Niles and cc relationship goals

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niles and cc relationship goals

Find amazing Niles X Cc GIFs from on Gfycat. Share your Opus n20 the nanny mine:gifs cc babcock x niles cc babcock Their relationship is. #Made the. Whatever mid-century crisis had overcome Niles, CC knew she he was the one who'd upended the precarious relationship it had taken so long to form. . He didn't have any particular goal in mind, but he wished to have. Listen shipping CC and Niles from the very beginning is the only right way to be. If you're having a bad day, remember that: Niles and CC became canon and.

And he'd done some stupid things in his life. But spitting out proposal after proposal to his alleged nemesis? Impersonating Maxwell and the She Devil to produce a play in a futile attempt to impress her? Costing Sheffield-Babcock hundreds of thousands of dollars? Niles' shoulders sagged as he once again realized how much he'd messed up his life in the span of a few days. Where was he to go?

Back to England, move in with his parents, and go back to university? He scoffed at the idea. He pulled his curtains shut, effectively making his room the gloomiest place in the city.

Treading through the path between boxes and stacks of books, Niles navigated back to his bed. He sat on the edge and stared at his socked feet. Perhaps he'd proposed to Babcock in a desperate attempt to change his life. Whatever the answer would have been—and being honest with himself, Niles knew she was going to say no—it would have changed his life. And change his life it did.

It would appear, however, that it had changed his life for the worse. That was certainly not his intention. She walked further into the marble foyer where she'd earlier revealed more emotion in 5 minutes than in 15 years. Setting her house key on the foyer table with a slight chink, CC pivoted to face the sweeping staircase. If Niles were really moving back to England, she was never going to get the last word. And damnit, she was not going to let him win this. She walked up the stairs, down the hall, and stopped at the door to his room.

It was silent inside, which probably meant that Niles was sitting on the edge of the bed, pouting. Taking a steadying breath, CC pushed open the door and stepped inside. I knew it, CC told herself victoriously. She may not understand his actions of late, but CC knew her Butler Boy. She shut the door sharply behind her and crossed her arms over her chest. Niles looked up at her; if he was surprised that she was suddenly standing in his room after rejecting him both privately and publicly, he showed no signs of it.

She returned his stare before the silence overwhelmed her. Niles simply stared at her. There he was, being so flippant, and he was the one who'd upended the precarious relationship it had taken so long to form. This wasn't how things went between them, and yet Niles completely disregarded the rules. CC felt anger, her default emotion, surge within her again. Niles wasn't defeated and morose. He was witty, sarcastic, and a pain in the ass.

Niles looked up at her, appreciating how formidable she could be when angry. I needed…" Niles wouldn't say that he needed to know. However much he'd known she was going to say no, he'd desperately wanted her to say yes. Their back-and-forth dance wasn't as fulfilling as it should have been and somewhere deep down, Niles was hoping they could bypass another few years of hands brushing against each other in favor of something infinitely more rewarding. His response had fueled her ire and she didn't care to investigate that it was most likely due to the fact that his proposal wasn't inspired by some hidden desire to actually be with her.

But it was what he hadn't said for the past however many years that continued to plague her. This isn't surprising at all.

I knew how you felt. You smiled at me five months ago—was I to take that as a hint that you want me to mother your children? Now he understood how the choreographers felt. And I'm supposed to forget 15 years of insults, pranks, harassment, and damn near assault because you blurt out a proposal the night after you produced a play? I'm still waiting for the punch line. I'm sure you'll move on," CC snapped.

How can you even credit that-" "Boobcock," CC said with such a serious tone and face that Niles nearly laughed.

I can't claim credit for 'Norma Rae' because people insist that someone named Boobcock worked on that. It's no wonder everyone thinks Maxwell is the brains behind the operation. No one even knows who I am! That was supposed to be my weekend. I'm just trying to make you understand why your proposals were surprising for me.

He'd surprised her and himself with the proposals, but it didn't make his request any less genuine. And the constant reminder was only twisting the knife. CC watched him sit down and avoid her eyes, seeing him look more upset than she could ever recall.

niles and cc relationship goals

Were CC less emotional herself, she might have noticed their ever-present pattern: I've played the Bitch of Broadway next to your Bashful Butler routine for the past 6 years and I'm sick of it. I may not be innocent, Niles, but I didn't always deserve your onslaught. And despite everything, history will remember this as icy CC, rejecting poor Niles. A voice in her mind told her that history would remember this as her weakest argument ever.

