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Fanpop original article: 1) In [i]Haunted Habitat[/i], Skipper pushed Marlene attracted to Kitka, he didn't seem too broken up about ending the relationship. No other couple are as good together as they are. If you have ever taken a fangirl quiz and your result has come up as 'seek help. If you like Skipper and Marlene and just think that Penguins of Madagascar is the coolest new show on. Dibble Skipper in the upcoming movie, "Penguins of Madagascar"! Personality Quiz Penguins Of Madagascar, PoM: Humanized Penguins and Marlene.

Please review with your thoughts on the subject! But upon meeting her, his opinion changes. When a crisis tears them apart, the romance between the two seemed doomed.

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Can love really rise up above all challenges? Or are some obstacles just too determined to keep them apart? Fire of Jealousy reviews Lumiere and Babette's relationship is going along smoothly. But when a man from Babette's past returns, she is torn between her love for the maitre'd, and the feelings she still holds for her old suitor. When she listens to her heart, who will it tell her to choose? After watching one of their favourite movies, he asks the girls a few odd questions.

Meant to be a light break from the heavy "Immortal" series. Fire of Passion reviews Babette is content with her life at the castle of Prince Adam. She lacks one thing, however…love. When a handsome new servant arrives, he's everything she hates. But, he is also not terribly taken on her, either, for she appears slightly too melodramatic and reclusive.

They say love works in strange ways…but will that be true for them? When Private awakes one night with a strange pain running through him, he struggles to fight himself and his dark desires to preserve the lives of his friends.

Faith is alone and feels unwanted. When she is captured by a mysterious enemy, who she shares common ground with, she begins to have sympathy for him. However, what she doesn't know is how dark his intentions truly are. Now, Faith has to choose sides…and the wrong choice will put everyone in danger. I have indeed redone my old T or D so that it follows the Fanfiction Guidelines. Oh, and there's something special about this T or D. Read to find out. T - English - Humor - Chapters: Everything is calm after the events five months before, but the peace is about to be broken.

An ancient secret is revealed, one that could tear everyone's world apart. One question must be asked: Are loyalties really thicker then blood? Seeking revenge, Leah turns mercenary to hunt down Genevieve. Then, a strange boy comes to everyone's attention. He takes to one of the girls, but he's also hiding a dark secret. How will his secret affect everyone, particularly the girl he loves? When an old enemy comes back, his secret will put her in grave danger.

When humans start to disappear all over New York, the penguins are visited by a mysterious figure. The hysteria is building, even amongst the animals, as the death rates increase. Then, three mysterious humans arrive at the zoo, claiming they can help. The enemy is something the penguins have never faced before It is set a year before "Claiming Of The Mercenary".

When Jacqueline meets Lumiere by complete chance in the forest one night, it begins a budding romance between them, with a bit of drama too. Then, a woman from her lover's past shows up, and she's instantly jealous. This is a tale of love, jealousy, fears, revealed secrets, foolish misunderstanding, and unexpected complications Fading Shadows reviews Babette thought she was safe, but the chaos is just beginning.

When a young girl with a secret comes to the castle, Babette realises just how special the little girl is. Of course, a person would have to be special to have countless Zemya and the evil Jacquleine Roux after them. In this gripping final, Babette, and her personal feelings, are in more danger then ever before. Rose is travelling with Sydney, and she realizes how much she misses Dimirti.

This was inspired by the song "Say Something. I chose not to put this in because it didn't really work. Christiana and Vincent have an argument when she finds out that she is being left in Australia while the guys and penguins go to New York. My life was normal After a huge chain of events and scary encounters, we are thrust into a world of double-crosses, old friends, adventure With danger at every turn, will we survive and do what we know we have to?

When the world is at stake, how far are you willing to fall? Pretty damn far if you ask me. Why was Jacqueline so determind to get her? Where are her parents? Questions will be answered, but the responses, although they are the truth, will not be what everyone wants to hear.

