Nightcrawler and storm relationship

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nightcrawler and storm relationship

X-Men: The Movie - Rated: K - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 1 Kurt, alias NightCrawler and Ororo, alias Storm lost their daughter Nea when she was . Storm and Nightcrawler. Storm and Nightcrawler Storm Comic, Storm Marvel, Marvel X, Marvel Comic Books, . spiderman and silk relationship -. A.N.N.I.I.N.A. . The relationship also started after Storm's long break from the team, a break that Second, Meggan and Nightcrawler developed a mutual, yet.

Nightcrawler 1 not only reintroduces Nightcrawler to the land of the living as the star of his own series, it reunites him with ex-X-Men writer Chris Claremont. The series begins with Nightcrawler, back from the dead, sparring with his pal Wolverine.

Wolverine loses his temper, prompting Storm to stop the fight and call for medical assistance for Wolverine, who no longer has his healing factor. Kurt is set to become a teacher at the Jean Grey School, and he runs into Rachel Grey, who invites herself over to talk about the new students and reminisce about Excalibur. The reunion is cut short by the arrival of the mysterious robo-beast Trimega, who has come to collect Amanda. Kurt teleports Amanda to safety and, with the help of his Bamfs, knocks Trimega out.

While Kurt and Amanda ponder why he was there in the first place, they realize Trimega has teleported away.

nightcrawler and storm relationship

Kurt vows to help Amanda get to the bottom of it — without calling in the X-Men. At first, Kurt seems prepared to jump into action with his old X-Men friends. Finally, he promises to accompany his old girlfriend around the world. If not, why do we need to see him learning about his new students?

I felt like I was being teleported while reading this issue, jumping from one place to the next with little continuity. It didn't hurt that he was a sensitive giant with the heart of an artist and a farmboy's upbringing. After not-so-secretly swooning over him, Kitty made the first move and kicked off their romance. Their initial relationship was short-lived, as they were separated by a trip to another dimension where Colossus fell in love with someone else.

The two remained close, with Kitty being tasked to spread his ashes when the world thought Colossus had died. It was also she that found the not-dead Colossus during a mission with the X-Men, reuniting the two as adults. Joss Whedon's "Astonishing X-Men" reignited their relationship -- all the way up until it was Kitty's turn to sacrifice herself.

Nowadays the pair are close friends, but their romance is behind them.

nightcrawler and storm relationship

Despite her constantly reminding him that she wasn't able to touch him, Gambit persisted and showed Rogue that they didn't need to kiss to go on dates. Of course, that also didn't stop him from wanting to test out how her powers worked, and the two finally kissed when it looked like the world was literally going to end. Their first kiss proved to be a bad move, though, as Rogue became privy to many of Remy's darkest secrets.

The two would reunite for a short while, but ultimately their star-crossed romance grew into an unbreakable bond -- one perhaps deeper than their love. When either of them is in trouble, they always turn to each other for help.

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Whereas other couples on this list have drifted apart, these two are still in each others' lives, albeit in a nonromantic way. The couple originally got together, mentally, while Cyclops was still married to Jean Grey. His wife's final wish, however, was for him to move on and not be afraid to live -- and that involved moving on to Emma Frost.

Cyclops became more daring while he was with Emma, an appropriate move considering the constant threat mutants were under while they were together. Emma also grew from being an aloof outsider with a dark streak to one of the mutants at the forefront of a movement.

She became an inspiration.

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While their relationship became strained in recent years, Emma gave Cyclops a gift after he recently succumbed to the M-Pox virus. Instead of letting him die from disease, Emma turned him into a martyr by mentally projecting a simulacrum of the mutant leader on one final mission that struck a blow to the Inhumans and their toxic-to-mutants Terrigen cloud. Cyclops and Jean Grey were among the original X-Men, meaning that their relationship goes back to the very foundation of the team.

Their relationship has also encompassed all of the different types of drama we've already seen on this list.

Nightcrawler/Storm, who thinks their a cute couple?

Their relationship has been punctuated with clones and death and time travel. Their love has been at the heart of a number of the franchise's biggest moments, like their last stand together on the moon in "The Dark Phoenix Saga.

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The cartoons and films put these two together over and over again. The introverted leader and compassionate, inspirational hero come together time and time again.