Siggy and rollo relationship quotes

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siggy and rollo relationship quotes

When Rollo walks by she blurts out that Siggy is dead. Nobody can argue with that, though Siggy and Rollo had a pretty weird relationship. a historical drama television series Ragnar Lothbrok, Lagertha, Rollo, Siggy 12 Ragnar Lothbrok Viking Cinema Artist Actor Decor Motivational Quotes Wall. Vikings Ragnar Quotes. Visit .. television series Ragnar Lothbrok Lagertha Rollo Siggy 12 x 18 inch poster Pulseiras de couro ou bracelete de metal Elvis Presley, Vikings Rollo, Vikings love the relationship between ragnar and lagertha.

What went into the decision to kill Athelstan?

siggy and rollo relationship quotes

His death was obviously a major catalyst for both Ragnar and Floki in the back half of the year, but was it always the intention to kill him in season three? I recall you saying that you initially intended to kill him in the first season.

George was in the studio [recently] and he was extremely grateful that he kept coming back as a ghost or a vision. Ragnar withheld the truth about Paris from everyone except Bjorn — will that create further trust issues with Lagertha?

Will Lagertha try to regain her Earldom in season four? How you intend to top the scope of season three?

siggy and rollo relationship quotes

I thought episode eight this time, in that sense, was just unbelievable and awesome. In that sense, the big, big confrontation between Ragnar and Rollo, which is likely to be definitive, is at another level again.

So, the personal issues, the stakes are higher… I love these people anyway, and taking them on new adventures and delving deeper into their psychologies and their love lives is fantastic. Well, more Machiavellian stuff, needless to say, but based on a perfectly reasonable, historically correct idea that he wanted to be king of kings — he thought that would make a big difference for England, which it ultimately did.

So even though Ecbert is cynical to say the least, and Machiavellian, he has numerous positive points. What we might discover is that Ecbert is not just clever but has a soul, and he gets up to some pretty devious and interesting things.

As a way of finding them, Haraldson has Rollo captured and tortured to make him reveal Ragnar's location, but Rollo refuses and remains steadfast.

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In the episode Burial of the Deadwhen Ragnar learns that Haraldson has tortured his brother, he challenges the Earl to a trial by combat which the Earl accepts. When Ragnar wins the duel and kills Haraldson, the Earl's steward, Sveinyells for the other guards to kill Ragnar. At this, Rollo quickly throws an axe into Svein, killing him with satisfaction after he had been tortured by him.

Despite his treatment at the hands of Earl Haraldson's men, Rollo does not bear a grudge against the Earl's widow Siggy and daughter Thyriand even vouches for them so that they do not have to leave Kattegat. Rollo then enters into a relationship with Siggy. In the episode A King's Ransomduring a raid into Northumbria, the Vikings are invited into the castle of King Aelle in order to negotiate.

Ragnar offers to return the King's captured brother Aethelwulf and leave Northumbria in return for a ransom payment. Aelle agrees to pay the ransom, but adds the condition that one of Ragnar's men must become Christian first, because he can only negotiate and make peace with a fellow Christian. Although Ragnar and his men laugh and balk at this stipulation, Rollo agrees to do so, to surprise of his companions.

Rollo is baptized in the river by the Northumbrian bishop and given the Christian name Rolf. Although Rollo has little understanding of the ceremony and does not take it seriously, Floki takes considerable umbrage at Rollo's action and berates him for offending their Norse gods. Though Rollo seems to remain as staunch a pagan as any of his comrades, Floki's rebuke still unsettles him. While helping fight off an ambush from the Northumbrian's, Rollo eagerly slays as many enemy soldiers as he can.

He then yells at Floki "How many Christians have I killed! During the festivities, Rollo engages in the customary riotous behavior, such as drinking, celebrating, and having sex with other women, much to Siggy's disapproval. Rollo insists that he will be a great man someday and that Siggy would regret leaving him just because he sleeps with other women. Siggy tells him that his brother Ragnar is negotiating with King Horik. She complains to Rollo that because of his feckless behavior, he was not invited to these negotiations and is missing out on an opportunity to raise himself and improve his position.

In the episode All Changedespite Rollo missing out on those discussions, Ragnar brings him along anyway on his mission to Jarl Borgwhom King Horik had asked Ragnar to negotiate with in order to settle a land dispute.

Jarl Borg discerns that Rollo is jealous and resentful of Ragnar's success, and connives to divide the brothers against each other. While Ragnar is away courting Princess AslaugBorg allows Rollo to stay at his hall and offers him lavish hospitality, such as food, wine, and the sexual use of any of his serving wenches.

siggy and rollo relationship quotes

He flatters Rollo and suggests that he deserves to be greater than his brother. Borg promises that if Rollo fights with him against Ragnar and King Horik, then he will be a powerful and important person. After quietly considering these offers, Rollo agrees to join Jarl Borg against King Horik and fight against his own brother. When Rollo is confronted by Ragnar for face-to-face combat, Rollo can not bring himself to fight his brother and surrenders, thereby ending the battle between the two forces.

