Nepal and thailand relationship

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nepal and thailand relationship

Thailand and Nepal established diplomatic relations on 30 November and it has been 58 years that our countries have developed close. Nepal and Thailand established diplomatic relations on 30 November The status of diplomatic representation was raised from Ministerial level to the. Nepal and Thailand established diplomatic relations fifty years ago. The status of diplomatic representation was raised from Ministerial level to.

Every year more than 50, Thai pilgrims travel to Lumbini to visit Maya Devi Temple, where they could pay respect to the birthplace of Lord Buddha.

nepal and thailand relationship

Undeniably, Lumbini is the heart of Thai-Nepal relations and that is why Thailand has been contributing a great deal to the development of this holy area. Through collaboration between Royal Thai Embassy and Royal Thai Monastery in Lumbini, Thailand has also helped renovate various areas in Lumbini, construct a school for local students as well as organize charity projects to help the local people.

Our Buddhist activities not only take place in Lumbini but also in Kathmandu. During the Kathina period, the Embassy also organizes the Offering of the Royal Kathina Robe which has been successfully held in Nepal for the tenth time and participated by hundreds of Buddhist Nepali.

Our collaboration in Buddhism also leads to a long-term partnership in providing medical assistance to Nepali patients with cataracts. Until present, the Workshop has already provided free cataract surgeries to more than 5, Nepali patients who lack financial resources. Such attempt to treat cataract patients without charge should be further supported by more entities from both government and private sector of Nepal. Therefore, I invite all interested parties to participate in these charities as we could help prevent complete blindness from cataract in Nepali people and give them the opportunities to see the world again with better vision.

nepal and thailand relationship

As partner for development, Thailand has been providing technical assistance to Nepal since through short-term trainings and degree programs. Until present, Nepali scholars have studied and received trainings at many prominent universities in Thailand in various fields that are crucial for development of Nepal such as Public Health, Medicine, Tourism, Environment, Food Security, Disaster Management, Climate Change and Sufficiency Economy, to name a few.

As we look into the future of our technical cooperation, in addition to the yearly scholarship assistance, I propose that we collaborate on technology transfer as well as experts and scholars exchanges in beneficial fields.

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For instance, as a country that has had a long experience in developing agriculture sector, Thailand can help Nepal improve land and agricultural activities through various Royal Projects of His Majesty the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej whose lifetime experience was devoted to agricultural research and projects that improve the livelihoods of Thai farmers.

Vetiver glass also helps stop landslides which have become prevalent problems in Nepal. Therefore, Thailand is ready to cooperate with Nepal and share our knowledge of growing vetiver glass to prevent landslides in any appropriate areas of the country.

I also recommend that we discuss in further details about other Royal Projects that can be applied to the agricultural context of Nepal to help Nepali farmers tackle their farming and agricultural challenges.

nepal and thailand relationship

In the past year, Royal Thai Embassy has been promoting our Thai culture in Nepal through our hosting of cultural events which are the Thai Food Gala, a week-long event, aiming to widespread the real taste of Thai food and cooking in Nepal. Another important event is Thai Festival held at my Residence to promote Thailand in every possible dimension be they traditional Thai performances, Muay Thai, Thai cuisine, Thai handicrafts and Thai imported products.

It is our wish to see Nepal prosper together with us. Though Thailand does not share borders with Nepal, our ties have remained very cordial and close for a very long time. Therefore, we want new progress and advancement to take place in this country. However, our wish will not come true if we do our part alone. This year I would also would like to conduct Thai cooking classes in hotels and other tourist destination to make the Nepali people familiar with real Thai food.

There are several areas where Thai-Nepal business collaborations have happened in the past. Next month we are going on a trip to Thailand in my leadership.

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Lumbini does have Lumbini Development Trust so it is a little bit difficult for Thai government to come to help in developing Lumbini. But we have already done some projects in Lumbini. Thai people have donated large sum of money to renovate and develop Maya Devi Temple and its surrounding area. Furthermore, support also has been extended to various Buddhist organizations in Nepal on projects related to Buddhism. These activities are the testimony of strong cultural and religious link between Thailand and Nepal.

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Can you throw some light on global positioning, foreign policy and South-East Asian relations of Thailand? While recognizing the importance of strengthening its ties with existing partners, Thailand continues to deepen and broaden its partnership with countries in other part of the world including Africa, the USA, Europe, Middle East and South Asia.

Moreover, Thailand encourages people-to-people contacts with foreign countries and plays a creative role in promoting their national interest in international organizations, especially at the United Nations and regional organizations in order to preserve peace and security, promote democratic process, human rights, humanitarianism, environment and sustainable development, as well as cooperation to address all transnational issues that affect human security.

They have close cooperation in various fields of common interest and mutual concerns. Both of the country have worked together to strengthen their relations and supported each other in international and regional forums.

The construction has been funded by the Royal Thai Government and the devoted Thai Buddhists followers.

Thailand and Nepal have a long standing relationship

Exchange of Visits Exchange of visits at high level has played important role in developing mutual understanding between Nepal and Thailand. Contacts at various levels have provided opportunity to exchange views on a range of issues of mutual interest, both bilateral and international.

nepal and thailand relationship

Besides, they have enhanced the prospects for broader political and economic relations. Thai investment has been realized in manufacturing, production of mineral water, hotel business, restaurant, etc.

nepal and thailand relationship

Thailand has become an important tourist market for Nepal in the recent years. A number of Thai people visit Nepal every year, particularly to pay pilgrimage to Lumbini. Many of them also make a tour in other parts to enjoy the scenic and natural beauty of Nepal.

There are direct and regular flights operated by both Nepali and Thai airlines linking capitals of Nepal and Thailand, which greatly promote trade and Tourism between the two countries. Nepal - Thailand Economic and Technical Cooperation Thailand is providing a number of short term and long term scholarships to Nepalese students in medicine, engineering, economics, communication, agriculture and other areas under Colombo Plan and Technical Cooperation scheme among Developing Countries through Thailand International Development Cooperation Agency TICA.