Paris and syria relationship

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paris and syria relationship

Chirac, Assad and the Others: Franco-Syrian Relations since Bashar Al- Assad and wife, Paris, 14 July , French National Day. US-French military relations have come a long way from the strikes, effectively reintroduced Paris as a substantial actor in the Syrian conflict. Just as its relationship with the US over Syria is very tense these days, in Paris and for offering to mediate between the SDF and Turkey.

Manon Nour-Tannous, Chirac, Assad et les autres. He immediately snapped back that France has no say in the matter: Grown Rusty And yet the French position contains the hope of reintegrating Syria into its foreign policy in order to take part in negotiations which have been dragging on for some time, first in Geneva and now in Astana Kazakhstan.

France and Syria

For France, it is clearly not so much a matter of restoring bilateral relations as of using Syria to regain a foothold in the Middle East. For France, what was at stake was using Syria to make its presence felt in the Middle East, primarily to offset American power.

In the words of a former executive of French foreign intelligence, quoted in the book: But since they feel a bit weak, they seek an ally French or English to deal with the Americans on equal terms.

Yet history could well repeat itself, following the pattern in vogue for the past fifty years: And so the diplomats swing into action again. But as soon as Syrian interests are really at stake, France obtains nothing and diplomatic relations may even be broken off.

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In the words of the political scientist Joseph Bahout, there is something pathological about this recurrent determination to be on good terms with Syria: I believe Hollande was yearning an opportunity to join the U.

Paris attacks But France did not mediate to push for a political solution in Syria through the Geneva II talks, but instead continued to support the rebel groups, providing weapons until August On the other hand, Hollande resists opening up any channel of communication with the Syrian government. Halla Diyab is an award winning screen-writer, producer, broadcaster, a published author and an activist.

She has a Ph.

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She has written a number of scripts for TV dramas countering religious extremism and international terrorism resulting in her being awarded Best Syrian Drama Script Award and the Artists Achievement Award She also produces documentary films for UK and international channels.

Just as its relationship with the US over Syria is very tense these days, Turkey is realising that warm handshakes from Iran and Russia do not necessarily imply lasting alliances.

Even as the ongoing Russian-led Astana peace process has the potential to sideline the Kurds altogether, a decisive US-led intervention could potentially weaken the Assad regime to the point where it felt more inclined to negotiate. Civilians in the captured city of Afrin, northern Syria. That generated a huge amount of anxiety among the Kurdish leadership in Syria, and raised the spectre of their worst fear: There is a real concern in Iraq that an escalation in Syria could create a dangerous security vacuum, strengthening the position of holdout IS militants who are already present near the Iraqi-Syrian border.

It includes several NATO allies: NATO countries have been holding active consultations on the situation in Syria after the chemical attack on Douma.

paris and syria relationship

We condemn in the strongest terms the use of chemical weapons and call on the Syrian regime and its backers to allow full and unimpeded access to international medical assistance and international monitoring.

NATO considers the use of chemical weapons a threat to international peace and security. And those responsible must be held accountable.

paris and syria relationship

We must do all we can to protect the ban on the use of chemical weapons. But while this statement implies some semblance of unity between NATO members, the reality is that, while not on the scale of divisions caused by the Iraq war inSyria has truly split the alliance.

paris and syria relationship

Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel.