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you'll love. Read hot and popular stories about #zoro-x-robin on Wattpad. Nico Robin est une jeune femme recherchée par la Marine. Elle fréquente 3D2Y New Relationships [LuNa] [ZoroxRobin] [UsoppxKaya] [More coming soon. # Special relationship - Zoro and Robin Zoro And Robin, Nico Robin, One Piece,. Visit Zoro x Robin by on @deviantART One Piece . Nico Robin, Zoro, Anime Couples, Manga Anime, One Piece Ship. More information . Sure he rejected her marriage proposal but I reckon after he becomes Pirate King he'll come back for her. There is no better .. Anime Quotes. See more.

Nami's the new student at Grand Line Academy. The story will have: It was ruled by strong Handsome and benevolence but an idiotic king 'Monkey D. Events during the timeskip,too! There are spoilers in many chapters. Boa Hancock is visiting the Straw-hat crew?

And why is she hanging all over Luffy? Nami -step it up! What are you going to do? We all want to see something go down between these two She does love Luffy.

Nami loves him a lot. So what's keeping her from saying those three little words? One gigantic tidal wave. The only way to survive is to get to the bottom of the ship -which has now become the top.

The ultimate survival adventure for the ultimate team.

Nico Robin/Personality and Relationships

Or, perhaps, there is? Plz review so I can improve. A girl from Luffy's childhood appears. Now faced with how to handle the situation, everyone's unsure of what to do.

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Does she hold everyone back from their dreams, or let them charge forward, with or without her? The Straw Hats arrive onto a new island that causes a weird feeling in the swordsman. What is going to happen and can anyone stop it? They care deeply for chopper like a father and mother.

They understand each other way better than the other just look the last arc in Zou. They are incredible good looking, there appearance fit exactly for them look the FanArt. In both cases, they want to be seen as cool characters, especially in the case of Zoro. Robin want to know everything about Zoro, just look the scene in Thriller Bark. I use a very basic English, probably there are a lot mistakes, I am sorry guys.

Zoro is the first person to join Luffy officially on his pirate crew and thus is sort of the second in command. At first he joins Luffy on whim and tells him outright that he will cut him down if he interferes with his dream of becoming the number 1 swordsman in the whole world. Zoro is best described as overconfident and arrogant; as well as almost blood thirsty. Out of all the Straw Hats, he is probably the one that loves to fight the most and along with Luffy and Sanji is described by Nami and Usopp as the three monsters.

Nevertheless he has a more sensitive side that he tends to hide: He also wanted to become number 1 as a promise to said dead friend. He likes to party and after Robin, is the most level-headed of the crew. He uses three swords, although he can also use a single sword and double sword style moves too.

SbS information for Roronoa Zoro: Shark, in the new world as a Tiger there are a few cover with a tiger Color: Green Favorite Type of Island and Season: Autumn on an Autumn Island Cooking Specialties: Zoro is the first mate, and second straw-hat!


Robin is introduced as an antagonist and the right hand women of Crocodile. Seemingly emotionless and cruel, it is later revealed that Robin had to join criminal organization to avoid being captured and killed by the World Government from the age of eight. Often leaving said organizations when the World Government came for her or when they tried to hand her over. She joined Crocodile for a similar reason, but also to read the Polygraph in Alabastra.

Unfortunately, most Polygraphs contain knowledge of ancient weapons, which is why she is wanted by the World Government their official reason and also the reason her hometown, family, and friends were destroyed and killed.

Robin then demands he take responsibility as she has nowhere else to go and he accepts and thus she ends up joining the Straw Hats. Other than Sanji and Luffy, most of the crew is suspicious of her but all eventually come to see her as a true crew mate and friend. Robin is very knowledgeable on many topics owing to her background as a scholar and prodigy. As such, Robin is the one that tends to explain things to the other Straw Hats. She also has a morbid sense of humour and likes to matter-of-factly state rather morbid facts to the other crew members, much to their dismay.

Out of the whole crew, Robin is the most level headed.

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She is never seen over-reacting or getting emotional and she likes to adventure. Her devil fruit powers are one of the most versatile: Sbs information for Nico Robin: Crane in some cover she is represented with a different birth Color: Purple Favorite Type of Island and Season: Autumn on a Spring Island Cooking Specialties: Robin is the seventy crew member source: Look the next 2 panels: Sandai Kitetsu - connection to Zoro sword, and maybe his past too — now look in the next panel between is the first page of the chapterlook Nami dress is identical to Robin dress in Alabasca look the figure of Robin.

Now you ll see again something really strange!!!! This moment for me is incredible, you can understand in just one cover: In the first 2 panels, you see the title for the arc! From chapter ; Zoro fight the Barock Work until chapterin this chapter Robin is introduce as Miss all Sunday funny Sunday is the 7 day of the week.

Zoro is the main actor in this Arc and not Luffy! Robin character is introduce in this arc Now look the cover of page First let analysed the chapter number.

I know is strange but think in this way: This chapter is a treasure for Zoro character but also for Robin! This is my opinion but for me there is a clear intent from Oda to explain Zoro inside the cover page of the chapter that include also Robin.

Now let analysed the title: Now let look the picture in the cover: He is drinking bier he has the same expression that Zoro normally does, he is indifferent 4 Now look Usop, what did he draw?

I interpret that with do not try touch Robin or you ll have huge problem with Zoro!