Noughts and crosses sephy callum relationship tips

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noughts and crosses sephy callum relationship tips

The idea of Crosses and Noughts mixing seems a bad idea to most of the world For Sephy and Callum's relationship to work they have to try and ignore what. Callum and sephy have a complicated relationship. They love each other so much but neither want to admit it because it is a 'forbidden love' much like Romeo . What inspired you to write Noughts & Crosses? 3 Three years later, Callum and Sephy are still friends, though social divisions threaten their relationship.

When no one commented I took it for a bad sign and decided that that was probably my queue to leave and that I should most likely wrap this up. Somehow I couldn't quite believe her considering the tension in the room was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Can I get you a drink? I really didn't feel welcome here and although I prepared myself for the hostile and unwelcome glares nothing could of prepared me for the thousands of holes being burned in my skull by each and every nought here.

You've come this far, you can't leave without a drink. His eyes were hard and his jaw was set in a hard line, I could tell he would probably prefer if I just went home, which was what I was trying to do. I wonder what he was going to say. Part of me wished him to ask me to say as well, although the other half was begging him to let me go. Unfortunately I never got to hear the rest of Callum's speech as Jude appeared from no-where in a whirlwind storm of anger.

Who told you could come here in the first place? Nonetheless, my brain dove right back into my thoughts, as my eyes stayed connected with Callum's, making it harder for my ears to pick up most of Jude's harsh and cutting words. I looked towards Jude and followed his out stretched hand to Harry our old chuffer.

What did Harry have to do with this, didn't our new chuffer say that he had quit? As I stared at Harry, with what I was sure was complete perplexity written all over my face, he glared straight back at me with an evil sneer. When your face was plastered all over the TV screen and I was nowhere to been seen, your mother kicked me out so fast I'll have the imprint of her foot on my backside 'til the day I die!

If I knew Harry would have been fired when I got out the car that day I would have stayed, for his sake rather than mine.

noughts and crosses sephy callum relationship tips

Who cares about the whispers I would have gotten. I could hear the harsh whispers all around me as they engulfed me in a sea of hatred and antagonism. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I was the reason Harry lost his job. I was the reason that Harry was now jobless, and I will be the person to blame in a few years time when Harry, his wife and 2 daughters are starving. I swear I didn't know.

noughts and crosses sephy callum relationship tips

Desperately trying to swallow back the lump in my throat. I looked down to see Judes' large hand resting against my shoulder, and from the way everyone was gaping between me and Jude, I gathered that he must of pushed me, though I couldn't bring myself to do anything, because I well and truly deserved everything he gave me and more.

Judes was well built and could easily take me down with no problem if he so wished, forget the implications. I wasn't going to tell father about the shove, but if I came home covered in bruises the interrogation would start and then I would be in a lot of trouble. I could hear the questions going through my mind right now; where were you? What were you doing? Who gave you those bruises? What was I thinking? I was wearing my Jackson Spacey dress that I was only allowed to wear with mother's permission.

No wonder they believed, I thought I was better than them.

noughts and crosses sephy callum relationship tips

Is that how it's meant to work? I was never meant to wear this, this was all going wrong, I should of just left when I had the chance, And now I was going to get beat up by, no doubt, several people and mother was going to kill me when she saw me in the only nice dress. He didn't even try to stick up for me. He was supposed to be my friend. What did you think Persephone? That he was going to come along and knock Jude out of the way, then sweep you up in his arms and whisk you away?

Sure maybe if this was a fairy tale. My vision became blurry as my eyes filled with glistening tears. My feet moved on their own accord carrying me towards the door, and even though the room was practically filled to capacity, a pathway managed to opened up for me like I was parting the sea. I held my tears as I walked out the door, down the drive and back up the road. As soon as I turned onto the next road I couldn't hold it in any more.

I collapsed on to the floor as I let the pain of loneliness and hurt overwhelm me. Tears poured from my eyes as heart wrenching sobs escaped my mouth.

I only went to show my respects, to show them that I really did care, that I understood. I never meant to make anyone angry or hurt that is not why I came here, I wasn't trying to cause any trouble. Why we like and dislike Callum's character Edit Callum's character changes throughout the book.

Noughts & Crosses

When we are first introduced to him I see him as having a lot of potential and talent but he doesn't think it is possible for him to do anything because of the racism he lives amongst. He is hypocritical and says that it isn't ok for crosses to judge noughts yet he never really gives crosses a chance. He complains a lot about the conditions he lives in but he never does anything about it. He just assumes that it is never going to change and lives his life sad.

But then after the death of his father his whole perspective on life changes. He learns about Jude and what he is doing and instead of hating him for it like before he begins to envy him.

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He distances himself from Sephy as much as possible and try's to illuminate his feelings for her. His charecter turns into a very hard working strong wills charecter. In some ways this is good but along with those traits he also turns into a cold blooded killer. He murders other crosses just to prove himself as a member of the m. The only person that can change Callum's feelings from cold and lifeless to loving is Sephy.

And at the end of the book she does. In a show of solidarity to Callum, Sephy makes the difficult decision to sit beside Callum, knowing that there will be repercussions. As a result of this decision she is socially ostracised by both noughts and crosses.

This was an extremely difficult thing for Sephy to do. The tension is clearly palpable as Blackman evokes the tension through her adroit use of violent verbs and similes: I was still holding on to my tray, and everything on it went flying…………… Mrs Bawden yanked me away from the table and dragged me across the food hall.

Like all normal relationships, Callum and Sephy fight and have arguments. Both characters can be querulous at times towards each other especially when one of them have been hurt. Callum rebukes Sephy for drinking alcohol, accusing her of being a drunk: They are constantly challenging each other through the novel.