Sermon outline on love and relationship

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sermon outline on love and relationship

Get Relationships sermon outlines & illustrations from leading pastors. Start getting inspired today! For love of the former king David, God had allowed them to. Get Love sermon outlines & illustrations from leading pastors. most people really understand how important real love is-to a marriage-to a relationship-to the . Sermon series: Extraordinary Relationships . We must learn the gestures of love - a hug, a handshake, roughhousing, as well as, many acts of.

That gold watch that you got for retirement! I doubt that many of you have any of the awards that your grandparents got. Nothing else you do on this planet is permanent. Rick Warren says this. Whether it was in a hospital or whether it was in a home. I have stood at the bedside as many people moved from this life into eternity.

Please bring me my bowling trophy… I want to look at it one more time.

sermon outline on love and relationship

What they want is people. They want the people that they love. The truth is everybody — every one of us — will eventually learn the basic truth of life that life is about relationships not accomplishments.

My prayer for you as your friend and your pastor who loves you is this: I want you to learn that today. Not when you die.

I want you to learn that what matters right now are relationships. What matters is - do I love God with all my heart?

sermon outline on love and relationship

And do I love everybody else? In fact, the Bible says life without love is worthless. It is a wasted life. Our attention goes to other things. When we get busy we get preoccupied with things that are of lesser importance. Most people have given first class allegiance to second class causes. Those causes have betrayed them.

sermon outline on love and relationship

And you start relationally skimming. We start focusing on getting work done and reaching goals and paying bills. Nothing can take the place of love. There are people who have all the money in the world and all the success and all the fame in the world and they would tell you that if your relationships are messed up, life stinks.

Tell me about how many jobs you had, how many sales you made, how many deals you closed. Did you learn to love me with all your heart and my Son Jesus who I sent?

Did you learn to love everybody else? Tell me about your relationships. Because I want the rest of your life to be the best of your life and we all need to work on relationships. All the other stuff is peripheral. Your relationships are your life. Your job and everything else are peripheral. He put you here to learn to love. I need to fit it in.

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Life is not about achievement. Law number one is the best use of life is love. The best expression of love is time. You spell love T-I-M-E. The Bible says this in 1 John 3: Actions that are sincere, not through empty words.

Love is a verb. What is the most desired gift of love? When people are in love, when people show love, what is the most desired gift? The most desired gift of love and the most priceless gift of love is focused attention. When you give your time to someone - that is the greatest gift you can give.

A kid, a husband, a wife, a friend or anybody else. Giving your attention is the greatest gift you can give somebody. Because your time is your most precious resource. We all have different amounts of energy. We all have different amounts of wealth.

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We all have different amounts of talent. We all have different amounts of personality. But we all have the exact same amount of time. You get to choose how you use it. As an adult American you will live an average of 25, days. What are you going to do with that time? I only have a certain amount of allotted days and you do too.

So you better choose very carefully how you give your time. Was it worth it? You need to decide. What is my time worth? You are worth listening to. Jesus said that the essence of relationships is not what we do for each other. And Jesus said that the essence of real relationships is not what we give to each other — presents and things that we give.

Jesus taught that the essence of true loving relationships is how much we give of ourselves to that person. But this one just does not compute to most guys. I give my family everything they need.

A True Love Relationship

I provide for all the needs for my wife and for all my kids. They get whatever they want. We live a very comfortable life. What more do they want? Only you can give that. Nothing can compensate for time. No amount of gifts. No amount of money. No amount of clothes. Another video game is not the answer. They need your attention and they need that now. This really hit home with me.

Love Matters Most

I have a son whose five years old, a boy so very fine. When I look at him, it seems to me that all the world is mine. But seldom do I ever see my son awake and bright. I only see him when he sleeps.

When I come home so weary in the darkness after day My wife then says to me, you should have seen him play. They should be the priority.

sermon outline on love and relationship

Then you figure out how to fit the rest of your life into that. How do you find more time for the people who love you and that you need to love? Let me give you one suggestion: Thirty hours a week for a year is 1, hours in front of a screen. Let me put that into perspective. That is ninety-seven straight days of sixteen hours a day in front of a screen. It always amazed me that people will go watch reruns of Friends instead of making friends.

The Bible says that God wants you to make time for relationships. They tell shop workers to remove any red items because the day is considered a Christian holiday and they have nothing to do with this "deviation from religious law and custom. Inthe religious police arrested more than Muslims for celebrating the holiday and confiscated all red roses from flower shops.

Muslims are not allowed to celebrate the holiday, and non-Muslims can celebrate only behind closed doors. But for us Christians who have received the love of God, every day should be a Valentine's Day and not just on February Everyday should be a day of the hearts. Because the heart talks about love and real love is more than red roses. And real love comes from God alone. Love therefore should be the expression of our Christian character.

In fact, love in the Bible is not described with adjectives. Love is something you describe with verbs. Love is an action verb, not just an emotional attachment or a feeling. Then you have those who are really close, who know you sometimes better than you know yourself. Those that know intimate secrets and thoughts that you have; those are they in the inner circle. These are the two extremes, but there are many circles in between.

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Is God someone who you know little about or someone so close that sometimes it hard to tell where God stops and you begin? Where does God take residence in your life? Knowing the name of God tells us something significant about Him, but How can we really get to know all about God and who He is? And how can we come to know Him on an intimate, personal basis? God pursues a love relationship with each one us. He knows us and he wants us to know him.

God has given the spirit and the spirit gives wisdom and power; for what? If you take the whole bible and divide it relationally, Genesis 1 and 2 deals with humanity created in right relationship with God.