Sookie and alcide relationship problems

A Bold Prediction Of Who Sookie Will End Up With On ‘True Blood’

sookie and alcide relationship problems

VITALS. AGES: Sookie is 25 and Bill is OCCUPATIONS: waitress (Sookie) + sexy vampire (Bill) Bill is super sexy. COMPATIBILITY. HBO hammers the final nails in the coffin as the fates of Sookie, Bill and Eric are revealed. characters Tara (Rutina Wesley) and Alcide (Joe Manganiello) and drawn to Sookie's fairy light, but a relationship between her and any of Subscriber Services · Back Issues · Advertising · Contact Us · Tipline. TVLINE | Sookie was given the option of bringing Alcide back as a vampire, or at There was this really textured, interesting relationship in those last scenes with . More like a problem with the writing, than the character.

Eric had returned to life and the relationship wasn't easy as she thought it would be. But that's not all Harris, don't sue me, because this is the way I say "I love you" to your works. Besides, I am poor and have only time and hobby. I promise to treat Eric gently, cross my heart. All characters belong to Charlaine Harris. I don't have any rights or whatsoever on them.

Except James and Victoria, a new character which I wrote for my friend, Net. And some other characters which might come up later. Introduction It was complicated. Sookie thought, it was going to be just easy-peasy to tell James who his father was.

His name was Eric Northman. Sookie had registered him as James Stackhouse, of course, but she never lied to him. His father was Eric Northman. James had heard the name since he was little, but he had never met the man, until recently.

By 'recently', it meant, today. But there was a tiny little complication. Eric Northman was a vampire. Not just a vampire, but as a vampire, he had been dead for almost fifteen years and now, he rose and shone from his undead death. You see, it was complicated after all. It was not about the fact that he was a vampire. Since the Japanese scientists were finally successful in inventing and perfecting 'True Blood'.

True Blood was a trademark for a synthetic blood. According to its producers, 'True Blood" had every substance that blood had; iron, protein and electrolytes and it was able to replace the function of Blood, too. This 'True Blood' made vampires able to walk among the human and they did.

They revealed themselves to the human and agreed not to drink human blood, unless the human themselves allow it. The consequences of their action varied all over the world. Some countries accepted and tolerated their existence without major problems, some refused them and even hunted them down and some were undecided.

A Bold And Probably Accurate Guess Of Who Sookie Will End Up With On ‘True Blood’

United States of America was one of those countries that tolerated and accepted their existence almost without problems. Of course, there were here and there refusals against the vampires.

Some of the refusals were based on sociological reasons and the others were based on religious reasons. Some of those who refused and actively against the vampires were members of Fellowship of the Sun. For them, the existence of vampires itself was already a sin, let alone to have contacts with them.

Sookie did not give much thought about it, until she had to face the fact that Eric Northman had not died yet. He had been 'sleeping', to take it lightly. A wizard from Siberia — Boris Davydov, had performed a special ceremony and cast a spell on Eric. For almost fifteen years, he had been under a spell. Everybody had thought that Eric's changing into human was temporarily, a week, a month or maximum a year. Nobody had ever thought that the spell would have worked as long as the wizard himself had still lived.

During that time, without knowing it, she herself had been also bonded. For almost fifteen years, she had been living without her telepathic ability.

That terrible 'True Blood' finale: What went wrong?

Sookie did not regret to live without it; in fact, it had been better that way. She had not had to 'listen' to unwanted comments or thoughts from others. Now that Davydov died, the spell was broken.

Her telepathic ability returned and like a sleeping beauty, Eric Northman rose from his dead. The different was, it was not a kiss that woke him up, but an early version of True Blood, accidentally spilled all over his face and the smell of her fresh blood.

Yet, what was the most reasonable way to tell a child that his father was an Undead? Moreover, how did somebody explain it in a scientific way that an Undead was able have a child? Sookie herself was shocked to find herself pregnant a month after Eric's had been put in the coffin and taken away by Godric. She had not slept with any other man, but Eric. It took quite some time to realize that Eric had been a human when they had sex in the woods.

She had not been in pills and Eric had not used condoms. As simple as that. If Eric refused to believe that James was his son, both of them should stand in front of the mirror. Sookie was sure they would find many similarities in each other. James had bright blond hair and striking blue eyes. He was too tall for his age he was 14 years old and around six feet.

Sookie was afraid that by the age of 21 he was going to reach above 6'7" if he did not stop growing. Moreover, the way he carried himself; how he bent his shoulder a little bit and his habit, putting his hands inside his pockets and the way he smirked from time to time…all of those were shouting: After that, Tara took a silver bullet with U.

Tara was a final season casualty, and there was no time to ever see the two of them together. Still, the tease of their relationship was a smart move. What wasn't good for True Blood is that they got back together in season 4. They were never good together. In fact, their relationship hurt both of their characters. Debbie's jealousy of Sookie was the least of their issues.

She wanted kids, while he didn't. She was engaged and still didn't like Alcide with Sookie. Then, the werewolves got back together when she cleaned up her act and was sober.

That terrible 'True Blood' finale: What went wrong? |

They still weren't good together and it still wasn't going to work out. The only saving grace was that their relationship ended before Debbie met her bloody fate.

sookie and alcide relationship problems

He was in the middle of withdrawal from V, as he later admitted. However, she forgave him. They managed to get past that and several other obstacles. Her sons posted a photo of him in her bed on Facebook. He had four half-fae children though Jessica ended the lives of three of them.

sookie and alcide relationship problems

Holly was even the midwife while the mother of his children gave birth. Even though they had their problems, they were a couple you wanted to see make things work. You wanted them to be together because their drama wasn't nearly as bad as most of Sookie's relationships. In the series finale flash forward, they were both at Sookie's Thanksgiving dinner and were happy together.

However, there was too much stacked against them for it to work. It hurt the show when it returned to their relationship, especially since it wasn't going to last. First, there was Jessica's relationship with Hoyt and Hoyt and Jason being best friends.

sookie and alcide relationship problems

It's not a good sign when someone moves to Alaska and asks a vampire to take away all his memories of his ex and best friend. Then there was Jason and Jessica getting together in the final season when it ended with her marrying Hoyt. Was that just to give those who wanted Jason and Jessica to be together one last bit of hope? This is not just because it moved him away from his unrequited crush on Sookie, though.

Like all TV couples, they had their obstacles. His brother once posed as him to be with her. She tried to push him away so he didn't have to deal with her ex and daughter's father. However, he refused to let her. Instead, series' highlights for Sam's character definitely included seeing him with Luna and with her daughter, Emma.

Sadly, they both had to do some drastic things to rescue Emma. Luna's actions skinwalking as Steve Newlin ended up costing her her life, which she had known was a risk. However, it was clear that she still had feelings for Alcide when they crossed paths and she saw Sookie.

True Blood 6x09 Sookie & Alcide Arrive At Terry's Funeral

Debbie and Cooter were never a relationship that was going to go the distance. They were addicted to V and weren't exactly nice people together or apart. Despite Debbie initially wanting to hunt Alcide down after he ended Cooter's life, the exes got back together. Debbie's time with Cooter didn't make her a better person or werewolf.

It didn't even matter in the next season. There was no real reason for it to have happened, other than to delay her and Alcide's reunion and then end. However, he showed that he was a good guy or rather, vampire. He refused to go along with one of the studies conducted there.