Ragnar, King Horik and Borg then strike an uneasy alliance to go on raids together in the West, and Rollo is taken captive, to be judged for his betrayal of the men from Kattegat.

Rollo indirectly apologises to Ragnar by explaining that he merely wanted to step out of his brother's shadow, yet found no sunlight when he did.

Humiliated, Rollo decides to leave Kattegat, although Siggy convinces him to stay. He is found by Siggy sleeping outside in the snow, apparently more the worse for wear from drinking. She wakes him up by throwing cold water in his face. She tells Rollo that he has become a disgrace and that he should rot in Hel. Ragnar acknowledges that Rollo has suffered, but other people have suffered much more because of what he has done. Rollo is grateful for Ragnar's forgiveness, but is disappointed at accepting his exclusion from the raid.

Jarl Borg, having been told King Horik does not want to raid with him, tries to lure Rollo back to his side but is only met with a punch in his face. As the Viking fleet sails down the fjord on its way to England, a frustrated Rollo watches from the clifftops, longing to be off raiding once more.

In the episode Treacheryin Ragnar's absence, however, his decision to exclude Rollo turns out to be as prophetic as it is wise. With Jarl Borg also excluded from the raid due to Horik's mistrust, Kattegat is regarded by the angry Borg as easy pickings while Ragnar's off raiding England with almost all of his most capable warriors. Jarl Borg ultimately captures Kattegat, but not as easily as he'd anticipated. Rollo's resistance, meanwhile, has bought him the time and opportunity to evacuate Ragnar's wife, Princess Aslaug, and young sons, saving them from Jarl Borg's wrath.

Rollo leads his brother's family and Siggy to the shelter of a remote farm where they await the return of Ragnar. Word, meanwhile, has reached Ragnar of Jarl Borg's treachery and of the flight of his family.

Reunited with his family, an angry Ragnar tells Rollo he wants to destroy Jarl Borg. With the onset of winter around the corner, the lack of winter grain makes Jarl Borg's grasp on Kattegat untenable. Angered at Ragnar's efforts, Jarl Borg and his forces ride out of Kattegat in pursuit, predictably. Rollo seems surprised, but not chagrined.

A messenger informs Ragnar that King Horik and his son barely escaped an attack from King Ecbert's forces. Ragnar and Rollo agree, but the earl wants to deal with Jarl Borg first.

At his departure from Kattegat, Siggy, King Horik and even Torsteinthe man who wished Rollo to be executed earlier, wishes him success on his journey. Before agreeing, Jarl Borg consults with the skull of his late first wife. His new second wife, in the room, looks away. King Horik enters the Earl's hall to ask Ragnar what is going on. Rollo and the other men drag Jarl Borg inside and deposit him at Ragnar's feet.

Ragnar says he cannot forgive Jarl Borg for what he has done to his family and will take revenge by carving a blood eagle on his back. In the episode Blood EagleKing Horik asks Ragnar to postpone the execution of Jarl Borg, as they still have no new ally to help them in their raids.

Rollo asks Horik if Ragnar should reprieve Jarl Borg after all he has done, to which the King replies the execution might discourage and deter any possible allies from joining them. Rollo resents Ragnar constantly doing King Horik's bidding, to which Ragnar replies that Horik is the king.

A messenger from a possible new ally arrives. Later, Rollo tells Siggy that they've found a new ally, someone called Earl Ingstad. When they are having sex, Rollo starts to strangle Siggy, asking her why she has sex with King Horik.

She tells him she does it for him, as King Horik and Ragnar are allies now but eventually will fight each other, and Rollo will have to choose between them. Jarl Borg is subjected to the blood eagle. Rollo watches along with the rest of the people of Kattegat. In the episode BonelessRollo, now fully redeemed by his defence of Kattegat and by his protection of Ragnar's wife and sons, is once more included in his brother's westward endeavours.

Ragnar seeks to first approach King Ecbert in a spirit of diplomacy and cooperation, while King Horik wants only revenge and plunder. Rollo also notices Floki gravitating toward Horik. When an envoy, among them King Ecbert's son Aethelwulfarrives at the Viking camp, Rollo instructs the men to set up a shield wall and narrow the passage into the camp in case it is a ruse.

In the episode The Choiceas a result the battle is inevitable. When the Saxon forces are spotted, Horik insists in attacking head on.

The Northmen find themselves between multiple bodies of the allied forces of King Ecbert and King Aella. During the fray, Rollo fights valiantly, killing many.

Spotting Prince Aethelwulf, Rollo heads toward him with murderous intent, but ends up wounded, then trampled by horses. King Aella recognizes him as Ragnar's brother.

