Mict seta accreditation process and its relationship

Information on Education and Training Quality

Co Reg No: //07 | ETDP SETA No: ETDP | MICT SETA No: what you could expect during the process of accrediting. ENJO Consultants is an accredited training provider with the EDTP SETA (ETDP ), losses suffered or incurred by any third party in connection with the use of this training manual. Mission: The MICT Seta generates, facilitates and accelerates the processes of MICT Seta was accredited as an ETQA by SAQA in February to quality . What is the relationship between the MICT Seta providers and other Seta ETQA?. I met all the requirements in the advertised the Eastern Cape Province in relation to skills training? .. The accreditation body, being the MICT SETA, verifies.

Address by Charlton Piliso – MICT SETA

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