Sam tsui and kurt schneider relationship

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sam tsui and kurt schneider relationship

(WATCH: Sam Tsui, Kurt Hugo Schneider perform 'Don't Want an Ending') "I am in a relationship, and have been, for quite some time with. Kurt Hugo Schneider produces music videos for various YouTube singers and musicians such as Sam Tsui, including the musical medley. YouTube stars Kurt Schneider and Sam Tsui, currently in the 21" days in middle school, said their relationship made collaboration easier.

If we disagree on something, if Sam thinks it should be some other way, I have so much respect for Sam, that it's like, 'All right, try it, let's listen to that'," explained Schneider. Because of their YouTube success, Tsui said they have received offers from record companies and TV shows to sign up on various projects.

sam tsui and kurt schneider relationship

While he respects other YouTubers who took similar offers, he said it was important for him to control his career on his own terms. At the end of the day, they're TV shows, they're for getting viewers than for the integrity of the artists," said Tsui.

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Even without the support of a record company, he said his debut album "Make It Up" managed to rake in numbers and generate interest due to his strong social media following. Be yourself 'If you love what you're doing, just keep doing it,' said the duo.

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Production values and quality music aside, both men said it was important for aspiring YouTube artists to present themselves as they really are, not a manufactured version of themselves.

When they're watching your videos, they wanna know who you are and it's so important with what you're doing to present yourself as you are, not to worry about what other people are going to think [or] how people are going to respond to that," said Tsui. The Sam and Kurt fans see in the video, he said, is " percent" them, "two kids who love to make music. We try to not phone it in when we make a video. Each time, we give it all we can and always, we show who we are," Schneider concluded.

Overwhelmed with success Though they're now doing the rounds around the world, Schneider and Tsui said they remain incredibly grateful that their fans love what they do. Schneider said this was nothing they expected when they were making music in their dorm room at Yale. It's still surreal being in the Philippines and originally, we were just in Conneticut," said Schneider, a mathematics major who graduated magna cum laude in He added, "It was very surreal; it's like when you have a birthday, suddenly you're a year older but it doesn't really feel different.

The day still went on: It's an interesting combination—it's surreal and yet we're still down to earth, doing what we do.

sam tsui and kurt schneider relationship

Both hope that their fans will attend their live performances and support the release of the feature-length iteration of "College Musical", one of their oldest series, in September this year.

They both continued with their collaborations but eventually branched out to explore more.

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It was on September 03, that the college musical. The movie was released. Apart from working together with Sam, Kurt has also worked with several other famous artists including Christina Grimmie.

sam tsui and kurt schneider relationship

Kurt Hugo Schneider is primarily popular for his medleys and his skills when it comes to musical instruments and visual editing. He also collaborated with Coca-Cola in to create music videos for them. He has a sister named Carson Rose who is an award-winning pianist, and his mother LS Auth is a visual artist.

His father name is Michael who is a mathematician.

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He helps to produce music videos for various YouTube musicians, such as Sam Tsui, including the musical medley videos in which Tsui sings as a one-man choir, and Avicii's "Waiting for Love". He started producing YouTube videos in He makes awesome covers, too. He also appeared on The Ellen Show and on Oprah.

sam tsui and kurt schneider relationship

He has a sister who is also the pianist.