What do you say, pip pip? And second of all, Miss Babcock, I believe I relinquished all opportunities for an easy life the day I fell in love with you. Had he been looking at her at that precise moment, he would have noticed the way her face faltered and how her eyes widened almost imperceptibly. Her mouth opened slightly and she stepped closer to him. CC took a step back. And for future reference, you don't know much of anything about my life. I only know what it's like growing up being one.

I know a few things about you. He didn't have any particular goal in mind, but he wished to have something to do so that he could ignore how much he was going to miss this infuriating woman.

CC watched as he lifted a pile of books and placed them in an empty box. She took a moment to admire how his suit jacket hugged his shoulders before asking, "Like what? He turned back around, closing his eyes and absentmindedly rearranging the remaining piles. I know you care for his children more than you'd ever admit; I remember you taking care of Miss Grace when Mr. Sheffield thought he couldn't after Sara…" Niles cleared his throat and continued, "I know it killed you because she so looked like Sara.

I know that you initially balked against Miss Fine being here because she couldn't possibly compare to her. I know you look forward to your brother's visits and part of you wishes your sister would visit, too. I know you really treat Chester like a prince at your penthouse. And I know that you'd tell anyone that your favorite meal is duck confit but that you'd rather have a big hamburger any day of the week.

I know that you stand like that," he pointed to her current posture, "when you're trying to hide. You act so annoyed with my antics but I see how much you light up when we play.

I know your relationships have failed because your ex-boyfriends have been so painfully boring and you need something exciting.

Your favorite flowers are lilies, your favorite color is red, and you don't have many friends because every other woman your age and stature is a carbon copy of each other and you can't stand such falsity. He knew it was too much too late, and his very complicated relationship with CC would never be the same. At the very least, it gave Niles small comfort that CC knew he cared for her and that he had paid attention these past 15 years.

As soon as he felt it rise in him, he knew he had to leave. He knew how Babcock's mind worked; the vulnerable speech would make her open up for a limited amount of time, after which she would close off and accuse him of messing with her mind and running off again. Just as she reached out to touch his arm, Niles opened his bedroom door and walked off. I feel like I stink from being at the zoo. That's how you normally smell. She groaned frustrated when she couldn't get a signal.

We're all headed the same way, so if you're unable to get a cab, we'll take you home. Just as Maxwell had said there were a few cabs outside the zoo. CC turned to look at Maxwell before stepping into the cab. If you can get me there in 15 minutes, there's an extra 50 in it for you. Fran watched them drive off before closing the door. Niles looked at Maxwell and Fran after putting their coats away.

In the kitchen Maggie and Brighton both got themselves a soda from the fridge and then went upstairs. Sylvia had been looking in from the window in the door, and she walked in when the coast was clear.

She quickly made her way over to the chocolate cake and got it out of its container. You're coming home with me. She just made it out of mansion in time for no one to see her. Seconds later Maxwell entered the kitchen.

He looked around and frowned at the empty container where the cake had been seconds before. He then looked in the fridge as Niles came down the stairs. Maxwell closed the fridge and looked at Niles. It didn't get up and walk away by itself! I just assumed she forgot something.

I guess that will have to do for dessert. I'll just go and break the bad news to Fran about there not being any chocolate cake. Fran pouted slightly at not eating chocolate cake, but she instead decided to focus on the day's trip to the zoo.

She looked at Maxwell and smiled. It was nice and quite relaxing. And it made me think. That's a great idea. The children can easily get time off from school, and CC and I aren't busy with work, so we can both go. I thought we could just leave for a few days and then come back for the last night of Hanukkah and celebrate that with your family. That way we'll also be home in time for Christmas Eve. Did you also have a place in mind? She shook her head at Maxwell. Why on earth should I go to Canada?

We could all use some time away after the scare we recently had being stuck in the car. And as you remember, you didn't get a chance to ski when we went to Aspen. Canada is a perfect choice. It'll do you some good. Niles will make the arrangements and call you with the details.

If Dust Mop over there calls me with the details, he'll have me over here at 3. I don't want to have to call CC at 2. Niles gave Maxwell a nod. Indeed he would probably have had her over much too early in the morning.

See you all tomorrow. The next morning everyone went to pick up CC. As you remember, Chester is much the reason why, I got injured the last time I had a chance to ski. I'm not risking falling over his leash again. After checking into their rooms, they all went to unpack and agreed to meet up an hour later. Niles was happy that he had a room to himself.

