She go and drakken relationship test

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she go and drakken relationship test

Do you think that at some level, Shego cares about Drakken's well being .. Shego's relationship with Drakken is on a strictly professional level. I wonder if Drakken knew who Kim actually was when she started foiling his plans? . Kim has a tenuous relationship with Drakken and Shego. But, to her and Ron's surprise, Kim dismisses Mankey's relationship with no emotion, As soon as he is gone, Shego and Drakken break in with the intention of According to Steve Loter, the producer of the series, the episode was a test to.

Batman and the Joker. While that is kind of true, this comparison is a little disturbing. Yeah, she has other villains that she has to thwart, but Drakken is the one she ends up fighting the most. And you have to give him credit for his creative plans. Not to mention that one time he put her in a tank that had a man-eating shark and a squid, and then froze over the top of the tank.

He cares about Kim deeply and is a genuinely good guy. But there was an episode where he went evil. And not just evil; no, he went full-on supervillain evil with a plan to take over the world and everything.

Drakken then ends up being this extremely nice guy, while Ron goes dark side. And he almost succeeds in his plans too. Plus, the way they spoke in that monotone was seriously creepy. They were a later version of his earlier attempts to create a robot girlfriend.

Drakken and Shego live together

Why did Drakken create these robots? Well, they were a later version of his earlier attempts to create a robot girlfriend. We always knew that Drakken was a little weird, but this takes it into stranger territory. She actually does take over the world in the movie Kim Possible: A Sitch in Time.

I aspire to be as sarcastic as Shego is. But there was a time where Drakken went a little too far. In one episode, he puts Shego under a mind control device in order to make her do whatever he wanted. I fear ruining the story Mondays happened to be the day of the week that Drakken came up with his crazy, 'doomed to fail' plans, which meant Shego became his object of ranting.

It had been a long time since the two found themselves in evil-scheming mode, but Drakken was sure he wanted to go back to planning and Shego was getting restless. But these newly developed plans, that luckily they haven't yet put into action, still required Shego to work, work that Shego knew was heedless, as his plans always seemed to be fail-proof.

It wasn't like they wanted to save the world. But how could they not? After all, Drakken's ultimate plan is or was global domination, therefore they needed Earth intact in order to actually dominate it.

Warmonga and Warhawk were in the way of that goal, therefore they had to save the world. Or at least that's what they told themselves. On the plus side, saving the world did have its perks; not only did Global Justice grant them global pardon, but Drakken and Shego were bombarded with countless, countless and even more countless offers of global scientific, innovative and secret service employment opportunites with large cash rewards to boot but Shego found she had a particular perk she enjoyed the most; Drakken himself.

In the past 6 months, since the ceremony, Shego found she savoured the newly intimate moments with her employer, although she rarely, if ever, admitted it. Oh, she definately enjoyed the whole 'Drakken' perk, especially how accessed she was into his personal space.

she go and drakken relationship test

It gave her more Quietly, Shego left her vanity and made her way onto her employer's side of the bed, cuddling into his warm, blue skin. Its not like there's any light penetrating this dark, dreary lair. If you haven't noticed, I've been waking up to you for the last 6 months. I never knew sleeping with you was so dangerous," Drakken complained. Besides I don't kick, I cuddle," Shego teased, arm lazily draped around Drakken's torso.

Please, I haven't had this many bruises since Kim Possible destroyed our last lair!

Drakken & Shego: All the Evil Love/Awkwardness

Where was that anyway? Shego moaned as she moved her body closer into that of her employer's, hoping to stimulate an arousal, "Who knows. Yes, Shego definately enjoyed being a part of his personal space; mocking opportunities and more Slowly breaking the kiss, Shego climbed on top of her employer, legs pinned to either of his sides.

It seemed, for the time being anyway, that he was lost for words. Sure they've been together for 6 months, which included a ridiculous amount of nudity as well as morning, noon and midnight romps, but there were moments like this, with Shego wrapped around him, on top of him, clad only in incredibly sexy black lace lingerie that made him speechless.

she go and drakken relationship test

Less than a year ago, Drakken was a year-old virgin whose feelings for his year-old vixen sidekick became perplexingly unprofessional. He had wanted more With the end of the episode having Kim state the moodulator was the only cause, it seemed like the ship would not happen in-canon. However, at the end of the original series finale, So the Drama, the ship became canon,and remained so into Season 4 when the series was renewed. When the series was renewed, Bob Schooley and Mark McCorkle the creators of the show admitted there was risk in exploring their blossoming relationship, but felt that it was a chance to try something new with the characters.

Regardless, however, they felt that the relationship had to be handled delicately due to the younger audience members of the show. At first it remained a typical employer-employee relationship but steadily blossomed into something further, though overt shippiness has for the most part been minimal on the show. The first clue, albeit likely unintentional, that gave this ship credence was in the Season 2 episode Blush, where Drakken commented about a personality quiz asking how they'd show their love to someone being put some form of mind control on them.

The next major clue was, like for Kim and Ron, the Season 3 episode Emotion Sickness, during which Shego was also affected by the Moodulator and acted romantically toward Drakken, though it was not brought up later.