen might have forgot to mention who I was when she told him my name and I might not have corrected her. I think he likes you too so maybe there's a chance? No mention was made of how Harry felt or how close this bout had come to killing him or how likely it was for the next one to do it. Jeremy knew that Harry simply didn't want to hear about how much time he had left.

He'd come up to spend some time with his brother since he knew his brother was worried about him after the previous night's attack. In the middle of the town! Harry defended himself and tackled his brother, unwilling to let his tiredness and weakness effect his day. Arthur laughed and the two brothers wrestled until Harry collapsed to the side, breathing heavily. Arthur backed away even as Harry swatted him on the arm for his aid.

Again Arthur was another one that wouldn't bring up how weak Harry was but would watch his every movement in case Harry needed help. Harry was still very pale and still looked as though he'd just recovered from a fever and rumour had already spread throughout Camelot that Harry had become sick with the aftermath of the Magician's attack and when Harry had forced Jeremy to take him outside the castle the guards had informed Arthur within moments and word had quickly travelled that he was in the market and two children had brought him bread and water on the orders of the stall keepers to make sure he was alright.

Now he was at the feast to celebrate twenty years since the fall of magic and the rise of Uther's realm and they'd invited a singer from the neighbouring country of Mora to sing for them. Harry had heard her sing before and she was very good and the celebrations were good to bring the town's moral back up after what had happened to Harry. Merlin was at the feast standing to the side chatting to Gwen and once or twice Harry looked over to see the two talking together and glancing at him.

Harry reached for a goblet of water and drunk it even though until the King arrived and drunk from his own it was improper to do so. Nobody here would mind though, not with how weak Harry looked and felt.

Harry rubbed at his head and sighed as one of his many waves of dizziness swept through him. Nobody's going to complain about it. They were interrupted from anything more as horns sounded from the upper walkway and his father walked through the main doorway and into the hall and the crowd split to allow him to walk through to the head table where he as well as Arthur, Harry and Morgana would sit.

Uther signally for everyone to take their seats and Jeremy led Harry around to his seat and as soon as Harry was comfortable he backed away to stand on the spiral staircase that led away from the hall.

Arthur was sat on the other side of his father's chair and Morgana sat on Harry's side between him and his father's chair since she was his ward and older than Harry. Harry didn't mind since it kept him out of the direct line of sight. He eyed his glass of wine before nudging it a few inches towards Morgana who glanced at him and grinned. Jeremy saw the motion and as soon as the King finished his speech and the feast started he'd go to find something non alcoholic for Harry to drink.

Gaius' instructions were clear in that Harry wasn't to drink anything like cider or wine until he was fully recovered which would undoubtedly make this feast drag on painfully. His father finally introduced Lady Helen of Mora and Harry clapped along with everyone else until Uther had taken his seat and the Lady stepped forwards into the light at the end of the hallway and begun to sing without backing or instrumental. She was very skilled, Harry remembered that from a few years ago when he and Arthur had been sent to Mora for trade talks.

She started walking down through the middle of the hall as her song got slightly louder and Harry felt himself relaxing at the sound before he realised he was starting to feel even more tired. His head turned as he spotted two of the nobles move on the left and they rested their heads on their arms. Completely against etiquette but by the time he realised that others were falling to sleep down the hall.

He felt something within him. A vast sense of anger that was swelling up inside him, trying to fight whatever spell was putting them all to sleep, Harry included, and the ever more common rumbling in his chest echoed through the room as he growled.

She didn't stop singing but she looked directly at Harry who realised that, even though he couldn't gather the strength to turn his head to look at Morgana, his father, Arthur or Jeremy on the stairwell, he was the only one so far that wasn't asleep.

His eyes met Lady Helen's and her song faltered ever so slightly as she saw him. He clenched his hand over the silver knife on the table trying to lift it and the growling tripled in his chest and he glanced down to see a golden tinge to his skin, almost as if his skin was changing before an even greater sense of exhaustion hit him as she focused the song on Harry. Harry's vision blurred before his hand relaxed and his head nodded down as he fell back in the chair as his body fell to sleep.

He jerked away at the sound of an immense crash and was half way to his feet in seconds. He had just enough time to see what had been Lady Helen pinned under the great chandelier and that the room was covered in cobwebs before his vision blurred and he fell back into his seat. He gripped his upper left chest with his left hand as a wave of pain stabbed at the scar that had only just been playing up.

Morgana turned to him and he forced a straight face. He didn't want this focused on him right now. He could just see from his place as the woman from the execution forced her upper body up and with a jerk of her hand she flung a dagger straight at the head table. That is, until Arthur Pendragon walks through the door and adds color to his monochromatic world.

But nothing is ever that simple. The little things regarding who might know. The little things he did to keep his friend safe.

The little things that the stranger said before King Arthur could officially free magic. The last thing he expects is a flying police box to crash to earth, containing a rather strange man. Little does he know of the story about to unfold. Just a short one-shot. Arthur gets angry, tells Merlin to leave and he does but also takes his memories of him. Three years later all is remembered. Merlin's date fails to show up. Luckily, his night is saved by a woman he's never seen before and whose night needs to be saved as well.

And despite a few hiccups, all is going as well as can be expected. That is, until Poison joins the trio, turning their world upside down, and perhaps unsettling Destiny herself. They encounter allies and adversaries. What will they discover in the process? T - English - Romance - Chapters: Emrys by Lyrasloon reviews Takes place around season 2 or so, about when Morgana first discovered her magic.

T for some violence, cause I'm just paranoid. Gwen and Merlin had become good friends in the few months since his arrival at Camelot, and thanks to their steady interactions, Gwen develops a crush. She soon realises that Merlin meant a lot more to her when he'd almost died after drinking poison. Gwen and Merlin are mostly OOC. Life's funny that way, I suppose. No wonder I had such a hard time finding I just never thought to look here, that's all.

T - English - Humor - Chapters: She was with child when Merlin poisoned her.