He thought he'd have to share with Brighton. When he was done unpacking he took an extra look in his suitcase. He groaned out loud when he realized he'd forgotten to pack underwear. Glancing quickly at his watch he realized, he had some time before having to meet up with everyone else. He put on his jacket and grabbed his wallet and key and walked out to buy some underwear.

On his way back to his room after buying underwear, he ran into CC, who came out of her room. What have you been up to? Don't be so secretive. She looked inside the bag and noticed more pairs. What, did the elastic finally wear out on your old ones? How do you forget to pack underwear?

It simply slipped my mind. Now, can I please have my underwear back? They spent the rest of the day relaxing around the town they were staying in, and in the evening they all went out to dinner.

They next day everyone went out to ski during the day while Fran went out shopping. Maggie and Gracie met up with her in the mid afternoon, and a few hours later everyone else did too. We thought we would just go and get a burger before the movie starts. I actually noticed a lovely restaurant yesterday.

Fran, Niles, CC, and I could have dinner there, and then we could all meet up later. The four of us can meet in the lobby at 7. Have a nice evening. When they stood outside they noticed a poster.

It's couple's night only tonight. They even have a special menu. We might be a couple, but Niles and CC aren't. For once she agreed with Fran about the food. She then looked at Maxwell and shook her head. The food does actually look quite delicious, and I'm too hungry and tired to look for another restaurant that looks as good as this one. Don't I get a say? CC smirked at him.

You have to admit the food looks delicious. But only to shut you up, and because I'm hungry too. They were greeted by the maitre d.

niles and cc relationship goals

You should be aware that tonight is couple's night, so I assume that you're here with your wife or girlfriend? CC quickly jumped into the conversation at seeing Maxwell's hesitation. If she and Niles were going to pretend to be a couple, there wasn't room for hesitation. Were you all planning on eating together this evening?

We do realize, it's couple's night, but we're only in town for a few days, so we want to spend our evenings together. And your restaurant just seemed too lovely to turn down. The maitre d smiled proudly. However, at the moment we don't have two tables available close to each other, and you won't all four be able to fit around one table. It is a rather lovely menu, we have tonight, and you'll be able to spend some time alone with your husband. With all the food being for two, it will be more romantic with just the two of you.

Instead she gave him a fake sweet smile. We can't sit next to each other. The town seems to be rather crowded because of the Holiday season, so it might be difficult to get a table somewhere else.

It could be late before we find another table, and we do have to meet with the children. Besides, the menu sounds really delicious, and I do need to eat soon. Do you think it would be alright for Fran and I to eat alone? You can send the waiter over with your bill, and I'll pay it. It wasn't that he had a problem with eating alone with CC. If fact he would love nothing more. However, he would rather want them to be an actual couple instead of only pretending to be one.

Now, you two try to be on your best behavior. After all, the maitre d thinks you're married. Maxwell walked back up to the maitre d.

The tables were in opposite directions and Niles and CC both sighed. When they sat down and the maitre d had gone, Niles gave CC a slight glare, and was a bit annoyed. Is that the best you could come up with? Now what are we going to do? You claim to have no last name, so I couldn't use yours. That only left mine. Letting the maitre d think we were married was the best I could come up with.

It's not like it matters anyway. If we're just civil to each other, we'll be just fine and no one will be able to tell that we're not a couple. As long as we get along we should be just fine. Did you enjoy yourselves? They had tried to be civil to each other to begin with, but one polite comment from Niles about their surroundings had made CC throw a remark at him instead. They'd ended up throwing zingers at each other all through dinner, and CC had even insulted the waiter and a few couples dining, who had all looked at them oddly.

Niles had tried to smooth out the situation by telling everyone that CC was going through menopause. That hadn't made things better between him and CC. She and Maxwell had both been able to hear a bit of their arguing when they'd been at the loudest. Instead of commenting any further, she looked at her watch.

Fran noticed that Niles and CC didn't exactly greet each other when they'd arrived at the table. However, Maxwell hadn't noticed, and was at the present moment reading a newspaper.

We got to talking to some kids yesterday, and they asked if we'd like to go skiing with them, and then hang out with them in town later. We were supposed to spend the day together. We're not leaving until the day after, so we can all hang out tomorrow.

cc babcock x niles GIFs

And didn't you say, you wanted to take her on that sleigh ride to make up for being out skiing all day yesterday? Ooh that sounds so romantic. I'd love to go on a sleigh ride. You and I will go on the sleigh ride and have a romantic day together, while the children will spend the day with the other children. Enjoy the day kids. We'll be back at the hotel at 5. We'll make plans regarding dinner then. They both glared at him.

