Peter pan and jane relationship goals

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peter pan and jane relationship goals

Why is it that in Peter Pan, Wendy doesn't stay with Peter in Never Never Land? . Honestly if you want to see more of their relationship touched on watch the. Oct 27, Explore Talyn Orf's board "Relationship goals" on Pinterest. | See more peter pan and wendy flying to mermaid lagoon - Bing images. Talyn Orf. My life was one of goals and deadlines, of The Love Story Of Peter Pan And Tinker Bell, As Told By Peter . like reading Jane Eyre for the th time, or cooking kale and lentil soup with the burner on high and way too much cumin. . A weekly guide to improving all of the relationships in your life.

At least, that's how it had been. Lately, we flew less often. I weighed considerably more these days, and she cast me about considerably less. But now I can feel her throwing me about, can feel the warmth of her hand in mine, pouring into my arm like sparkles, cascading down and up my spine to make my feet feel light and my hair stand on end.

peter pan and jane relationship goals

The power of Tinker Bell's touch. I don't want to let go of her hand.

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I want to squeeze it, clutch it. I want to pull her towards me and bury her in my arms, to close my eyes and breath the winter scent of her hair as I used to. But instead I look down at her hand holding mine and can see the awkwardness seeping into the corners of my vision like fire eating a picture.

As soon as it had started, the moment passes, and she lets my hand fall away. Such is life with Tinker Bell. Lifetimes of seconds, wrenched away from me as we float above the world.

Together and ever growing apart. The reek of cotton candy slowly gives way to the dark, earthy scent of straw and manure as the shouldering crowds are replaced with tiny shrieks and strollers creaking in mud ruts. Tinker Bell skips ahead with a laugh and I look at the hand she released, suddenly heavy with it's great ring of guilt. There is a woman wearing my guilt ring's pair. A woman who is sitting at home doing something wonderfully mundane, like reading Jane Eyre for the th time, or cooking kale and lentil soup with the burner on high and way too much cumin.

She is a woman connected to me by years of love and awkwardly unspoken distances. A woman humming a Lucy Kaplansky song to herself while her husband floats through a blinking, shrieking Neverland with his fairy girl. I can feel the weight of this guilt pressing down on my shoulders and head like a wet, wool blanket, muggy in its damp, accusatory heat. It is this weight, I think to myself, that makes me too heavy for Tinker Bell to cast about anymore.

But even as I think it, I know it's not true. It's not my fear and guilt that is pulling her away.

peter pan and jane relationship goals

As much as could be expected from a girl. And such is the price you pay when you fall so deeply in love with someone so young. She speaks, and something about meat and gluten is lost in the sudden honking of a donkey who has had just quite enough pulling on that particular ear, thank you very much. I'm not sure what we're doing here. She rises from petting a white angora bunny and looks at me with eyes full of confusion and concern, and only very lightly sprinkled with hurt.

peter pan and jane relationship goals

Maybe, I think, she is dressing a wound, a great wrenching wound of choices and betrayal. And my face flushes with embarrassment and that heavy weight of wet, hot guilt. The truth is this: As much as I love my wife, her life would be forfeit for the life of my Tinker Bell.

It hardly matters that she would likely say the same- she has the same conflicts and demons, the same choices. The thought of those choices fills me with warmth, and love, and wretched self-loathing.

Tinker Bell, oblivious, aware, giggling, flutters to the maligned donkey to stroke it gently, calming it in that way she has of calming everything she touches. She smiles and skips and laughs, flying from animal to animal as if breakfast never happened, as if the earthquake never shook her heart, as if her world didn't come tumbling down around her over mustard and basil omelets and stupid-for-gods-sake-why-does-everything-have-to-be-called-heirloom tomato slices.

Unlike me, she is happy.

peter pan and jane relationship goals

She can be happy because she is young. Today is a goodbye, and this type of goodbye is easy for the young. In a sense, this type of goodbye is the entire purpose of being young, and it never catches the young by surprise.

It has something to do with the riddle of his being. If he could get the hang of the thing his cry might become "to LIVE would be an awfully big adventure!

No one is going to catch me, lady, and make me a man. I want to always be a little boy and have fun. In italics So perhaps he thinks, but it is only his greatest pretend" This isn't a love story.

peter pan and jane relationship goals

Its a story about growing up. How we all want it and yet also fear it. Peter Pan is the only child who will never choose to grow up. Wendy does, the lost boys do, Michael and John do. Miss Darling did, even though Peter is still able to steal the kiss from the corner of her mouth. Darling has always wanted and never been able to get to.

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Wendy also becomes very jealous, when she sees Tiger Lily flirting with Peter, with Peter enjoying the attention. Later, when Wendy and her brothers and the lost boys are kidnapped by Captain HookWendy doesn't lose faith in Peter Pan, and believes that he will save them. Peter catches Wendy when she is forced to walk the plank, and after he defeats Captain Hook, he takes her back to London.

Wendy clearly cares for Peter, and in both J. Barrie's book and various movies and anime, she tries to communicate this to him. In all cases, while Peter is keen on her attention to him, he is stridently opposed to any form of intimate relationship between the two. His hatred of mothers and strong ambivalence to emotional love sets him at odds with Wendy's reverence of mothers and her nurturing desires.

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The irony of this is made even more evident by Peter's initial reason for bringing Wendy to Neverland, and that is to have her be a mother to the Lost Boys, with him as the "father". However it becomes quickly apparent this is only for play, as Peter shows amazing ability to be a bit narcissistic in having things tailored to his liking.

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In the sequel, Wendy and Peter reunite. Wendy is now a married adult, while Peter is still a child.