Sansa and margaery relationship quizzes

42 Calculating Facts About Sansa Stark

sansa and margaery relationship quizzes

Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner). Margaery Tyrell (Natalie Dormer). Take our quiz now, and let us know which gal you got! Game of Thrones. Sansa Stark is the second child and eldest daughter of Lord Eddard. refuses to give a firm answer on how to interpret Sansa and Sandor Clegane's relationship. Instead, she is briefly promised to Loras and Margaery Tyrell's oldest brother, Willas Tyrell. .. Quiz: How Much Do You Know About the British Royal Family?. Though she was passed around nearly as often as Sansa Stark, Margaery Tyrell seemed to have a firm grasp on the game of thrones that she.

This seems to be her way of sartorially severing her ties from Renly and his alleged claim in the eyes of Joffrey. Her next scene features a light blue gown with side cutouts —— a very modern design element for what is meant to portray a medieval society. He is amusingly oblivious and even offers to fetch her a shawl to keep her from being chilled.

We see this gown again in a different episode when Margaery is consoling Sansa after the betrothal to Tyrion.

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Cersei is perpetually in Lannister red, boldly trying to assert her power, Sansa in a muted mauve, blending in with her surroundings in an attempt to remain off of the Lannister radar, and Margaery is in baby blue yet again, giving her an aura of serenity and grace.

Backtracking to when Sansa is first invited to visit with Margaery and Olenna, Margaery is wearing a completely backless blue gown with gold embroidery, but her hair is worn down in a way that it covers her back almost completely.

It should be noted that when he holds her while she is handling the crossbow, her exposed back is pressed to him, furthering her pragmatic approach to skin exposure. She knows when she needs to deploy it. She wears this gown yet again when she meets with Sansa to propose a marriage to Loras.

sansa and margaery relationship quizzes

A subtle way of influencing Sansa with the latest trends of the kingdoms, but also showing a bit more skin reading: The boldness in the gown may be representative of her audacity in suggesting that she and Joffrey greet the masses outside. She is wearing a gown that is almost a replica of her backless blue and gold gown from earlier, except the gold embroidery is much more prominent and deeper in this version.

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Personally, I wish she was outfitted in a less overtly modern way, but I think her costumes definitely bring a great deal of insight into her character, and they are undoubtedly striking, especially when compared to her capital counterparts. Hogan McLaughlin is a fashion designer and artist. Spoilers in comments are hidden by a gray overlay.

"He's a monster" Sansa/Margaery HD scene

To reveal, simply hover or tap on the text! Some are quite cute, whereas some invoke a surprised, "Huh. And where can I find more of this fan-fiction The Kingslayer might be into incest, but Tyrion isn't.

sansa and margaery relationship quizzes

Hard to say with this series. These two definitely have a better relationship with each other than almost any other set of siblings in Westeros, with the exception of the Starks. Unlike Cersei, Jaime actually likes his little brother and has done his best to look out for him.

sansa and margaery relationship quizzes

We can recall that it was because of Tyrion being kidnapped in season one, that Jaime attacked Ned on the street, and he was willing to give up being a Kingsguard for him. Tyrion, himself, helps Jaime when he returns to King's Landing without as much as a right hand with emotional support and a sword teacher. Romantic relationships have been built on less In what universe would this ever happen? These two have never had a scene together, and even if they had, I'm not seeing the chemistry.

If Sansa didn't go for Tyrion, despite his sheer awesomeness because he's a Lannister even while they were married, then she'd never go for the Lannister most notoriously known as the Man Without Honor.

42 Calculating Facts About Sansa Stark

He's also known as the guy who has never had sex with anyone except his sister Still, it's an interesting concept. Jaime obviously cares enough about her to honor his oath to a deceased Catelyn Stark and sent Brienne after her instead of following Cersei's orders and hunting her down.

They were on the right track before the Red Wedding came and screwed everything up. With him protecting her from his horrible family members and her giving him advice on how to prank courtiers, it was a match in weird Westeros heaven.

In any other situation, these two would've eventually gotten along very well.

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In fact, I have a theory that they are going to end up re-married by the end of the season. The Stark-Targaryen is easy: The Stark-Lannisters can be solved by Sansa and Tyrion's re-marriage—so long as Sansa stays out of the next assassination attempt. Can you imagine the sass in the pillow talk between these two? It definitely would not be a very romantic relationship, what with Bronn's blunt "I like you, truly.