You two can spend the day together. I don't recall being asked to come along as Ms. It's not safe to go skiing alone. You will go skiing together or not at all. Do I make myself clear? CC looked at Niles. He rolled his eyes. They had tried to be civil to each other and had managed from time to time, but had bantered and thrown insults at each other a lot too. It was now 4. Not only because it was getting dark, but also because the snow had started to come down more within the last thirty minutes.

Babcock, I think we should head back down. The children will be back in an hour, and we did agree to meet all the Sheffields at 6. We really should be heading back. How often do we get to go skiing? We could at least wait a few minutes. Now let's go this way. It seems like it's not a suitable skiing route. Thirty minutes later they had no idea where they were.

What was even worse was that the falling snow had now turned into a blizzard, and it was much darker. Instead of giving me a lecture, you should try to find a way for us to get the hell off of this mountain. So why don't you find a way off of this mountain?

Niles did the same. He got his off quickly when he saw her walking away from him. You will just have to hurry up instead. CC had then walked out onto a snow covered branch that broke the minute she stepped on it.

Seeing her fall Niles quickly threw his skies away and threw himself in her direction to catch her. He steadied himself and tried to get a better hold of her and the tree trunk. I need you to keep your body under control as much as possible.

Can you do that? They locked eyes and they saw the panic and the fear of dying in each other's eyes. I need to get a better hold of the tree trunk, and I need to see if I can swing my leg over it. He managed but the tree trunk started to make sounds as if it would break. Niles quickly pulled his leg back. I'll have to see if I can get a good hold with my feet on the rocks. He locked eyes with her again, and it broke his heart to see her tearstained face.

I can feel I'm slipping, and I won't be able to hold on much longer. If you don't, we'll both fall to our deaths. He shook his head. If you go, I go.

I will not let you die just to save my own sorry ass. I wouldn't be able to live with myself, if I did. He then managed to get a steady hold on the rock with his feet.

If you do, you'll be able to hold on to the tree trunk as well. Now give it a try. She smiled at him. Now I have to see if I can't get a hold of something with my foot on the edge of the mountain. I won't let go of you, I promise. He managed to get a hold of a rock, and when he felt he had a good enough hold he pulled himself up. He lay flat on his stomach but kept a hold of the tree trunk and CC. Just tell me what I need to do. You'll have to take one foot off the rock you're on and place it a bit higher.

You'll then push yourself off while I pull you up as well. Do you think you can do that? I'm going to count to three and then on 'go' we'll do it.

Niles and CC - The Engagement

We have to give it our best shot, so that we won't have to do it again. The more we try, the harder it gets. One, two, three, go. He then quickly dragged them both a few feet away to safety. Once he was convinced they were out of harms way he threw his arms around her and hugged her for dear life. She hugged him back.

But good god, Woman, you scared me. A few days ago you could've died in a car accident, and now you could've died falling off a mountain. I don't know what I'd do if I lost you. She shook her head slightly. Well, I am a bit sore on my arm and my right ankle. I did hit that side on the rock. But first we should find shelter. We won't be able to get off this mountain in this weather, and I doubt anyone will be able to come and find us, once the Sheffields realize we're not back.

That should help us see better. Then he grabbed the ski poles and handed her one, while keeping the other one, in the same hand as the flashlight. He then took hold of her hand with his free one. We won't be able to only use one pair of skies anyway, and there's no sense in carrying the extra weight. After walking for a while, CC thought she spotted a small shed. I think I saw a shed. They quickly made there way over there and were glad to see it wasn't locked.

After quickly getting inside they closed the door and Niles flashed the light around the small shed. But luckily enough there are no holes in the shed, and there's a bench, a table, a thin worn out mattress, and a small cupboard. The window seems pretty tight too. Wonder if there's anything in the cupboard. There are a couple of candles here, two candlesticks, and some matches.

Bring it over here on the table, and then sit down. I need to look at your ankle and arm. I had no trouble walking, and my arm feels fine. A few moments later, two candles were lit, and she had her leg stretched out on the bench waiting for Niles to take a look at it. She looked at him confusedly when he went to open his backpack. I think your ankle's fine then. Roll up your sleeve and let me look at your arm. All taken care of.

Was it something you had to learn in order to become a butler? What else did you do? When I was a young lad, I worked at a summer camp for a few weeks a couple of years. I'd had extended training in first aid, and I mostly worked in the first aid clinic during those weeks.

