Real housewives of atlanta cynthia and peter age difference in a relationship

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real housewives of atlanta cynthia and peter age difference in a relationship

RHOA's Cynthia Bailey on Dating Younger Men After Divorce: 'I dating app Raya, revealed she set an age limit for the men she goes out with. Jan 28, Cynthia Bailey Learns Boyfriend Will Jones Had Another Girlfriend: 'I . have spoke to me first and you would have had a different answer. Jul 10, A “blindsided” Peter Thomas has responded to Cynthia Bailey's divorce announcement. entire marriage we have been a part of 'The Real Housewives' of Atlanta, Tags: Cynthia Bailey, Cynthia Bailey age, Cynthia Bailey divorce, the wrestling circuit? if so then your situation is no different than hers.

So when that space was available, and I did the math, it made more sense for us to acquire that space. I would have shut it down. She would have shut it down. Cynthia, what was your initial reaction? Well first, as a couple, there are rules. Rules should apply to both parties. Peter has incredible vision, he definitely sees the bigger picture. If I was purchasing the building, that would be a different conversation.

real housewives of atlanta cynthia and peter age difference in a relationship

Because it was a lease, one that I could get out of, because I made sure that clauses were in there that were in my favor. It was a risk that I took on my own [leasing the space] that would help us in the long run.

Peter, you should come to me, just like you expect me to come to you.

real housewives of atlanta cynthia and peter age difference in a relationship

I agree to disagree on this one, but I agree with her. Why do you agree to disagree? Because I want it to be complicated.

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She would rather me tell her, and we would have an uphill fight. It would never happen again. Peter, do you still keep in contact with Kordell? I have a business venture with Kordell. So I speak to Kordell probably three times a week. I never had a relationship with his wife Porsha.

I could say if their foundation was solid, then they could have worked through what they were going through.

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Peter has a relationship with Kordell, and of course I work with Porsha, so I definitely have a relationship. The line of communication has to be open. Another thing is the cameras come around for content. We have content consistently and a solid foundation of who we are.

real housewives of atlanta cynthia and peter age difference in a relationship

Cynthia was a celebrity and a star before the cameras came around. You two were involved in a similar situation in season 3 involving your mother, Cynthia.

Cynthia Bailey on Whether She'd Get Back Together with Ex Husband Peter Thomas

My advice for Kandi is to command the respect for herself and her family that she gives to her mother. It was to get back to being Cynthia and get back to having fun. Going through a divorce is not fun, and leading up to it is not fun. I want to have fun. I have no regrets. I am fifty years old and there is a certain privilege that comes with being fifty. I am here, just let me live my life. You are not one of the ladies who likes to get into the mud though.

Is it hard keeping yourself out of the fray and rising above it? You know it is hard. I am an energy person, I like a lot of positivity, I like supporting the other ladies and I love when they support me. When it goes to a place where lawyers have to get involved or it gets really dark on Instagram, then no.

I have done everything I have done to stay out of that kind of a place because darkness never wins. Being in the light is always better than being in the darkness. I consider myself love and light on the show. At the end of the day though, I am big enough to apologize for my mistakes, to try to find resolution and to try to start over. What is it like having original Housewife Kim Zolciak back, even in a limited role?

There is heavy reporting that her daughter Brielle has gotten into some drama with the ladies. You know, I think as parents we are very protective of our kids, both on the show and in real life. I signed up for this show, My daughter Noelle did not sign up for the show.

I always have felt and always will feel that kids are off limits- point blank period. However as parents, you also have to make sure your kids understand that and be sure that they are not antagonizing the people that are respectfully trying to respect them. I can tell you this-Noelle is never going to be going back and forth with any of the cast for any reason.

If I am not speaking to Nene for example, and she and I are not friends, and Noelle runs into her, no one is going to say hello and she will keep it moving. Noelle would never be disrespectful to anyone that I work with in any form or fashion. I think that as a parent, that is how it should be.

These are grown women on our show, and our children are our children no matter how old they may be. Noelle can be thirty years old and she is still going to be my child and I am still going to feel protective of her.

Cynthia And Peter Finalise Their Divorce - The Real Housewives of Atlanta

You have been arguably one of the realest ladies on the show. What would the Cynthia Bailey of today tell the Cynthia Bailey that walked onto that set on her first day of shooting? As hard as it was, as confused as I was, as disappointed as I was, everything I went through when I started this journey has been a lesson.

It has made me become the person that I am today. Everything I have done has been a lesson.

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I do not live my life with regrets and I could not have done it any other way. It was the way it was supposed to be. When I look back on my first season, I am horrified at myself.