Mystique and magneto relationship first class

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mystique and magneto relationship first class

11 Magneto. Rebecca Romijn as Mystique in XMen First Class. Although the relationship isn't comic book canon, many fans loved seeing. THR, things are about to get really serious between Magneto and Mystique, which is a relationship that has been toyed with since First Class. From First Class to the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse, Magneto and Mystique have always had a complicated relationship, but it's a relationship.

Well, as much as we can anyway The marriage went down during Wade's participation in the Weapon X Program. Like most of her conquests, Mystique was only using him for access, which she was able to use to steal files from the program. While the issue doesn't go into too much detail about their exploits in the bedroom, it can be assumed that they had some entertaining time between the sheets.

Of course, being married to Wade Wade even went so far as to serve divorce papers to his wife. That's a pretty gutsy move, but when you can regenerate anything she might remove, it's probably not too much of a concern for the merc with a mouth.

mystique and magneto relationship first class

Days of Future Pastit's clear that there is something going on between Beast and Mystique. While it isn't confirmed in the theatrical versions, the two did end up going all the way together thanks to a reveal in a deleted scene.

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In the removed scene, the pair is seen rolling around on the floor in their natural blue forms and trust us, they aren't fighting. This was actually a rather beautiful scene, given Beast's rejection of her natural appearance previously. As the two are seen getting frisky with one another, he remarks that she is beautiful, which helps to redeem his previous statements. Of course, it probably wouldn't have made it to the page were it not for the characters' onscreen chemistry.

It may have been somewhat of a tie to the films or just a way to make readers slap themselves in the face, but after Professor X dies in the books, there is a reading of his will. In his will, he leaves his school to his wife and can you take a guess at who his wife was?

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That's right, it was Mystique and you can just imagine what the two got into when they were "man and wife. Unlike their relationship on the page, 20th Century Fox's versions of Mystique and Magneto have the couple paired off in what we can only assume is some serious off-screen hanky-panky.

First Class, Eric is able to lure Raven on over to his side mostly due to his desire for her true form, whereas Beast was much more appreciative of her Jennifer Lawrence disguise.

Training at the Manor Edit Deciding to fight back, Charles and Raven take the recruits to their mansion where they would train during the following weeks as Erik is oftenly caught in an argument with Raven as to why is she hiding her potential instead of fighting for acceptance against the society. Raven would officialy change her mind regarding her decision to take Hank's cure when she loses interest in him and tries to convince him to not take the cure, with no success. As Erik compliments Raven during one particular night, they both start to develop a romantic relationship while Raven turns her back on Charles' ideals and concepts in the end.

Raven after turning her back on Hank's cure During the next day, after Hank took the cure and apparently ran away while devastating his research lab, Charles and his allies, including Raven, decide to suit up for their first official mission as part of the C. Like the rest of the team, Raven has no objections in stopping Shaw as Erik is determined to kill him instead.

Later, they all arrive at the hangar coordinates meeting with Hank again as well as taking the SR without asking permision from the heads of the organization. Forces finally declared war against each other, the SR flies above their official battlefield while Banshee manages to locate Shaw's submarine and Erik uses his magnetic fields to bring it up to the surface.

Erik leaves the ship and enters the submarine, searching for Shaw. Mystique in her G-force suit Raven decides to leave the ship and help Beast in his fight with Azazel as the latter gains the upper hand and almost kills Hank, as Raven takes Shaw's form to help his friend. After Erik kills Shaw, he declares war on the humans as their missiles are targeting the beach and Raven remains in her position.

When Erik is declared a traitor, he is shot at by agent MacTaggert as Erik deflects multiple bullets, one of them hitting Charles in the spine, leaving him paralysed.

Joining The Brotherhood Edit Erik apologizes and attempts to kill Moira but then under Charles' requests, Erik lets go of his anger and invites the mutants to join him, including the former Hellfire Club members Azazel, Riptide, Tempest as well as Raven who joins Erik after saying goodbye to Charles and asking Moira to take care of him.

Along with Erik and the others, Raven disappears into the unknown. Four weeks later, after Charles erases Moira's memory regarding any mutant activity and locations, the C. A vault is broken by Erik in taking Emma Frost as a replacer to Charles' telepathy, though Erik took the alias' 'Magneto'.

mystique and magneto relationship first class

Raven apologizes to Charles as she leaves with Erik Mercenary activity Edit Ten years later during the Vietnam War, Mystique has been operating as a mercenary for the U. As a mercenary, she would use her shapeshifting abilities, as well as being armed with two Ma1 colts and two M3 fighting knives.

She would still be part of Magneto's Brotherhood as revealed later. AfricaRaven also led a mercenary group against Team X and tried to destroy their plans of reaching the adamantium. InMystique planned on killing Wolverine because of his involvement as a former member of Team X and was secretly allied with Silver Samurai and a Yakuza enforcer who was also a mutant and cousin to Kenuichio Harada, named Shin Harada his ability included electricity generation.

After Logan killed Shin Harada, Mystique has cut off her connections with Kenuichio and became involved with The Brotherhood's activities instead. Mystique became Erik's right hand as the time passed and would help The Brotherhood members to escape risky situations, though she was once sent to lure Rogue from the Manor directly in Magneto's trap as she would be needed to supply enough energy to the machine to turn the whole New York citizens into mutants.

Mystique in her attempt to 'silence' Kelly while bringing him to Erik's island Mystique would also infiltrate the institute to alter Cerebro so Charles wouldn't be capable of using it, and would also steal an helicopter to assure Erik and his mutant followers Toad and Sabretooth safety.

After reaching Liberty Island, she is then ordered, along Toad, to guard the entrance and kill The X Men as Mystique engages Wolverine in combat and she gains the upper hand. She then takes Storm 's form to approach Logan but he senses she's not part of the group and stabs her, leaving her apparently though not entirely dead.

Wolverine vs Mystique After Magneto is defeated and the radiation machine is destroyed, Mystique takes the form of a wounded Coast Guard to avoid detection and imprisonment, as she would be treated for her wounds and recover.

mystique and magneto relationship first class

The very next day, she would return taking Robert Kelly's form as the latter would die after radiation exposure and she would cancel The Mutant Registration Act. The Hidden Agenda X2: United Edit Mystique still uses her shapeshifting ability to take Kelly's form and decisions in the Senate while visited one day by William Stryker and her assistant, Yuriko Oyamawho wanted to reveal the president that the place known as Xavier's School is actually a training facility for mutants and that Stryker is the person who helped in developing Magneto's plastic prison.

Finding this out, Mystique infiltrates Yuriko's office and accesses her computer only to find out the true location of Magneto's prison as well as the guard taking care of him. Mystique infiltrates Yuriko's office After helping Magneto free himself, they both together reach The X Men in helping them infiltrate the underground base at Alkali Lake, Stryker's anti-mutant nest.

Mystique battles the HYDRA agents on her own after which she infiltrates Stryker's main computer and locates the mutant children kidnapped from Xavier's school as well as her old step-brother's chamber.

mystique and magneto relationship first class

Mystique waiting for Magneto and The X Men to clear the way behind After Magneto reverses the new Cerebro in targeting humans, Mystique follows him once again with no slight of hesitation, leaving her step-brother behind once more.