Mind you, I didn't deal with anything major. Just small cuts and bruises, when the children would fall and hurt themselves from climbing trees. I know we didn't fall through water or too much snow, but it's important that we stay dry. When I fell you yelled out my first name.

Sheffield, and you're his business partner. It would be improper of me to call you by your first name. I've always called Mrs.

Sheffield by her last name even before she married Mr. I could've easily called her by her first name before her marriage, but I didn't because it's not what butlers do.

You'd always refer to me as Ms. And furthermore, you call Sylvia, Yetta, and Val by their first names too. Shouldn't you then also call them by their last names? Sheffield's business partner, and that's where the difference is.

But then how about calling me names? What's your answer to that? So doesn't that mean that even if I started calling you a name, you should've still called me by my last name? Instead he just shook his head a little frustrated. We're going to be stuck here all night, and I don't really feel like fighting. Nearly three hours later CC felt her stomach growling. She felt reluctant to talk to Niles, but she really wanted to know if he had anything eatable in his backpack.

To her it seemed like it was completely packed. However, she asked him politely. I'm a bit hungry. I figured we might need it to keep our energy up. I also bought some fruit, chocolate bars, and cookies. I know it snowed rather badly before we found the shed, but I've noticed it's let up a bit.

I think we should be able to make it out of here tomorrow. I bought plenty of bananas, so they should help settle our hunger tomorrow morning. Wasn't that heavy to ski with? It might look like a lot, but it's not that heavy. I only bought two bottles of water, so we should save some for tomorrow. When they were done eating and had put the fruit, chocolate bars, and cookies away that they hadn't eaten, she decided to ask him about it.

He briefly looked away, but then looked back at her and shrugged. My life would be rather boring. Now how about you tell me the truth? You're lying, I can tell.

You also said you'd never let me go, and you clearly stressed the 'never' part. You said that if I went, so did you. What did you mean by all that? We could've died today, so don't you think we can at least be honest with each other?

Especially when it's something you said, when we were about to die?

Niles-C.C. Relationship

I can tell that you're lying to me. Just tell me the truth, Niles. I think I'm entitled to know the truth behind your words.

No, I know I'm entitled to know. He stood up and started to pace around the small shed. She was a bit startled by his action but said nothing. He stopped pacing and looked her straight in the eyes, and was clearly admitting defeat. She shook her head and looked at him again. It's what we do, and it works both ways. It was when he told you that he and I had known each other since we were children. To make sure you'd heard correctly, you asked him if he was friends with the help.

He told you he was, and you told him that you could never be friends with the help. In honesty, she didn't remember that conversation with Maxwell.

It was so long ago. Were you in the room? I was out in the hallway cleaning. The door to the office was slightly open. None of the staff's children, we'd had at my house growing up, had been my friends, and I didn't become friends with them when I got older nor did they end up working for me.

I was talking about them when I said I couldn't become friends with the help. I didn't mean that I couldn't become friends with staff in general. You and Maxwell had known each other your whole lives, so of course you'd still be friends even though you worked for him. And I was never serious when I ridiculed your profession, just as I'm sure not everything you've ever said to me, was the truth.

What do you think I should've seen you as? You started telling me the truth, so you better damn well finish. I wanted you to see me as everything other than a butler. You wanted me to see you as a brother, a friend?

Sheffield for years, even though he hasn't even been close to reciprocating your feelings. And you're still doing it now although he's married again and will be a father again in a few months. I'm only going to be able to say all of this once, so I'd appreciate if you'll just let me say what I have to say. You're the one who wanted to hear it. Sheffield, you haven't taken the time to look for, what could've been an everlasting relationship.

Yes, you've been on dates, but no one has been close to giving you what you really need. You need someone, who won't back down and who'll give back as good as you give. Someone who knows you inside and out, and who'll worship the very ground you walk on.

Someone who'll be proud of your accomplishments, and someone who'll tell you that you'll bounce back, when one of your plays has done less than okay. You need someone, who'll love you for who you are, and not for the person, who you think you need to be. Someone, who'll love you for your flaws as well as your qualities.

You need someone who thinks you're perfect, just the way you are.

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I always hoped that that someone would be me, but I've started to give up on that dream. When he opened his eyes again they were damp and he revealed his feelings completely. I've loved you for years.

Ever since you showed up at the mansion. But you never seemed me to give me the time of day. At least not in anyway that resembled romantic feelings. I can't really blame you, because as you said the insults worked both ways. You only had eyes for men, who were rich and famous, and you had especially eyes for Mr.