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nathan and haley relationship

Nathan and Haley dove right into their risked a lot. Naley had the odds stacked against them, yet they were able to come out on top. Yes, you. In honor of Valentine's Day, here's 14 reasons why Naley are relationship goals: Nathan and Haley had a bond so unbreakable, they were able to get through. Nathan Royal Scott is a fictional character from the CW television series One Tree Hill, . Throughout the season, Nathan and Haley's relationship blossoms into love, and in the season finale they get married and his relationship with Lucas.

You're still sleeping on the floor. Haley tells him that Bevin was a mastermind and switched the rooms so Haley could stay with Nathan. Nathan then gets into the tub with her, fully clothed and kisses Haley. And the most adorable couple award goes to Nathan and Haley win all the awards for best couple.

Wordpress Nathan and Haley pretty much win at everything when it comes to relationships. Their first kiss was amazing. It started with Nathan throwing rocks at a window at Haley's house. Turns out he was throwing them at her parents' bedroom window. She walks up behind him and tells him so. The two were having an argument and Haley told Nathan that she kept putting herself out there and he kept screwing up. She says there is nothing he could say or do that would surprise her anymore and then he kisses her, proving her wrong.

The kiss definitely took her by surprise. The best part of this moment was when she kissed him back as "Dare You to Move" by Switchfoot played over the scene.

nathan and haley relationship

YouTube If Nathan and Haley were known for anything, it was their kisses in the rain. They basically owned rain kisses, ever since their first kiss in the rain in front of Haley's house when they made up after fighting over pictures of Peyton that Nathan had on his computer.

Another memorable rain kiss of theirs is the one in the storm after Haley discovered that Nathan had kept news clippings of her while she was on tour. They also kissed in the rain in the series finale just for the heck of it as a treat for the longtime fans of the show. They even made a joke about their love of kissing in the rain as they left for their honeymoon in London. In counseling, Nathan admits that he wants Haley to look at him the way she used to.

He realizes all his mistakes and tell Haley he loves her, and they make up. Quentin has also befriended Jamie, who looks up to him.

Unfortunately, Quentin is fatally shot while interrupting a store robbery. The revelation strains his friendship with Skills but after a talk with Jamie, he comes to terms with their relationship. To ease it, Skills decides to help Nathan with his comeback. Once Nathan gets there, he is disappointed to hear they want him as a coach, not as a player.

Nathan turns down the position but is soon asked to play Slamball by Owen Brooke Davis' ex. After some hesitation, Nathan starts to play Slamball. Haley is afraid he'll hurt his back. Her worry intensifies when she sees some severe bruises on his back. Then, after a game, an old rival charges at Nathan and pushes him through a glass window in front of his wife and son. Scared that his father almost ended up badly injured, Jamie makes him promise that he will stop playing Slamball.

On the night of the USO concert, Nathan is at his home talking with the spirit of "Q" as he watches the Slamball championships on television. Q asks if he really gave it up for Jamie or because he stopped believing in himself. After Q's pep talk, Nathan asks Haley to promise him that they won't be afraid of chasing their dreams. Nathan attends a trial for D-League basketball and after initially getting turned away for not belonging to a team, he is called back by the general manager who had earlier offered him the coaching position.

After a successful trial, Nathan is selected to play for the Charleston Chiefs. Teammate Devon Fox threatens Nathan, and says he's not going to be taking his spot. After struggling during the training session, Nathan returns to his locker to see his photos of Haley and Jamie ripped up, as well as one of him and Quentin. Angered and spurred on, Nathan threatens Devon, saying that he's going to take his spot and Devon can have it back after Nathan is called up to the NBA.

Later in the season, when Devon ruins five straight games for the Chiefs, the coach benches him. Nathan is put in and makes an assist that leads to the winning shot. Devon is later cut from the team and his starting position is given to Nathan, whose back up is Neno, who taunted Nathan at the tryouts.

Nathan and Neno prove to be the team's two best players, but they play the same position, so they can't both start. The coach has Nathan teach Neno how to play shooting guard.

An NBA scout from the Los Angeles Clippers comes to see the two of them play, but Nathan is worried that he won't play his best in front of the scout, so he opts to drive the ball in for Neno to score. Neno is later called up by the Clippers, leaving Nathan still in the D-League. In the season 6 finale, Nathan gets called up to the Charlotte Bobcats and starts in his first game up.

Season 7[ edit ] Nathan has been playing for the Charlotte Bobcats since the finale of season 6, but his contract is up and his friend and agent, Clay, puts Nathan's career in jeopardy by being too greedy during the negotiations. Nathan, Haley, and Jamie celebrate Jamie's 7th birthday, and a woman named Renee asks to take a picture with Nathan.

