Organization and relationship systems coaching program

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organization and relationship systems coaching program

It is an integrated and robust coaching model based on Relationship Systems Intelligence™. Beyond Emotional Intelligence (relationship with. Gabriela is trained in Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC ™), ICF (International Coach Federation) accredited coaching program. Advanced training for coaches, consultants and organizational development is the first relationship systems-focused ICF-accredited coach training program.

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ORSC Coach Training Courses

Having a conflict protocol and a decision-making protocol critical in teams. Working conflict creates an opportunity consciously work culture in teams. Conflict a ripe area for coaches to work systemically. Concerned about teams that are conflict averse. Systems are innately more flat in their hierarchy than how many organizations are structured; executives that are too command and control often are out of alignment with the system and that can be a risk area for team coaches.

Important for team coaches to work with the team leader in order to create a safe environment for systems work to be done.

organization and relationship systems coaching program

Working with systems requires 3 types of intelligence: Example of working with an aeronautics group: Begins with needs assessment and shaping the engagement according to the needs that are found. Every person on a team is a voice of that system.

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They were doing some work around feedback with the individuals and the group. Coaches invited VP to talk about her relationship to the group and her role: Group sends her out to do the dirty work that no one else wants to do or to get their hands dirty. What she said was so resonant. Sat in the silence for a bit and let it ripen.

Roles belong to the system. If you cut someone of the team, the role will emerge with someone else. Story of Culture Change in a County Government: Coaching sessions with the group in between the courses. Across the 5 sessions they have the time to internalize the concepts and tools and to begin consciously impacting the system. Usually about a month to 6 weeks between the courses. About creating a coaching culture within the organization.

organization and relationship systems coaching program

Moreover, every system is intelligent by itself. It will tell you if there is something wrong. And your entire job as System Coach is to listen for those signals and reveal them back to the system so that the system can react and possibly solve the issue or improve itself. You are not here to solve it for them, you shall only help them to straighten their relationship, and let the relationship to fix it.

However, despite on how silly it feels, it works. Even if it is painful. The second concept which is actually quite connected to the appreciation is positivity. Did you know that good teams have its positivity: And how is it for your team?

Positivity will not just happen, you must garden it, search for it, help it to become an integral part of your system. Defensiveness, Blame, Stonewalling, Contempt. Everyone does bit of it from time to time, however just educate on them would limit their dominance. So my learning point here is to educate teams on toxins, and coach them to understand the impact of them to the team health. I believe the awareness by itself will help team to be better. At the beginning, it had been completely incomprehensible.

Our trainers mentioned we may only get it at the end of the module. But I was completely desperate. What the hell it means? But sometime during the last day of the module it got to me all at once. And here is my challenge with it. It took me full three days to get it, so how am I going to arrange such experience to my clients in much shorter time?

I guess using the ORSC coaching framework.