Politics and economics relationship to finance

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politics and economics relationship to finance

Chapter 24 - Political Economics and Public Finance** The relation between e* m and τ*m is obtained by setting the right-most expression in Equation (). Cultural economy of finance examines the cultural constitution and .. However, the political relations within finance that led up to the crisis (over which. What is the relation between economic and political science? .. of many workers and boost real investment - not financial - to increase long term productivity.

politics and economics relationship to finance

This principle of making the polluter pay provides a case for Carbon Taxcongestion charges, alcohol tax, and tobacco tax e. However, whether these policies get implemented depends on whether there is political support for them.

The relationship between economics and politics

For example, a congestion charge was proposed for Manchester, but it was very heavily defeated in a referendum. A new tax is rarely popular. As an economist, I would like to see more congestion charging because it makes economic sense.

politics and economics relationship to finance

The political appeal of austerity Another interesting example is the political appeal of austerity. After the credit crunch, there was a strong economic case for expansionary fiscal policy to fill in the gap of aggregate demand.

Politically, it can be hard to push a policy which results in more government debt.

politics and economics relationship to finance

Another interesting case is the relationship between fiscal policy set by government and monetary policy largely set by independent Central Banks In the UK and US and Europe fiscal policy has been relatively tight, given the state of the economy.

As a consequence, it has fallen to Central Banks to pursue an expansionary monetary policy to offset the deficiencies of fiscal policy. If politicians pursue tight fiscal policy, Central Bankers have to adapt Monetary policy.

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There are some areas of economics we could argue are free of politics — basic supply and demand and concepts like the theory of the firm are not laden with political ideology. If you take an issue like privatisation — there is a clear political issue. Who should control key industries — private enterprise or the government? Agenda Another issue with economics is that some criticise the subject for prioritising economic growth and maximisation of monetary welfare.

Some argue that the aim of society is not to maximise GDP — but to maximise happiness, the environment and being satisfied with what we have. Therefore, a politician from an environmental background may disagree with the whole premise behind macro-economics. It is not just about the best way to promote economic growth.

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But, whether we should be aiming for economic growth in the first place. That is a political issue too. It also informs much work published in New Political Economy, an international journal founded by Sheffield University scholars in In the United States, these approaches are associated with the journal International Organizationwhich in the s became the leading journal of IPE under the editorship of Robert KeohanePeter J.

Katzenstein and Stephen Krasner. Because these regimes influence and are influenced by the organization of both social and economic capital, the analysis of dimensions lacking a standard economic value e.

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Historians have employed political economy to explore the ways in the past that persons and groups with common economic interests have used politics to effect changes beneficial to their interests. In the s and s, legal realists e.

Robert Hale and intellectuals e.

politics and economics relationship to finance

John Commons engaged themes related to political economy. In the second half of the 20th century, lawyers associated with the Chicago School incorporated certain intellectual traditions from economics.

However, since the crisis in legal scholars especially related to international law, have turned to more explicitly engage with the debates, methodology and various themes within political economy texts. Many sociologists start from a perspective of production-determining relation from Karl Marx. Marx's theories on the subject of political economy are contained in his book Das Kapital.

Anthropology studies political economy by investigating regimes of political and economic value that condition tacit aspects of sociocultural practices e. Analyses of structural features of transnational processes focus on the interactions between the world capitalist system and local cultures. Archaeology attempts to reconstruct past political economies by examining the material evidence for administrative strategies to control and mobilize resources.

politics and economics relationship to finance

Psychology is the fulcrum on which political economy exerts its force in studying decision making not only in pricesbut as the field of study whose assumptions model political economy.