Prateik babar and raj relationship test

Interview: Prateik Babbar's frank talk on drugs, love, and missing parents - Lifestyle

Actor Prateik Babbar has no time for love right now, and says he is Screen tests scare me, Pradeep da tricked me into one: Raima Sen. Prateik was in a relationship with actor Amy Jackson for a year, after Love can happen later,” says Prateik who is the son of popular actors Raj Babbar and Smita Patil. Stuck between warring siblings, Raj Babbar pours his heart out. in the already strained relationship between the Babbars and the Patils. Prateik Babbar, son of late actress Smita Patil and actor-politician Raj Babbar, known for his roles in films like Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na.

Even if she is having an affair with my husband, as long as I can trust him to give me what I want at home, it does not affect me.

prateik babar and raj relationship test

Smita was labelled a 'homebreaker', but she said in a magazine interview shortly after her marriage, "A lot of things are not easy to understand Besides, I'm not worried about society's hostile glance. Shortly after Smita and Raj's son Prateik was born, she passed away due to severe childbirth complications, leaving a void in Tinseltown. After her untimely demise, Raj returned to his first wife Nadira, who was called a 'doormat' for turning a blind eye to her husband's infidelity.

  • Interview: Prateik Babbar's frank talk on drugs, love, and missing parents
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She told The Telegraph, "I accepted him with open arms. I was called a doormat by feminists and others, but I didn't care It is so easy to disintegrate. I could have gone my way and married someone else and become a flag bearer for women without worrying about my children.

Pratik will always be my son: Raj Babbar | Hindi Movie News - Times of India

Do you think if somebody puts a gold medal around my neck and calls me the woman of the decade, it would solve my problem? A stint at a rehab centre in Mumbai was followed by relentless counselling.

prateik babar and raj relationship test

Most psychotherapy experts arrived at one conclusion — he was trying to fill a void. But it was true. It makes me glad then that in the last three years, I have stayed away from a relationship. The break gave me the chance to face my problems alone, even if I was facing them when high.

She is my driving force: Prateik Babbar on his love lady Sanya Sagar

Kakkar, a friend of the family, even had firm named by Smita. I was pushing everyone away.

prateik babar and raj relationship test

Inhe announced that he was now simply, Prateik. He said in an interview during promoting Dum Maaro Dum in that he regarded actor Abhishek Bachchan as his elder brother, prompting half-brother Aryan Babbar to blame him for "doing all kinds of things for publicity".

After advertising, I auditioned for Jaane Tu Unusually natural on screen for a debutant, he won a Filmfare for the role in For a while, things seemed to be going well.

Prateik Babbar engaged to filmmaker Sanya Sagar. See their first photo

But during Ek Tha Deewana, love did him in. When she returned on work from England next, the intricate tattoo on her forearm, Mera Pyaar, Mera Prateik, was gone. I forgot I existed. I was jealous, possessive… crazy.

Think of a bad adjective, and I have been all that in five years. And then, Vidyatai Patil passed away last year. Prateik says he lost track of reality, right and wrong. Without her watchful support, he took to what made him feel better, drugs and alcohol. It was my number one priority. I was hurting myself the most.

But isolated, he turned to his only parent. I wanted to love him. His day now starts at the gym, followed by class, meeting people and auditioning.

Prateik Babbar

People will be wary, but I am positive that good things happen. I have to keep at it. There is no other life for me. This is what I do. Kept away from films and the industry when growing up, he knows his talent is inherited.