Money and our relationship with god

How our money damages our relationship with God, but not how you think!

money and our relationship with god

To that point, when all is said and done, the only relationship that defines who we genuinely are is our relationship with God. God, money and you: What is the proper relationship of these three? All our wealth ultimately comes from the ground (the earth), and the. Money in your relationship with God. By theworld It's true that having money can greatly change our lives, but we shouldn't worship money.

It's all well and good making a case for others to be frugal and to live in any eventuality being happy or content just like the Apostle Paul. But in most cases, the reality is "I'm alright Jack! The church workers are paid for the work they do but there are Christians and seekers who are living in very difficult circumstances fail to get taken care of by the Church. It's always someone elses responsibility!

On the one hand activating mission abroad is commendable yet when it's to the detriment of the local community it's little wonder that the Church can't up it's attendance figures if the focus is on tea and biscuits and not practical help.

I'm not simply advocating that Christianity begins at home, I'm saying that we most definitely have missed the mark when it comes to us Christians fulfilling our Biblical obligations. I'm all for people being massively successful and so is God, he's the one that gives us our abilities and desires.

Money: A Reflection of Our Relationship with God

But if that's the case, what's the point? We work hard, earn the cash, store it in a bank and in a house and then sit on it until we die, passing on what's left to the next generation to do the same. Selfless Acts In the Book of Acts, in the early days of Christianity, the Christians sold their property and land to fund their collective lives.

These acts were selfless, their joy immense and thousands were added to their number because those around them saw faith in action. It was not only spiritual but also practical and tangible. The contrast between then and now is incomparable, but I wonder what we have really lost?

Jesus said that we would do greater deeds than him. And by greater, he meant more John All he did was serve others. He sent us the Holy Spirit as promised and in the early days "stuff happened".

Money in your relationship with God | The World of Christianity

The power that was present in the Apostle Peter healed people simply as he walked past them I'm paraphrasing as the Bible says he healed them as his shadow cast over the sick.

Nowadays, apart from the odd handful of miracles we cannot say that we have ever done greater things than Jesus. So when you hear someone say that the love of money is the root of all evil, it begins to make sense, i.

money and our relationship with god

No matter how aggressively someone tells me that money doesn't have them, it's always followed up by them telling me that we're supposed to live a frugal life like the Apostle Paul, i. And any leaning to wanting an abundance is viewed as being abhorrent. Frugality is not mentioned in the Bible, but abundance is! And yes, I do know that we're are blessed to be a blessing and that includes financially. So having an abundance of money is not to be selfish with it.

money and our relationship with god

So here we are, blood bought Children of the Most High God and loved more than we can ever begin to imagine, yet we're scratching around, playing with Scriptures to make our Christian communities sound good, but the reality is that we haven't scratched the surface of our intended earthly destinies. The Church is happy to receive a constant few quid in the offerings but wont teach on tithing, giving and blessing others financially. And if they attempt to do so, there are always the naysayers who chirp up "Oh, but we're under grace" "We're in the New Testament, not the Covenant of the Old Testament" and the other great one is "God loves a cheerful giver, so I'm happy to give my spare change!

Our financial mechanics have got so messed up that we're most definitely dancing to the tune of the enemy. Our culture encourages us to horde money and try and protect it because we perceive it to have value. When it comes to our faith, we put on an oh so pious act, feigning holiness and telling each other that God is more important than anything and we all make out that we believe what each other is saying. He based everything on faith.

money and our relationship with god

Faith for salaries, faith for rent in fact faith for all his income. It certainly wasn't easy. John Kirkby believed that the Church would support him and after contacting eighty churches, not one of them offered any financial help. It was very much, 'well, you have your vision, so why don't you crack on with it because we're alright Jack'. So much for being all part of the Body of Christ!

But this attitude is based upon centuries of an unhealthy understanding of money and our lack of faith in God as our provider. I heard another story recently that a Bishop, upon being told that some of the figures on the annual accounts actually related to cash in the bank I'm talking millions immediately embarked on a spending spree like there was no tomorrow, redecorating his home! And no, none was spent on the needy. Contributors control their own work and posted freely to our site.

If you need to flag this entry as abusive, send us an email. As a medium of exchange in our world today, I see money as a manifestation of what God is doing with each of us. Our relationship to money is then a reflection of our relationship to God. Right now, we can choose to be open to allowing ourselves to have a greater relationship with money just as we can choose in each moment to have an ever-greater relationship with God. My source of wealth is God, and that's an invisible source.

When I go to the bank, cash a check, or receive any form of value as an increase in my wealth, I look to God as my source. However, when I look, I often don't see the tracks. I don't see how the exchange of money was done as a direct outcome of what God is doing in this world. Through my faith and trust in God, I know God is the source of my wealth.

We all have the destiny to be unshakable in our confidence that we are blessed. Knowing we are blessed is not about what somebody says or what happens in the world. It's not about how much money is in the bank, where the decimal is on the financial report, or if it's in "the red" or "the black.

What matters most is our attitude toward money.

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If we have an attitude that the money we have is limited, meaning we don't perceive that there's a source of supply for additional money, then we can look at money as something that we have to hang onto and watch very carefully. We can create a sense of desperation such that people do desperate things to get it, such as lie, cheat, steal, or even kill in order to have it. Those types of actions are based on a deep sense of lack or a threat that our survival is based on that medium of exchange.

Practically speaking, money of itself as paper and coins has very little value for our survival in this world.