Simon cowell and demi lovato relationship with her dad

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simon cowell and demi lovato relationship with her dad

—Demi Lovato in her New York's Daily News Interview. from her album Unbroken reflects her strained relationship with her dad. Show creator and fellow judge Simon Cowell expressed his own support on Twitter: "My thoughts. Simon Cowell is making a bold bet Britney Spears and Demi Lovato will controlled conservatorship of her father, Jamie Spears, and fiancé. Leona Lewis's relationship with Syco came to a head when she was asked to “ Simon Cowell has been incredible but at the end of a day it's a.

We can get through dark times and find our strength! By Rachel Rabkin Peachman Platinum-selling recording artist Demi Lovato is a pro at performing in large concert venues. But on a Saturday afternoon just days before her 22nd birthday, Lovato took time away from her performing schedule to step onto a much smaller stage—with no backup band in sight.

In an intimate lecture hall at Kean University in New Jersey, she spoke candidly to an enthralled audience about how she faced up to mental health challenges and lives well in recovery.

simon cowell and demi lovato relationship with her dad

Raised in Texas, she was acting and singing professionally by age She achieved all that professional success even as she struggled to cope with emotional distress. Her inner pain found an outlet in eating disorders, substance abuse, and self-harm. As is true for many people, it took Lovato some time and setbacks before she fully committed to do whatever it took to get better.

So many of my fans have also experienced hardship … I think they appreciate my willingness to open up and put it all out there. I know that fear kept me from getting help. It helped me start to make sense of my bipolar depression and the harmful things I was doing to cope with what I was experiencing. Lovato has a track record of public engagement, lending her support to causes like marriage equality, anti-bullying efforts, and civic involvement by Latino voters and young people.

Lovato shared the early days of her recovery in an MTV documentary called Stay Strong, and published an inspirational best seller, Staying Strong: In addition to holding her own as a judge alongside Simon Cowell for two seasons of The X Factor, she scored a recurring role on the popular series Glee.

Simon Cowell Bets Big on Britney Spears and Demi Lovato for X Factor Season 2

After wrapping up her second North American tour of the year this fall, Lovato is heading to the United Kingdom to tour with Enrique Iglesias. At her talk in New Jersey, that was clear. Alysa Bainbridge traveled from Leesport, Pennsylvania, to hear Lovato speak about bipolar disorder. She took the stage wearing a black lace top and skirt. Her dark hair—which, in the past, has been shaved, blonde, and blue—was swept away from her face gracefully, with just a hint of blonde highlights glistening along the bottom.

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Here are highlights from their conversation, edited for clarity and length. What made you realize that you needed help?

It took a mental breakdown for me to realize that I needed to go into treatment. I had tried many, many times to get help on my own, whether it was through a life coach, or through just medication and not doing anything else to change my behaviors.

And it never worked because I never combined all the things that I needed to do in order to live a happy and healthy life.

simon cowell and demi lovato relationship with her dad

Rock bottom looks different for everybody. I think that rock bottom for me was several things put together. It had been embedded in my mind from a very young age that I was never meant to be happy. Does that have a component that makes you feel vulnerable? First off, I see all of those issues as coping mechanisms for my manic [and] depressive states.

Since receiving help, I have been able to accomplish so much personally and professionally. I am a normal human being with problems like everyone else. After coming out of treatment, how did you keep your momentum? She even coined a new pet name for Cowell, often referring to him as "Slimon.

Simon Cowell praises Demi Lovato's recovery

At first glance, Spears and Lovato appear brought on board for their train-wreck-on-live-TV potential, but it's probable Cowell harbors additional, more practical motives as well.

Spears remains popular in the all important year-old female demographic and Lovato is today's "it" girl for the tween set. If Cowell's calculations prove apt and he can attract both demos, he and Fox will have a bonafide hit on their hands this season. Indeed, at the June 17th taping, one of the contestants commented before beginning her audition, "Demi, I have a year-old sister, who wanted me to tell you she loves you; and Britney, I have a year-old sister who wanted me to tell you she loves you.

But if this is what Cowell was banking onthe sedate Spears isn't taking the bait. Spears joined Lovato on more than one occasion to vote against Cowell or Reid, including voting yes on a drag queen who announced wearing ladies panties made him feel free. Another notable split between the judges occurred over the fate of a former boy bander.

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On the latter decision, after it came down to Reid as the deciding vote, he voted no. The crowd went crazy and whooped and hollered and booed until the contestant was allowed back onstage to sing another song. This was the first time in the history of the show the fans had been able to influence the judges to change their mind. This audience lived up to its billing as the fifth judge. Besides the drama of watching the judges and contestants, it was also interesting to watch firsthand how the show's producers fabricated camera shots for editing purposes.

Before the taping began on June 17th, producers mounted a camera on the stage, pointed at the audience, and instructed the audience on the count of three to turn to their neighbor and mug an expression of total surprise. After capturing those shots for a minute, the next set of instructions was, "This time, do it again but look only moderately surprised.

Outside the show on June 18th, producers walked through the crowd and selected random strangers, directing them to stand together in circles, so the cameramen could tape them pretending to talk. Elsewhere, they chose people to walk in front of the camera.

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One group of girls was instructed to trot back and forth in a semi-circle between two cameras for about 20 minutes, so they could tape the same shot from all angles. The entire scenario was very micro managed. Producers seemed to want specific people in their shots, especially exotic looking women or cute teenagers.

Instead of letting people go straight into the arena before the taping, the audience was herded to the front entrance and told to wait behind barricades for the judges' imminent arrival.

Imminent must be a relative term because we were left standing in the 90 degree heat for almost two hours before the judges arrived in their chauffeured SUV's. Spears exited first, shepherded by Trawick, who whisked her past the faux-frenzied staged masses.

She was followed by Lovato and then Reid, both of whom lingered a little longer to sign autographs. When the fourth vehicle sat idle, the crowd began chanting, "We want Simon, we want Simon," only to have the car speed up and whiz by without ever depositing the mercurial judge to his fans.

simon cowell and demi lovato relationship with her dad

I assume this anticipation made for good camera shots of frothy, over-heated fans. Once inside the arena, part of which was converted into a massive sound stage, various audience members tried their hand at singing - or dancing. The most memorable was a boy named Josh who danced his heart out while a girl in another section sang the One Direction the group who finished third on the UK version of X Factor, and went on to become the first UK group in U.