Later, the woman tells Clay that she slept with Nathan. After doubting Nathan and offering to pay Renee off, Haley decides to support him and not pay her anything. Dan and Rachel convince Renee to come onto Dan's talk show to tell her side of the story.

In a surprising turn of events, Dan submits Renee to a lie detector test, and all of the answers she gives come across as being true. He goads her into revealing that she had sex the night of the party and got pregnant, but not by Nathan. Nathan also spends a day bonding with Jamie, who asks Nathan about his relationship with Lucas.

Nathan replies that although they were not close when they were younger, they became more like real brothers as they got older. In addition, he finds out Jamie would like a brother or sister. Haley then confesses to Nathan that she took a pregnancy test that morning, but it turned out negative.

Still distraught over her mother's death, Haley jumps into the swimming pool hoping to feel emotion again. Nathan gets to her just in time and pulls her out of the pool after she has flashbacks about her life with Nathan.


On a trip to Utah, Haley begins to get through her depression and is overjoyed when she finds out she's pregnant. Haley tells Nathan she thinks the baby is a girl.

He soon finds out he isn't a match. After Clay wakes up, Nathan tells Haley he has back pains and decides to quit basketball and become an agent. He soon becomes an agent and signs his first client. Nathan goes back to college, and isn't well-liked by his college professor, Dr. He then starts to gain respect and gets the hang of college, with the help of Jamie.

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He then wants to sign Kellerman's son Ian, who is a baseball player. He is really good, but he is the life of the party. Nathan wanted Ian to sign with him, but Dr.

Kellerman told him not to. He goes to Ian's house with Clay and engages in a game of beer pong with him.

nathan and haley relationship

After the game, Ian signs the contract and Nathan asked to go to the bathroom. Nathan goes to find it and finds the garage instead. Going inside, he finds a vintage Jeep Grand Wagoneer with front-end damage. He approaches it and finds an empty bottle of whiskey on the floor in front of the driver's seat.

He realizes that is the car that hit Brooke and Jamie, knocking them off the bridge, almost killing them. He confronts Professor Kellerman, who at first denies involvement, but then admits responsibility a short time later in a separate meeting.

Nathan Scott

Afterwards, Clay, Nathan, and Ian gather at a local bar, where Ian buys shots for everyone. When Nathan asks what they're drinking, Ian tells him the brand name of the whiskey, which Nathan finds to be consistent with the brand on the bottle found in the Jeep, and concludes that his professor was lying about his involvement in the crash to cover up for his son.

Nathan also becomes a father once again when Haley has Lydia Bob Scott. Season 9[ edit ] In Season 9, after returning home from traveling for Clay's company to scout athletes, Nathan returns home to find that Dan is living under his roof and learns that Haley let him move in after his diner burned down. Nathan understands Haley's reasons for letting Dan move in because he says she has "a good heart" and that is just the kind of person she is.

Nathan volunteers to scout in Europe, since Clay can't go after learning he is sick and is sleepwalking to the point of waking up in various parts of Tree Hill. However, before he leaves, Nathan tells Dan he wants him out of his house by the time he returns home in a week.

While in Europe, Nathan goes off-course after seeing the European players aren't as good as he thought they were, and goes to a darker part of Europe to sign a player, only to fail to sign him.

Nathan chats with Haley and Lydia via webcam before leaving Europe, showing them both a pink moose he bought to bring back home for Lydia as a gift. Upon returning to Tree Hill, Nathan is kidnapped outside Tree Hill Airport and drops the pink moose while struggling to break free. After learning why he was kidnapped, his failure signing in Europe, Nathan argues with his kidnapper Dimitri to let him go. Dimitri tells Nathan when the phone rings, he will die.

Nathan yells at Dimitri when the phone rings and tells him not to be his "boss's bitch. He contacts people back in Europe who will pay to have Nathan killed. Dimitri soon brings up Haley, referring to her as a "whore," causing Nathan to threaten to kill him if he hurts her. Nathan makes an escape attempt after fooling Dimitri and knocking him unconscious.

Nathan is almost caught by the drug dealer that Dan and Clay confronted, Billy. This scene really embodies the type of person he was.

While Nathan was a mighty protector of Haley and their two children which come along in later seasonsHaley was also a great protector of their family. Her caring attitude and kindness when facing any situation is what kept their family together. One Tree Hill is no exception. Nathan and Haley experience their fair share. Haley leaves Nathan to go on her music tour with Chris Keller.

Nathan ruins his chance at becoming a first draft pick for the NBA and drinks away his anger while in a wheelchair. Haley tries to commit suicide because her mom died. Nathan gets kidnapped and was thought to be dead. Somehow, their relationship was the only one that remained consistent through 9 seasons.