King Ecbert, realising Rollo's importance and potential use, orders him cared for. Seeing Athelstan in his priestly attire, Rollo says King Horik was right about Athelstan betraying them, regretting his lack of adequate strength to kill him. Rollo is later released by King Ecbert as part of an agreement with the Northmen that includes payment of gold and silver, 5, acres of good farming land in Wessex, as well as recruiting those Northmen willing to fight as mercenaries for Princess Kwenthrith in her efforts to rule Mercia.

Ragnar sails home to Kattegat with his injured brother, where Siggy and a servant woman take care of Rollo's injuries. In the episode The Lord's PrayerFloki, angered and drunk, confronts Athelstan, claiming no one wants him in Kattegat and that its his fault Rollo is going to die. Floki later gathers mushrooms in the forest and forces a weak, bed-ridden Rollo to consume them. He explains that if even one member of the Lothbrok family survives, the day will come when he will rise again and destroy their family.

They discreetly invade Kattegat, killing several soldiers quietly but a large battle ensues as the alarm is raised and Ragnar's men realize they are under attack. A bedridden but un-poisoned Rollo is confronted by two of Horik's soldiers and, despite being barely able to stand, he reaches for his axe that Siggy left for him and bravely fights them.

After Ragnar agrees to Ecbert's request to aid Princess Kwenthrith in her bid to rule Mercia, Rollo accompanies the joint Viking and Wessex force in battle. In the episode The Wandererafter participating in the first battle against King BrihtwulfRollo and Torstein consume some intoxicating mushrooms. While under the influence of the mushrooms, Rollo hacks the leg off of a captured Mercian soldier, saying that he just did not like the angle of the leg.

Both Rollo and Torstein try to grope Princess Kwewthrith when she apparently flirts with them. Though appearing receptive at first, Kwenthrith ultimately refuses and slaps Rollo, angrily telling him "No! In the episode Warrior's Fatein the preparation for the second battle against Prince Burgred's forces, Rollo helps the disabled Torstein to walk so that he can fight one last time and die in battle.

In the episode Scarredafter the victorious campaign in Mercia, Rollo exchanges some pleasantries with Prince Aethelwulf at the Viking-Wessex camp. When Floki chides Rollo for doing so, Rollo responds that they cannot be enemies with everyone at all times.

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Floki then taunts Rollo for fraternising with Christians and becoming like them, and suggests that Rollo's previous baptism in Northumbria has changed him, despite his denials. In the episode The Usurperupon his return to Kattegat with the rest of the Vikings, Rollo learns of Siggy's death while she was saving Ragnar's sons.

Rollo blames himself for Siggy's death, saying that he treated her poorly. As a result of his grief, Rollo drinks heavily and provokes fights with his fellow Vikings. His nephew Bjorn tries to discourage him from this drunken brawling, but ends up beating his uncle himself out of desperation and fear that his behaviour will get him killed.

After this, Rollo asks the Seer about his fate. Overcome with regret and self-pity, Rollo says that he feels worthless and that he sees no point in staying alive.

siggy and rollo relationship quotes

The Seer laughs and tells Rollo that if he knew what the Gods had planned for him, he would dance naked on the beach. He then tells Rollo the prophecy that "The Bear will be crowned by a Princess" and that he will be at the ceremony. Rollo does not comprehend what this is supposed to mean. In the episode Born AgainRollo reveals to everyone that Athelstan no longer wears his arm band, which ends up leading Floki to kill Athelstan.

In the episode Paristhe raiding party arrives in Parisgetting ready for the greatest of all battles. Ragnar shocks Rollo and the other leaders when he decides to leave Floki in charge of the attack. Both the Vikings and Franks prepare for the siege as the Christians gather to pray for protection from the pagans camped just around the riverbed.

In the episode To the Gates! He goes so far as to kill one man because he hesitated to climb up the siege ladder. Upon gazing at the Princess Gislahe resolves to go up Floki's ladders and fight himself.

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After maiming and killing several Parisian soldiers, he turns and makes eye contact with the Princess. This distraction allows the Parisian soldiers to knock him off balance and push away his siege ladder, throwing Rollo from the walls.

Hitting the water, he appears to be dead. However, after the retreat he comes to visit Ragnar, Lagertha, and a severely injured Bjorn, a sight upon which he declares to Ragnar that next time they will not make the same mistakes. In the episode Breaking Pointthe Vikings make a second sneak attack on Paris the next night, with Rollo on the forefront fighting along with Lagertha.

After Lagertha and her shield maidens infiltrate the city gates and open the outer doors, Rollo leads the main charge into the entrance. The Parisian soldiers release a spiked wheel which rolls through the tunnel, running over and impaling several Vikings. Rollo climbs over the wheel and lodges two spears into the floor which lock the wheel in place.