But, the truth is often hard to take. Two weeks after the end of Book 3. Babette's anger flares at a comment from Cogsworth, but it masks her sadness and gulit at what she did to the person she cares the most about. Lumiere attempts to calm her down, reminding her that is not the villain she still thinks she is. This is a prolouge to the first book of The Fading Trilogy, but you have to read that first.

Is Private really just a weak and useless member of the team, or can he contribute to his friends more then he realized? Jay Henson has escaped prison and is intent of getting Reid back. Reid has escaped from the mental hospital and from Jay.

His trust in the team is cracked. Who will he turn to? Kowalski, Skipper and Rico learn that he is more then a team-mate. As Private wanders around the streets, he gets kidnapped by one of Skipper's worst enemy. T for just in case Penguins of Madagascar - Rated: But one day, a stranger with a badly wounded body came asking for help.

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And he called Skipper 'son'. Skipper had to choose: Sequel of Unforgotten Past though I think you don't really have to read it to understand this story. Last chapter finally updated. Set one year after. Reid must face the prospect of losing everything he has fought to regain. A new unsub is looking for his attention with deadly puzzles. An unsub called 'The Puzzle Man'. Better description in Hangman. Morgan - Complete CPZoo Chat by smolfries reviews Maurice has a stupid username, Private asks too many questions, an obsessed Kowalski, and a really obvious couple.

Yea, what can go wrong? T - English - Humor - Chapters: With the rope round Reid's neck, will the BAU win the game? When Manfredi one day returns, everything Skipper had hoped for gets shattered.

His team is launched headfirst into his past, battling for a power strong enough to conquer the world. Struggling to both keep Manfredi sane and evade the pursuit of Alice, Skipper works to finish what he started nearly two years ago. There will be fighting, blood, romance and a road trip. The birds return to Coney Island. Friendships will be put to the test, the past will be uncovered and of course blood will be spilled.

Who is his dad actually? And what happened to him? This is about their past - their unforgotten past. A little bit of Skilene. Rated T for safe. I'll make the sequel.

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The Epilogue is pretty short, but, never fear for future fanifcs will take care of that! When someone is coming for one of your own, your whole team hurts, which the BAU painfully learns as an unsub seeks revenge in the deadliest way. Morgan - Complete Sort: Spencer Reid begins to have nightmares of his worst fear, becoming schizophrenic. But once he thinks he's having the symptoms, he refuses to face reality.

Can he keep this secret under control? Or will his days in the BAU come to an end? Reid - Complete Confounded reviews After his loss, Dr. Spencer Reid doesn't know what to do with his life anymore. When he leaves the BAU team a note saying he's running away from his old life, there's only one person he'll turn to. As the mystery soon unfolds, Dr. Spencer Reid finds himslef joining the teenager. Can he earn her trust and get her and himslef out alive before the week is up?

Or will their captor beat them to it? Reid - Complete Confessions Book 2: Villains Unite reviews After the dreadful mission, the penguins have returned home, thinking Dr. But the crazy dolphin is more than alive now that he has new evil teammates and a plot to end all evil plots ever. Will the penguins survive this evil plot before even more confessions are spilled?

Contains Skiliene and Koris. Also, co-written by KeikoDa'Kitteh! Blowhole All Switched Up: The Gender Bender Version reviews Kowalski has done it again, he invented what he thought was a time machine but as always, something goes wrong. The penguins have been transformed into girls and are totally freaking out!

Rated for my jacked up mind. Read and find out! Based on the true story of my crazy family. Knowing this, he motivates Skipper to do something romantic for her. Luckily, Skipper comes up with a very good idea But when Private's dad comes for a visit, the little penguin is thrown into a world of confessions that should have been told a long time ago.

The truth doesn't always set you free This story contains Skilene and Koris. Can Skipper and Marlene explain themselves before the rest of the team finds out? K - English - Humor - Chapters: It's hard to know that your own leader is dating your friend. But Private can't stand it! The story is better than the summery. Chapter 5 iz up! Ok so Skipper and Marlene start to go out. But Skipper is scared what his team might think! This time the penguins have 4 days to save their zoo before it's closed forever!

Right now the criminal has Private!