Rudy steiner and liesel meminger relationship quiz

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rudy steiner and liesel meminger relationship quiz

Yet despite the atmosphere of violence pervading Germany, Rudy never succumbs to the prejudice around him. Even in midst Interests running, soccer, and hanging out with his best friend, Liesel Meminger. Lately Rudy has his eyes on Liesel, but she's adamant on keeping their relationship platonic. TAKE QUIZ. literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a Liesel Meminger. Introduced by Death as "The Book Thief," Liesel is nine at the in the Hubermanns' basement, and falls in love with Rudy Steiner, her best friend. .. The Book Thief · Relationship to Other Books · Notes to the Teacher. For Teachers · Literature Lesson Plans · Literature Quizzes At first, Liesel and Rudy are just mere acquaintances, neighbors at the most. It's a great relationship, one that grabs the reader and helps them to want to keep reading right Thief, by Markus Zusak, why does Liesel Meminger tell Mr. Steiner that she kissed his.

It will be one of the 14 that give solace to her, an abandoned child, struggling to survive in war-time Germany. Her father has been taken away, branded communist; her mother vanishes.

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Watching Liesel, whom he christens "the book thief", is the narrator of Markus Zusak's novel of the same name. Advertisement A prize-winning children's author, Zusak has made a daring debut as an author of adult fiction.

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His narrator, who courteously introduces himself, but forbears to speak his name, is Death. His task is "handling souls to the conveyor belt of eternity" and soon he will be very busy. It is Death who tells of Liesel's ordeal, "just a small story really", and of her resilience, of the moments when she almost comes within his reach.

The narrator is arch, and given to bad jokes about his profession, but he is also solicitous of his victims and wryly omnipotent.

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The deployment of this narrator gives to Zusak's harrowing evocation of the terrible events of war for German civilians the ageless colours of loss. Liesel lives with the Hubermanns in the little town of Molching, outside Munich. Her mama, Rosa, has "a face decorated with constant fury", while her father is the gentle house painter and accordionist, Hans. A veteran of the Great War, he is recklessly imbued with compassion for those who suffer in this one, in particular for the Jews.

Dachau is just down the road and Jews are paraded through the streets of Molching, "to concentrate", as Death jests.

They shuffle along in a ragged column, selfhood fragmenting, destruction beckoning. The eyes of one of the older men "were the colour of agony". The plain style of much of The Book Thief is punctuated by such vivid images.

rudy steiner and liesel meminger relationship quiz

Brownshirts, members of the Nazi Party, marching through the town have "their faces held high, as if on sticks". A soldier back from the Russian front and tormented by the death of his brother there hangs himself.

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He "jumped from the chair as if it were a cliff". Rudy and Liesel became friends after Liesel blocked Rudy's penalty shot during a soccer game. He retaliated by throwing a snowball in her face and the rest is history. They became inseparable, especially when they joined a gang of boys who were stealing fruit and vegetables from local farmers. Rudy even helped her as she stole books from the mayor's library.

Rudy was smart and athletic, but he had a rebellious streak which got him into trouble. Rudy was also a ruthlessly loyal friend. It is here she admits the late night sessions, in which Papa would write letters and words on pieces of sandpaper, did more to help her learn to read than all the lessons she had in school. She was forever in Papa's debt for teaching her to read, because it opened up a whole new world to her.

It allowed her to enrich, her and those around her, lives forever. He had to be sure Liesel would keep the secret so the whole family and Max would be safe. Liesel did not let Hans down, because she would never do anything to endanger her Mama and Papa. She by this time had come to love them both. He owed his life to Erik Vandenburg, a German Jew, who did not care what religion his friend Hans practiced.

Erik and Hans were friends and that was all that mattered to them. The fact that Erik, unknowingly, saved Hans' life added another item, to the list of objections he had towards the Nazi Party. He owed Erik to not forget him or what he had done for him. He also owed Erik's son and he would do everything he could to help save Max. This is why despite wanting to leave he stays in the basement, because he knows what awaits him if he leaves. He carries with him the guilt of leaving his family behind in Stuttgart and the guilt of jeopardizing Hans, Rosa and Liesel.

So the only way he can express these emotions to them is to say thank you and I'm sorry. It made their friendship stronger and kept Erik alive for Hans every time he played Erik's instrument. In this same way, Max and Liesel shared a love of words, which too drew them together in friendship, during the horror of World War II.

rudy steiner and liesel meminger relationship quiz