Rukia and renji relationship quotes

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rukia and renji relationship quotes

Great memorable quotes and script exchanges from the Bleach movie on Quotes. net. [looking up at the sky; thinking] Ichigo do you know how I hate rain? [ sounding apologetic] You mean alot to me Rukia; but as much as I'd like to, I can't give you 'Claude'. . A relationship like that can't be worth risking your life over. In addition, he also provided Rukia and Renji with safety cloaks to protect Five years after the marriage, she became sick and was near death. Quotes. A young Renji with Rukia during their early years in Rukongai. that he was a lieutenant, they should return to the type of relationship that they once shared. Quotes. (To Ichigo Kurosaki) "Don't make me laugh! It is your fault that Rukia lost.

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rukia and renji relationship quotes

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rukia and renji relationship quotes

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