Pein and konan relationship

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pein and konan relationship

Konan and Yahiko were orphans together during the Second Shinobi World War. that for the sake of Akatsuki's future, she doesn't have time for relationships. So, I've heard two major theories about the relationship between Konan and Pein . A lot of people think they're lovers, since the flashback made. Aug 13, This does pose the question of when Orochimaru defected from Konoha in relation to when Jiraiya left to train Yahiko, Nagato, Konan. Because.

Yahiko, Nagato and Konan lived together with Jiraiya as he taught them ninja skills. At one point, Nagato and Yahiko were attacked by chunin from Iwagakure. Blinded by his will to protect his friend, Nagato resorted to using his Rinnegan against the shinobi, killing them. Nagato sought out help from Jiraiya and told him that all he wanted was to protect Yahiko and Konan.

After Jiraiya's departure from them three years later, Nagato Konan and Yahiko persued their dream peace. Over time they gained several followers, forcing them to find a bigger hideout. They eventually named their group the Akatsuki.

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In the anime, at one point, Yahiko, Nagato, and Konan were attacked by shinobi while protecting a small town. Konan surrounded the enemy with paper shuriken, but her attack soon lost its effect as the rain dampened the paper. Taking a chance to strike her, the enemy attacked, though Nagato was able to save her. When all three of them fought again against ANBU disguised as shinobi from Stone village, Yahiko tried to negotiate with them, but to no avail.

Yahiko managed to bring him back to his senses in order to prevent bloodshed and they fled away from the battle zone, returning to the hideout. Later, Konan found him near a pond in thought.

He confessed to her that he felt afraid of his power, but Konan comforted him and placed her hand on his. In response, Nagato blushed and grabbed her hand. As the Akatsuki began to get bigger, Hanzo began to feel threatened by them and set up a plan with Danzo to eliminate its leader.

Under the pretense of wanting to discuss peace, Hanzo called for a meeting with Nagato and Yahiko. Once they were together, Hanzo revealed he had captured Konan and threatened to kill her if Nagato did not kill Yahiko with the kunai he had thrown to him.

Konan begged for them to run away and forget her, but they refused to leave. Yahiko commited suicide by forcibly impaling himself with the kunai that was in Nagato's hand. Mortified and enraged by what had just occured, Nagato summoned the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path and slaughtered everybody but Konan and Hanzo who managed to disable his legs before escaping.

After Yahiko's death, both Nagato and Konan's personalities drastically changed. Both became much more serious, stoic and stolid. Konan became solemn and silent, rarely speaking in Akatsuki meetings.

She was the only one to call Nagato by his true name and only left his side at his edict. She was extremely loyal, finding all her orders absolute and fulfilled them without question. She was even willing to kill her former mentor Jiraiya on his command. He became very solemn, much like Konan.

pein and konan relationship

Becoming the leader of the Rain village and being the leader of the Akatsuki are his top properties. There are even cannon discussions about this.

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I used to hate it so much… but now I want to save it from the bottom of my heart. Yahiko is determined to bring peace to this world and this is what Konan admires most about him. As a child, Konan loved him so dearly and as she grew older, that love only grew stronger. Look at how much she smiles.

Look how happy she is. Look how she grew up. She grew up with no parents, no food, no shelter, she is a child of war, and hardship but her smile can light up a room.

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Yahiko brings light into her world. He makes her laugh. He saved her, and her smile saved Yahiko, and her kindness saved Nagato. Even before she met Nagato or Jiryaha, she has always been smiling with him and only with him.

Pein and Konan's Relationship

Is shown to be unbelievably kind, and will always help those in need around her, even if it comes before her own needs. Even when she became a young adult, and she appeared cold and heartless, she still cared for the original no-name who cares Akatsuki like they were her children.

pein and konan relationship

She tended to Yahiko and Nagto so tenderly and watched over them. She held her friends close to her heart. I do believe Yahiko and Konan loved each other, and I think they would of made a long lasting committed couple if Yahiko grew to control the rain village… But everything changed when the fire nation attacked When Yahiko died.

This is what changed everything. This is what heart break looks like. This is what it feels like. Yahiko died for her sake.

There were millions of other options to save Konan, why did he expect Hanzo to hold up his side of the bargain once killed? Nagato had to save her.

pein and konan relationship

Yahiko committed suicide to save Konan. This I think destroyed Konan from the inside. Konan, became a cold woman. She killed the kind child inside of her that day.

pein and konan relationship

She rarely smiled again. She locked her emotions away. There is kindness that hides under her cruelty. She looks into the dead eyes of her past lover with no emotions what-so-ever. In fact, she hardly looks at him at all. Do you notice this? Look at every time that Konan and Deva are on screen together. Konan is either looking away from him, or through him.

No emotion displaying on her once expressive features. She never looks him dead in the eye. Naruto is here, and might kill Nagato, but the threat of death has never gotten such an emotion out of her before: She looks always more expressive, hesitant… scared. As if the child she was so long ago is trying to escape these eyes. She feels guilt being around Nagato. He barely acknowledges her.